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Make Life Good #1: Goal Getting

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How are you doing? Nah, don’t give me that fluffy ‘good’ answer. How are you really doing?

Honestly, I’m glad the rah-rah of the start of the year has calmed down a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when I’m in it, and I’m a champion for the soaking up of a New Year. I’m all in it, elbow deep in it. I love it.

But I’m loving this calm now. It feels real and less hyped and I’m ready for good things. I’m ready to be focused.

The Make Life Good challenge is going gang-busters, and I’m so excited about it. I love that it’s achievable and is about putting ourselves at the top of the priority list, without it being in a stressful, un-achievable way. It’s like we’re chipping away at a beautiful masterpiece.

Yeah, I really just said that.

But we are a masterpiece, aren’t we? Somewhere under all the stuff?

I saw a lot of goals being made in these past few weeks. Some crazy. Some cool. Some I totally wanted to borrow.

So, I wanted to kick off our first weekly challenge and hold your hand through it. Setting a goal can seem easy. You say it, and you work towards it. Easy, right?

It’s easy {or easier} if you’ve picked the right goal for you and set yourself up for success. Imma gonna be all naff and stuff and put my Life Coach hat on for you and tell you how to set a really, awesome goal that you can actually smash.


A goal should be something that gets you excited. When you think of your goal you should get a fire in the belly kinda feeling, not a ‘I don’t really want to but I guess I better do this’ kinda feeling. Of course a goal will be challenging and uncomfortable at times, but it should evoke some kind of excitement. It should be inspiring and stir some kind of emotion.

A goal should also be challenging but achievable. Like, saying I want to be President of the USA is a cool goal, but it ain’t gonna happen.

A goal should be positive, not negative. Setting a goal to lose weight is a common goal, but it’s kinda on the negative side. So is quitting smoking, giving up chocolate, and getting rid of shitty friends. Giving up chocolate doesn’t excite me or make me feel inspired.

So, what if we changed it to: I want to feel strong and sexy, or I want to find my supportive crew.

A goal should be measurable. You want to know that when you get to the end of the year, or the end of whatever time period you’ve set {6 months is good}, that can clearly say that you’ve reached your goal. Your goal might be to publish an article in a magazine. You’ll know if you hit that goal or not, because you’ll have that magazine article to prove it. You’ll know if you’ve found your supportive tribe, because you’ll be surrounded by them. And you’ll know when you’re strong and sexy, because you’ll feel it.

Try not to set more than 2-3 goals, because you’ll most likely end up goal-fatigued. 1 is awesome, 2 is great, 3 is good too.

Narrow down your goal so you can state in just a few words {and write it in your Goal Getter sheet}: Buy my first home! Publish an article! Run a Fun Run! Find my tribe!

Once you’ve set your goal, you should think about how you’ll feel when you reach your goal. Write that down in your Goal Getter sheet {below} because this will help get you excited about reaching your goal, but also help you know when you’ve hit your goal… because you’ll be feeling those feelings you’ve written down.

Lastly, you need an action plan to help you chase that goal. Depending on your goal, that might be 8 or so steps throughout the year. But more likely it should be 4-5 action steps each week. If my goal was to feel strong and sexy, then my action plan would most likely include specific exercises, or meeting up with an exercise buddy regularly. Action steps should be specific and be able to be ticked off in a short period of time, like a week, fortnight or month.

+ be something that gets you excited
+ be achievable
+ be measurable
+ evoke feelings
+ have a good action plan to get you there

So off you go. Steal a moment to yourself and get goal setting, so you can get goal getting. Share any photos of your journey along the way to Instagram with the hashtag #MakeLifeGood, or pop over to our Facebook group and share among your new friends.


What’s your goal for 2017?