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Brought to you by next.

Today I want to introduce you to a brand that I’m going to be getting nice and friendly with over the coming months. Friends, meet next. next, meet my friends. next is a clothing brand based out of the UK who are now delivering their goodies to Australia, for free. FREE, y’all. Yep, we all love that word.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working with next, sussing out their clothing and checking out the quality and styles and letting my girls wear them too. It’s love, I tell you. I approve. The clothing is beautiful, affordable and fun too.

Today I want to share a few of my favourites for the little ladies among us {don’t worry dudes, I’ve got something coming for you soon}. Firstly, that dress Lacey is wearing in the photo above, is my favourite of all the dresses. I have it in two colours for Lacey, and in pink for Lulu. It looks fancy {perfect for Santa photos, Christmas Day, birthday parties, etc} but is actually super, super soft and comfortable. Lacey tried to sleep in it the other night. AND it’s only $32 {check it out here}.

And now onto my favourites. The online store is updated regularly, so it’s worth checking often to see what’s new. They also have things for everyone in the family… you’ve been warned credit card! I’m loving the fun, cheeky, bright clothes below for summer.



Unicorn tee | Tutu swimwear | Jeans | Stripe dress | Jelly sandals | Elephant tee | Sunglasses | Cat dress | Aqua denim skirt | Silver sandals | Ruffle swimwear | Pink tulle dress | Floral jumpsuit | Burgundy lace dress | Glitter shoes | Floppy hat {this fits me and I LOVE it!} | Pom Pom dress |

And before I go, here’s two other sweet dresses the girls have been wearing. Lulu is wearing this one, and Lacey is wearing this one.

Pop over and check out the beautiful goodies that next has to offer and have fun shopping.

Have you got a favourite from my picks above?


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  • carly kalisz

    I love next, the little boys clothes are soooo cute! Especially the jeans, so comfy and look so cool ?

  • Alana

    why do they not make that unicorn tee (actually and the shirt dress) for grown ups!

    • Agree. I would wear it in a heartbeat, and the lace dress, and the cat dress.

      Oh… just give it all to me in my size. Except the cossies… maybe that might be taking it too far.

  • Um, hi, next? I’d like the unicorn tee, the floral jumpsuit and the pom pom dress to become available in adult sizing. K, thanks!

  • Gorgeous photos Chantelle!

  • belladilemma

    How was the sizing? Smaller, larger or true to size? I find a lot of the kids clothes tend to be all over the place.

    • For Lacey {7 years} it was spot on. Everything fit perfectly on her. For Lulu, she’s at that toddler age where 2 is so different from 3.

      So some of them were a little bit longer than I’d usually put her in, but I like that she’ll be wearing them for a while.

      So for instance, look at Lulu in this dress {from next}:

      It’s probably longer than she’d normally wear, but didn’t look weird. It just means that she’ll still be wearing it when she’s 3 and not just for two months!

      Hope that makes sense!

  • Kerrie

    Big lover of next here! Have been buying for years.. The kids winter pjs are the best! They are super duper warm and trendy!

  • I also love next! My little boy, turning three, needs pull-up pants, but everything that is available an would fit his length, just falls of his bottom. Next jeans and trousers are just right for him! (Joggings not really, they fell a little shorter than I hoped, but their pants are great!)

    • Ah, that transition stage from nappies to undies is harder clothes-wise. We go with dresses for that stage, although I know that wouldn’t quite work for you!

    • Dreamsinsars

      They do a lot of adjustable waist stuff too, as I used to have the same problem with my daughter x

  • Gosh I wish that pom-pom dress came in my size. Gorgeous finds! Xx

  • Jeni Stott

    They also do some great grown up stuff as well and their shipping is super fast.

  • Look at your beautiful girls, what stunning photos! Love the jeans, a shame my daughter refuses to wear any!

    • Wendy

      Funny mine is exactly the same – tried to get her to wear denim shorts the other day and she said – “I don’t like the fabric Mummy!”

    • It’s kinda too hot here anyway!

  • michelle barrington

    We shopped at Next a lot for our children when we lived in the UK. The quality is great and the clothes wash and wear well

    • That’s good to hear. It’s disappointing when you only get one wear out of clothes. Yay, for wash and wear!

  • Cherie

    The clothes look very cute, and your girls are gorgeous!!! But don’t you wonder why the clothes are so inexpensive? Think about how many hours it would take you to cut out the pieces and then sew up similar garments, and then think of how much the workers must be making for the companies to still make a profit selling these beautiful things at such a low price. Does next disclose the working conditions of their staff and source fabric from ethical manufacturers?

    • Thanks for your kind words and food for thought Cherie. I’ll share your comment with the next team. xx

  • Such lovely girly things! I’m always so tempted when I go on their site because their boys hear isn’t half bad either.

  • Dreamsinsars

    Ahh so weird to see you talking about Next, as its right on our doorstep being from the UK, everything my daughter has pretty much comes from there ☺️
    We have the pretty grey dress you’ve featured put aside for her ‘Christmas Day dress’ glad to see you love it too! You know they do adult & homeware stuff too right? Uh ohhh ? x x

    • I haven’t really looked at the adult and homewares section, but now I have to! πŸ˜›

      That grey dress is so nice and soft, isn’t it? xx

  • Reen

    Love their clothes, never gotten around to buying but you’ve reminded me to take a look!