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5 Fun Family-Friendly Things To Do In Perth

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A collaboration between Holiday Inn and Fat Mum Slim.

Ever since I was a kid, Perth seemed so far away and almost exotic. I’d heard lots about it in geography, and had popped it at the top of my bucket-list but it took me until well into my 30s to get there. The first time I visited was one of the quickest trips I’d ever done, I flew in for a lunch with some beautiful readers, and then flew right back out after a few nights sleep in the City.

I didn’t get to see much at all. I knew I had to go back.

Last weekend was that time, I went back. I took my Ma, and the girls along for the trip. My mum has always wanted to go to Perth. I can remember her saying it for the longest time, so I was so excited that she got to come along with us, plus she’s the best babysitter.

The crew at Holiday Inn invited us over for a getaway – to do more of what we love {new adventures, travels and good times}, and to check out their hotel. In the past year it underwent a cheeky $25 million upgrade, and it’s beautiful. It’s not only the Holiday Inn that got an overhaul, in the 12 months since I last visited Perth, the whole city seems like it’s had a nip and tuck. There’s a new airport, new roads, new art, a whole new area to play on the Swan River and new eateries too. It’s all very snazzy.

The Holiday Inn in Perth City Centre is right in the heart of everything. We were right near all the shops {great for those who like to shop up a storm}, we were a few minute walk from the Swan River and Elizabeth Quay {for those who like to sight see and catch a ferry or two}, we were close enough to Kings Park {perfect for those who like to do a spot of exercising, playing or relaxing}, and my favourite was that we were close to Wolf Lane, right on it in fact, which is home to cute cafes and awesome street art… but more on that later.

As we checked into the Holiday Inn I was surprised at how fancy it was. The entry was stylish and fun, and the rooms were just as stylish and beautiful. They even had pillow choices; soft or firm {firm for me!}.

The kids tested out the bed for the jump factor. It passed with flying colours!

From any window in the hotel, you can spot the street art. It’s like a game of hide-and-seek, and as a lover of art it was the best game of hide and seek ever. I have fallen so hard for all the art in Perth.

One of the things that I learned on our trip that became a bit of a game-changer was that kids stay and eat free at the Holiday Inn. It was nice to see the bill for all our meals at the end of our stay and not pay a thing for what the kids ate {and they ate their way through that breakfast buffet, I tell you!}. Attached to the hotel is a funky restaurant called Ivy and Jack, and it’s a trendy little spot. The food is beautiful, and the decor is delicious. We popped down for dinner on the Friday night, and it was buzzing. The burger was awesome.

They also do the best breakfast buffet I’ve encountered; super crispy bacon, awesome sourdough bread, poached eggs, wilted spinach, make-your-own juices, mushrooms and crunchy hash browns. And more, so much more.

So what are our top five to do in Perth {besides from eating at the buffet ?}? These made our list…



This is still a work in progress, and I can see how amazing it’s going to be. Right on the water, just a stone’s throw from the City centre, is the beautiful Elizabeth Quay. There are restaurants, places to ride a bike, a playground, beautiful sculptures, a stunning bridge and access to ferries to take you wherever you please.


When I asked friends and readers what we should do when in Perth, Kings Park was one of the things that kept coming up again and again. I thought, ‘It’s a park, how good can it be?’. Well, it’s beautiful. The most beautiful park I’ve ever seen – luscious grass, great playgrounds, yummy cafe, and the road is lined with beautiful trees donated to fallen soldiers. It’s a great park, and a must visit if ever you find yourself in Perth.


Located in beautiful Fremantle is a brewery and restaurant called Little Creatures. It’s right on the water, and super popular. We arrived early and nabbed a perfect seat. The kids played in the sandpit while we enjoyed a champagne and a light lunch. When I asked Lulu what her favourite thing from the whole trip was, it was this… particularly the sandpit!


I don’t know if it’s just me that gets this stupidly excited about watching the sun set, but it’s like magic and I think it’s totally worth experiencing. We headed out to Cottesloe and watched the sun go down. It truly was beautiful.


Oh boy, the street art! You knew this was coming, didn’t you? The kids, Ma and I had a blast finding new art as we strolled through the City. Perth is so walkable. It’s flat, and clean, and safe… so we spent mornings walking around and exploring. My camera roll is filled with photos of the art around Perth. I used this online map to find my favourite art pieces, and then went hunting for them. But truth is, you don’t even need the map, you can just start walking and you’ll find them… starting in Wolf Lane {just behind the Holiday Inn} is the perfect spot.

Next time I’d love to check out Perth Zoo, Rottnest Island, and head down to Margaret River for a day trip.

We had such a great time in Perth, and would definitely put it on the list of a place we want to go back to. I can’t wait to see what changes they make, and how it evolves. It’s definitely a fun part of the world to explore.

I think one of things I loved most of all, was the special time and memories we made with my mum. My mum is such a beautiful person, and the girls adore her {as do I!}, so I like that we got to make beautiful memories with her. It reminded me that we should take more time to do that.

How do you like to make memories with your family?