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No longer a newborn

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They say {‘they’ being books, parents and people in the know} that the first 3 months of a baby’s life is called the fourth trimester. It’s a time when they’re getting used to the outside world and finding their place.

Can I just say that the first 3 months are some of the hardest days I’ve had to endure? It’s all quite fuzzy now, and it was only just a few weeks ago. It’s a blur of feeding and crying {her and maybe me a little} and feeding, and recovering.

This being the second time around I knew that the time went fast, and I could assure myself in the very hardest of times that ‘this too shall pass’, but I also knew that the time went by too fast. That Luella wouldn’t be small forever and before long she’d be walking, talking and getting busy not being so teeny tiny.

And here we are.

She’s no longer a newborn. When one time I could put Luella down on the mat, run to the toilet and return to find her in the same place, now notsomuch. She rolls. She crawls backwards. And she wiggles her way around the room. The small bassinet that she sleeps in beside my bed is becoming too small, and doesn’t give her much space to show off her mad rolling skillz.

Soon my littlest baby will move into her own room, in her own cot. The thought alone panics me. So soon? So big already?

We’ve started to pack away the newborn baby things, the slings, the newborn nappies are a distant memory, and those teeny tiny clothes too. In roll the bigger clothes, the almost-a-big-girl toys and books too. Oh boy, it’s happening.

Here’s a few things I’m loving right now {for this stage/age from Target}:


Brights Starts Tummy Cruiser | Fisher-Price Forest Friends Spacesaver Swing {we had this for Lacey too} | Brights Starts Pink Rattle {I don’t know what it is, but this is easy for them to hold and delicious too, it seems!} | Bonds pyjamas | Bonds Bamboo Leggings | Baby Monitor {for when it’s time to move into her own room}.

Starting on January 30th Target will start their Everything For Baby Sale where all their beautiful baby apparel and nursery items will be reduced by lots {I’ve seen some of the reductions and they’re crazy}. That sweet little tummy time mat above is half price, as will this swing seat we use be too. You can shop in store, and online if that works for you.

I’ve got a $150 voucher to give away to one lucky person so they can shop up a storm in Target’s ‘Everything for Baby’ sale. Simply leave a comment below telling me what you’d love to buy {pop over to their online store and have a look-see and then come back here and tell me!}.

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Open to Australian residents only.
One entry per person.
Competition closes February 3rd, 11:59pm.

  • nmhutchison

    I really like that tummy time mat you’ve listed above. Our little one, Kamden (born Dec 19, 2013), isn’t a big fan of tummy time right now. One, he’s a chunky monkey and his gut probably gets in the way and, two, the mat we currently have isn’t very padded and we have hardwood floors throughout most of the house. If I win this gift card, I’m definitely upgrading ….. and getting some bigger clothes for my Lil’ Big Man. Seriously, this kid is eating every ounce I’m pumping and packing on the pounds. But his fat rolls are soooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa McGee

    I would love to be able to buy my baby a mattress for the crib my family is giving me. I have a 3 month old and she too is growing out of her bassinet. I cannot afford much in the way of new items for my baby girl, I am on a limited income. My brother is being kind enough to give me the crib my niece used as a small child, however I do not have a mattress for it. I would love to be able to not worry about how I am going to get a new mattress for her. The other part of the $150 would be used for a few toys and a couple outfits, as she is growing out of all her clothes.

    P.s. Luella is just adorable!!! πŸ™‚

    • Lisa if I may I’d love to send you a small gift voucher to help with getting your little girl a cot mattress?

      • Lisa McGee

        That would be wonderful. Thank you so much!

        • Lisa could you email me megsyftw @ so I can get your details and pop it in the post for you πŸ™‚

      • Megsy, you are the best!

  • Sheryn Pipicelli

    I’m not entering your competition as we have everything we need but the one thing I would like to buy is time. I have 3 children, 7, 4 and 8 months and the shop is closed. My baby boy was the most peaceful newborn and I would give anything to have that time over and over again. Having said that I forgot how amazing this stage is too, he is such a funny little character, I just don’t understand why they have to grow so fast.

  • Regan

    As we plan for the arrival of our long awaited 1st baby I am revelling in looking at all things babies! Love the on the tummy cruiser, Taggies bouncer, Lamaze rattles & the grey cloud blanket πŸ™‚

  • We’ve always loved the knitted blankets (for the pram and bed) and have given several of them as presents. At the moment, we’re in the market for a mattress protector that doesn’t rustle every time my wriggly boy turns over.

  • 7Spice

    Oh, thanks Chantelle for this prize! πŸ™‚ I would love to buy Tummy Cruiser for my 1st baby (due is August). Thanks for pointing out for Target sale. Will have to look into that.

  • Ange Webber

    I would LOVE to get the kids a trampoline…I could sit in the kitchen, sipping a hot cup of tea while I actually read a book or magazine…oh wait, what I meant to say was that I’d be watching them bounce around and enjoying themselves. Outside. πŸ˜‰

  • Melanie Crabbe

    I would love to be able to spoil my sisters baby which is due end of March, pretty sure it may be a boy so she needs lots of boy clothes after already having a girl.

  • #3 does not need a lot when it decides to arrive in July as I have tubs of clothes from the previous 2 to see out bubba’s 1st year at least. However, I really like that tummy cruiser. None of my babies ever had any mat things to play on as they had their rockers and loved the pram and also because #1 would have crushed #2 if I left her on the floor. So my choice for something ‘new’ and different that the other 2 didn’t have would be definetely be the tummy cruiser.

  • Naysie

    I would love to buy the entire ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ range, and put away as presents for my sister, as she is marrying this year and another to follow, then that way regardless of sex when they start having babies, I have some absolute treasure’s to spoil my niece’s/nephew’s with – I am longing for this day, can you tell!!!!????? (And I’m sure I could find something for my fast growing toddler too) πŸ™‚

  • That video monitor looks amazing! That would definitely be on my list, our 6.5yo is begging for his little brother’s cot to be moved into his room. With that monitor I could keep an eye (*ahem*spy*ahem*) on them.

  • marypreston

    I am so impressed by the Safety First Secure Tech Hands Free Gate. Talk about peace of mind & clever to boot.

  • Stephanie Veljanovska

    Would love to put it towards the Fisher- Price Rainforest friends Jumperoo. Would be great to entertain my little girl due in April as I am getting rather nervous about how I will keep her and my toddler entertained and still be able to get housework done.

    • Shauna El

      My girl uses that jumperoo at day care. She loves it. best thing ever, although between that and our bouncer at home, she truly believes that every chair and lap should bounce when she tells it too. It’s very cute.

      • Stephanie Veljanovska

        That is so extremely adorable. Love it πŸ™‚

  • Lauren Roney

    We are going to be first time parents in August and the list of things we need is endless… I would love the Ingenuityβ„’ Signature Edition Automatic Bouncer, some Target Terry Towling Towels, SWADDLEME 2PK S/M Jungle Buddies and the list of clothing wants is endless…. (the selcection is divine)

  • I would love to get some new singlets and onesies for my littler man, due to join us in 6 weeks. We are trying to reuse everything from 3 years ago (purchased from Target at the time too because we liked the feel of the fabric), but some brand new Target gear would be great!

  • I had no idea Target was in Australia. Go figure!

  • I’m 23 weeks pregnant and haven’t bought a thing yet so I guess anything would be good! I love targets hungry caterpillar sheet sets so that would make a lovely start.

  • My cousin is about to have a bub and she’s had a tough pregnancy. I’d love to buy some things for her to help out with the new bub!

  • Taryn Elise

    I would buy the whole range of hungry caterpillar things for my 4 month old niece, and my brand new niece who should be born any day now! So excited! Yayyy! The hungry caterpillar rocker is just TOO CUTE!

    – Taryn Elise xx

  • Peta-Lee

    My third little girl is only a few weeks younger than your Luella and i always read your blogs lately and smile, nod and laugh as we have been travelling a similar road. Knowing she is my last makes me try to drown myself in each day with her as I see her grow and change. Time is passing way too quickly. But i also know each new stage brings so many new joys. I am already dreading moving her to her own room. I whole-heartedly agree with your choice of the bright starts rattle, they love it!

    I would love a Target voucher to spoil my little babe with new clothes for winter of her own, rather than more hand-me-downs from her sisters.

  • Ashley England

    I would give it to my sister-in-law. They have been trying to have a baby for many years. They recently decided that it wasn’t happening so spent all the baby money they had saved on putting in a new kitchen. Can you guess what happened? She’s now pregnant!! We’re all very excited and are going to help out how we can, but I think any extra money or help would be amazing.

  • Marie Beveridge

    Any of the awesome Bonds clothings range. Especially the extra cute beachies shorts

  • Rachel Kriss-Newell

    I look at the tiny baby things and have a tinge of regret, sad that our youngest has grown beyond that stage and is now 3. Having stopped breast feeding her 6 months ago, she still asks for ‘dins’. Having explained to her that she is big now she responded “When I grow little Mummy can I have dins”. This broke my heart. So if she magically reverted to a bubba again I would choose the gorgeous Flower Garden Floral Playsuit and the Girls’ Shirred Cotton Dress – Floral White. Dear I miss that gorgeous sweet aisle of everything tiny, petite and floral. The older clothes just don’t have that sweetness that the bubba clothes possess.

  • Amy Hall

    I would love to buy a toy box to collect the toys strewn across my house that create a constant crazy mess!

  • Ree

    I would give it to some friends who are struggling with the cost of having a new bubba after her hubby was made redundant. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Amanda

    My son, brother and nephews are all too big for much now, however I would give it to my cousin who’s just found out she’s going to be a Mama for the first time. Such an exciting experience, I think this voucher would be a great way to allow her to start getting what she wants and needs for baby without worrying about costs.

  • Ehas

    I have a nearly 6 month old son,and he is on the move, I need to safety proof my home so he can explore to his hearts content. And I SO agree about the newborn stage being hard. I am a first time mum, and in hindsight may have had a mild case of PND, I didn’t think I could do any thing right as a new mum, I wasn’t sleeping, Breastfeeding was tough and my supply was low, so had to supplement with Formula, which caused so much angst and guilt, but I am LOVING being a mumma now and my bubba’s smiles and coo’s are the best! πŸ˜‰

  • Lyndsay Hare

    After an extremely tight Christmas we got my 8month old baby girl 0 presents figuring shes only a baby she’ll never remember and after all the ‘oh I bet you were spoilt on your first Christmas’ comments from friends and relatives im still feeling guilty and despratly need new toys and cloths for my rapidly growing angle people told me they grow up quick but wowzers I had no idea. So id treat her to some beautiful summery togs and the biggest loudest toys I can find what ever make her give me that big gummy smile that melts my heart X

  • Jo

    Both my sisters are nearly due to give birth at the moment, I would love to be able to buy some cute baby clothes and toys for them. My own little one would love one of those musical learning tables and she could do with some new sippy cups. We’re at that stage where some babyproofing of cupboards needs to happen, so I’d also get some cupboard locks.

  • JodieMcA

    My baby has grown up and would rather spend that $150 on a Lego Star Wars Red Five X-Wing Starfighter! If you can make that happen you will be one cool baby ; )

  • Amee Holder

    My little boy is a few weeks older than Luella, he is our first and i can not believe how fast he is growing up. Every day he seems to do something new or gets more confident at what he learnt the days before. I thought i had enough clothes stocking up on everything for the first 6 month sizes, but alas he is a big boy and has outgrown everything already. I would love to get him some new clothing that fits him comfortably aswell as a baby monitor as he outgrew his bassinet what seems like long ago now and is in his own room. I didn’t think we’d need a monitor but i find myself checking in on him all the time and i cant relax while cooking dinner. Peace of mind would be lovely.

  • sarah mcbain

    Clothes and learning toys we have such a tall girl she grows out of her clothes so quickly πŸ™‚ and toys that stimulate her cheeky little mind.

  • Elli

    Eek! I’m 25 weeks with my first and can’t imagine having a new born let alone a tiny human that can ROLL! πŸ˜‰
    I’d love to be able to grab a video monitor! Its on my wishlist πŸ™‚

  • ShandiQ

    A Moses basket and stand……I have never even held a newborn and in 10 weeks I’ll have my own?!? Eeeekkkkkk!!!

  • JHCH77

    Definitely the bright starts cruiser as I am having trouble convincing our 12week old that tummy time is fun! Help!

  • Rowena

    I’m reading your blog while feeding my 2 week old son( I already feel like it’s going too fast) I absolutely love the tummy time mat

  • vkmason

    I would actually like to spend the voucher on storage containers for toys and clothes for my little poppets. With limited storage in this house the Large Space Bags would be great for packing away clothes for the next child, the plastic 10 Litre Storage Containers would fit nicely under cot/bed with linen and the Niknak Curved Baskets – Natural would be perfect for storing toys in the play room. It is nice to have every thing neat and organised.

  • Elle

    Would love to win a voucher! None of my pre pregnancy clothes or my maternity clothes fit me! I’d also pick up a play may for my new baby.

  • Jessica j

    I’ve had my eye on the savannah white changing table. It’s beautiful and just what I want in the nursery.

  • Julie Collins

    I’m entering this for my brother. He and his girlfriend are expecting their first bub
    in may and have nothing except hand me downs from me!!
    I would love to give them this voucher so they could go on a little shopping spree!!!

  • Erin

    I would buy that baby swing. I didn’t have one with baby number one and I’m hoping it will make life easier this time round!

  • sarah

    If lucky enough to win I would use the voucher to buy new clothes for my rapidly growing 8 month old. I would also pick him up some toys since he is currently using hand me downs from my 2.5 year old

  • Lexie Bostock

    Our “teeny” little miss has just turned 4 months old and is not so teeny anymore! I would love to buy her some cute new outfits as she is outgrowing everything by the minute it seems, and maybe a toy or 3 as she is a little sticky beak and needs to play with EVERYTHING!

  • I have two little great nephews and one little great niece due any day now, and I’d love to treat them to something a little bit special. I adore the Tummy Cruiser you’ve selected – man is it cute! Perfect for the new arrival.

    For the boys, I’d love to get them some classic Fisher Price toys that they can play together nicely with. They’re great little mates and I’d love to help foster that. I loved the Laugh and Learn range when Boyo was a baby. The Sing a Long CD player might drive their mother mad but the kids would love it!

  • Natalie B

    My nephews 3rd bday in Feb and my gorgeous nieces 1st bday in May and I am just in love with the clothes for little ones in Target at the moment!

  • Oooh! I have six kids under 13 so I always have something I need to buy! My youngest could do with a fancy schmamcy new stroller. I have my eye on the Target triangle print stroller. She’s 13 months old now and really stretching the limits in some of her clothing. A new pink wardrobe of dolly clothing for my little lady is definitely what I would shop for! πŸ˜‰

  • Michelle Doehnert

    My video monitor just died so I’d love to replace that for sure. I feel lost without my second pair of eyes watching my 9 month old sleep and we’re 9 weeks off meeting our newest bubba!

  • Dee

    I need another portacot (we only have one and we’re driving from Wollongong to the Gold Coast in April with 12 month old twins and a 5 year old!) and a double collapsable stroller from Tar-jay! Our big arse double pram won’t do when we are away.

  • I’m due in March (6 weeks!) with my first and would love to buy a swing! The 4moms infant seat / mamaroo looks amazing and I didn’t even realise they sold it at Target. Will have to check it out when the sale starts for sure.

  • Greerylou .

    Would totes buy a monitor!! My little chubba bubba (who is 4months) is getting very close to the weight limit on the bassi, so I need to put her in her own bed πŸ™

  • Michelleanddylan

    I have a few friends having babies this month and it’s reminded me of all the special things during that time. They are so itty bitty, so helpless and so fresh. I watch my 7 month old little girl Dylan and I’m blown away by what she has achieved since leaving behind her newborn days…crawling, feeding herself, new sounds…still not sleeping through! What would I buy from target? Those awesome multi packs of basic onesies. She lives in them. All cotton, all cute. And not so expensive that you worry when they get messy! Plus some of those bonds bamboo pants please!

  • Melinda Crumblin

    My littlest bub is nearly 9 months old. She started crawling with a vengeance this past week, but is more interested in standing up. Oldest bub is 3 and crawled at 6 months. This bub had a slight hiccup with mild dysplasia and a hip brace for a few months. I would love to buy her a jumperoo of some sort, but hip wise they aren’t allowed, so I am keen for something she can sit on and have fun with. And those bonds pj’s are looking adorable!

  • Jess Griffiths

    I would like to buy the Playgro Jingle Jungle Gym for my BIL and SIL who are expecting their first child. Plus assorted books and toys for my good friend who is expecting her second baby, so that this baby can have one of their very own.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I would buy some things for a friend who is pregnant ,just the basics of course but needful and of course she is not as old as me!

  • Kate A

    I would love to buy their Safety 1st Fever Flash 1-Second Ear Thermometer – my little one wasn’t well recently and I needed to check his temp – my ‘old school’ thermometer shoved under a sick, tired and super cranky bubby’s arm was an ‘experience’ resulting in him screaming as I’m trying to pin his arm down by his side while the thermometer took it’s sweet time, my 4 year old yelling ‘make him stop screaming’ and me in tears. A new fancy thermometer would be amazing!! Thank you x

  • Candace

    You are so right. My son (first child) is already 8weeks old – where has the time gone! Every new day brings more wonder & excitement. I would put the voucher towards some new clothes & the beautiful wrought-iron-look safety gates.

  • Shannon W-n

    My bubba is a month older than yours, and we are also preparing to move her into her own room. (By ‘we’, I mean ‘me.’ I don’t know if I’m ready to sleep apart from my little lovely!) So I would spend some money on a Chevron Inner-Spring Mattress. That would leave $60 to spend on some of the cute outfits from the Catriona Rowntree range. Thanks for running a great competition! xx

  • Everything! I know someone who is pregnant. Her partner is still at uni so they have been living off her income and cannot afford anything. So I would love to shop up big and help them out.

  • Georgina 83

    My daughter is 4 months, and I can totally relate to the changes you’re going through. We’re having fun guessing what position we will find her in her cot after a nap! She has started a lot of chomping so I reckon she would also find the rattle in you’re article quite tasty;) I would also buy one of the sets on page 5 of the catalogue because they are just solo cute πŸ™‚

  • MagicTravelTanya

    I’ll be buying… well, pretty much everything! We have a little one due in May and am starting to shop till I drop. It is so exciting! Car seat, bedding, clothing, nappies… everything!

  • Michelle

    I would love to start with all the essentials from target like nappies, wipes, bottles, baby blue singlets for our brand new baby boy that’s coming in April. This would mean so much honestly! We are in the process of moving back home to QLD to be closer to family. My husband is still living in ACT until he can get a job in QLD. I have been living with my parents for the past 3 months. This would cheer me up so much as it has been so tough not having my husband here and we don’t have anything for our baby.

  • Michelle @ Jarrah Jungle

    My best friend is becoming a first time Mum in a few months and Im helping her design the nursery on a budget and would love some baby wall decor to fill the room with personality πŸ™‚

  • Natalie Caruso

    I’m sad to say my baby is about to turn 1 and he is my 3rd (& final!!) child. I think since he has had so many hand me downs some new clothes, and a new car seat would be ideal! 11.5 months and a little man already

  • Skye

    I have a little girl who just hit five months (too quickly!) & as she has an older brother, most of her hand-me-downs are quite masculine. I’d love to win a voucher so I can buy some gorgeous girly clothes like the Chambray Floral Denim Jeans & the Tribal Flower Dress (adorable!). Not to forget Mr Three who is in dire need of a new pair of sneakers, he’d love a pair of the Cars joggers!

  • Amy S

    I have an almost 5 month old, my second baby and I can’t believe how quick he’s growing! Really need to get him some clothes in the next size up – I love onesies on babies like the grey zebra coverall and the north sea hooded coveralls – cute!

  • Megan

    I am a first time mum and feeling a little overwhelmed as to what I need to buy first. We stil gave a few months to make the purchases. I was in Target yesterday and bought a few things but the Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends space saver swing caught my eye.

  • Jessica

    We need a new cot for our fast growing baby girl – boombalada!! πŸ™‚ So that is top of my list to start with

  • Jodie

    My little man is 3 1/2 months so just out of the fourth trimester, he’s growing way too fast. I’d really love to buy the Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends Jumperoo AND the Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends Cradle Swing – they are adorable and I know he’d love them because we’ve tried a friend’s.

  • Jade Mitchell

    I need to start from scratch, after my kids now 2 & 4 I gave/ lent / sold everything as we have a tiny house and no room to store anything. I would be buying newborn suits, singlets and booties!

  • Nicci

    My baby is well past the fourth trimester (how is she nearly 18 months??) but I’d be heading straight to the clothes to get the winter wardrobe ready for my growing girl! Especially pjs, I love the pjs!

  • orderandharmony

    i would buy diapers and wipes and some basics for my step sister who is due any day now…….her job fired her recently because they feel that being pregnant she could not do her job….her job btw was to sit in a toll booth and collect money…..with her soon to be 4 girls and no job were all trying to help out as much as we can!!!

  • Simone

    My 6 week old would love the swing. She loves being held and rocked when sleeping but this mummy is exhausted!

  • Aunty Mogg

    I personally wouldn’t buy anything baby! I’d give the voucher to my sister in law who can shop up a baby storm – she’s having her first baby in March! I’d let her have all the fun!

  • Angela Jones

    A ‘you beaut’ juicer ! After downloading the juice recipe book you had on offer, with my mouth watering I realised that it would be very tiresome and sticky work to juice a watermelon by hand for my kidlets !

  • Nicole

    I’m pregnant with my 3rd so know they don’t need a million cute outfits but rather 10 or so wonder suits as I’ll doubt I’ll have time to be washing every day! I don’t now! And then maybe something new for me! I’ll be sick of my clothes come June!

  • Mel P

    I will be buying up on some winter clothes!!! They grow so fast and are in the next size up before you know it!

  • Jacqui

    As a first time expectant mother-to-be, there are ALOT of things I will ‘need’ to get – and the only store local to me in Country NSW with baby goods, is Target! The list begins with manchester, and continues through to clothing! One ‘treat’ I would use part of this prize for would be a special outfit for taking the baby home from hospital, the first of many special occasions in the babies life <3

  • Leah

    I’d love to have this voucher to shop for some bits and pieces for my son, who is no longer a baby and going to daycare this year! Thanks

  • Kristy

    Does Target sell sanity??? We drink a lot of home made fruit juice and I would looooove a new juicer, that would give me some of my sanity. I miss our fruit juice mornings before school!!!

  • Kelly Hardwick

    My darling girl is almost 8 months old. As our only child I’m constantly having to find new things to entertain her with. I’d love some new toys and clothes to fit her ever growing so quickly mind and body.

  • Shan

    My newest addition is number 3 and 3.5 months. He is growing so quickly (sob), and I would love to get him some new clothes for winter! Loving anything bonds, especially the leggings and onesies!

  • Rachelp

    I would love to buy the Rainforest Friends HighChair. My two year old isn’t giving up her good view from the highchair just yet and her 6 month old sister has just started solids so looks like I will need another one to keep them all happy!

  • Cassie

    A new outfit and pair of shoes for each of my three children because there wardrobe could do with an update and we would have fun shopping.

  • Lianne Dawson

    I don’t have any babies but a friend is pregnant with her third child due in June I would get her a couple of the baby swaddles! what a great thing for a winter baby to keep it warm and toasty, cause I know the mum will be too busy with three kiddies under 6 to be fussing about little arms out of the blanket

  • Loz

    I would love to buy my 4 month old baby girl a swing and also a high chair πŸ™‚

  • JBMarigold

    I’d buy a couple of Protect-A-Bed Allerzip Smooth Fully Encased MATTRESS PROTECTORS … because I know there will be accidents down the track…

  • Kelly Marsland

    How Can i not get The AFL Adelaide Crows Toddler Long Sleeve Guernsey!! As we are all Adelaide Crows Fans in the Family. So to get the little one into a Adelaide Crows Fan i think Buying one of these would do the job! ehehe

  • Rachel Ariel

    Ok so my two rambunctious boys keep waking up my sleeping ten month old so I would buy things like the soccer practise ball on a string and the tennis pole set. Anything to keep them out if the house and stop waking up my baby!

  • Charlotte

    Anything from the Dumbo by Disney range…I have enjoyed decades of Disney magic and think you’re never too old OR too young to experience it! Dumbo is the perfect character for babies to meet first πŸ™‚

  • Cindy Fryer

    I would love to get some towels for Mr 7 months since he is currently using his 6 year old sisters baby towels! Oh and some boy cot sheets too since his have butterflys or pink lambs on them. lol

  • Lisa W

    A Dreamtime Portacot for my friend who will be needing one soon.

  • Kiran

    I too have found my Children’s first 3 months a blur. They are grown up now but I would love to spend my voucher on baby clothes for my nieces and nephews and a friend of ours who has had twins!! By the way even though I don’t have babies anymore I always browse the baby section in Target. The clothes are just so cute and adorable and it really makes me feel happy!!

  • Saekins

    Trust me I know all about how quick that stage goes! My eldest is 15 and my youngest has just turned 9 months. He is my fifth and I swore I wouldn’t miss those squishy, curled up newborn days but between recovery from birth, sleepless nights and the chaos that reigns my life with the others I feel like I blinked and missed it! I now look at his chubby hands as he crawls around the room and realise that this stage too will pass and he will be rolling his eyes at me like my current teenager does. If I was to buy something from target it would be any photo frame or set of frames so that I can decorate my house with the memories of my children so I never forget them at each beautiful stage.

  • 50opd2j

    I’d love to get the hungry Caterpillar collection, from the little suits to the cot set, I love it and it’s so cute and would fit my son perfectly! He sure is a hungry little caterpillar!

  • Kirra Bell

    I’m expecting my second baby (have a 2 year old) feeling
    Excited & nervous about managing the newborn stage! Would
    Love to get the 10 piece nursery starter set to decorate the new nursery.
    Exciting times πŸ™‚

  • Julia Mason

    I really would love a new pair of Swimmers and a Little Black Dress! Amazing outfits for my angels, and some sexy scents for Hubby, treating my family and myself as well will be so much fun! !!

  • Alex Carman

    My little man is getting too big for his car seat soooo booster seat it would most likely be! They grow way too fast! πŸ˜›

  • Catherine Norris

    I’d put it towards the start of a magical nursery for my bubba to be πŸ™‚

  • Michelle Gray

    Fantastic, the Mother’s Choice Wonder Convertible Car Seat is 1/2 price at just $149, that would leave me $1 from the $150 voucher, perfect amount to add a freddo frog to my trolley πŸ™‚

  • If my entry gets picked, I would give the voucher to my godson in Melbourne to buy himself some things for school as he is turning 5 this year! The last time I saw him he was barely one! Too fast, too fast. So grateful the internet lets us see those far from us in a wee click.

  • Sarah S

    A baby gate! #thatsnotwhereileftmybaby #6monthold #onthemove

  • nerilee

    I would buy a safety gate with a 8 month old you can never be too careful

  • Micaela

    My niece just had twin girls, so I’d love to get her some matching Bonds goodies!

  • Nicole Kent

    I’d buy a bunch of the sleep swaddle pouches in preparation for winter. I want to ensure a good nights sleep for both mummy and baby!!!!!

  • Kristin Santi

    Our 18 month old boy is completely obsessed with doing everything that his sister’s are doing. I’d love to get him a booster chair so that he can sit up at the table with his sisters

    I’d also love to get a great stroller, our pram clips have broken and this one has great reveiws:

    Plus I know I can count on Target if anything goes wrong.

  • Nicola

    I need a big soak bucket for clothes and blankets that have all forms of fluids on them! And a new baby monitor, I’ve been putting up with a second hand one but need an upgrade desperately!

  • Cher Haining

    I would by a Mothers Choice Wonder Convertable Car Seat. My daughter in law is having her third baby soon, it deserves a new car seat that will keep it safe, protected and comfortable for many years

  • Lara Fowler

    I have three nieces having a baby in the next few months so I would buy them a sweet all in one baby romper and the more velvety smooth the better – Love!

  • Karina Wong

    I would love to buy a selection of Hungry Caterpillar items! I love this book!

  • I’m 17 weeks pregnant with my 1st (exciting/nervous) and would love to buy a change table, Target have a great one with a bath built in, which is a great space saver which I need for my little house.

  • Tessa Tuttle

    I love their nursery sets πŸ™‚

  • Karen Edwards

    I’d love to buy some of their cute winter baby girls clothes for my little miss so cute

  • leanne

    $15o could be spent swiftly new undies all round for the family new pjs just for me target’s part of my family tree

  • bubble936

    If i am lucky enough to win then i will buy Mother’s Choice Toddler Bed With Drawer – Teak for my toddler who has outgrown his cot and ready for a bed. The bed looks perfect as it has drawers for storage and has 2 safety guard rails for peace of mind that my son will be safe in it…

  • LadyTiffany OfGlencoe

    Girls’ Ribbon Trim Dress – Mint Spots and a puffer vest…so many gorgeous clothes to choose from and of course mummy needs a little pampering too so I think a pair of shoes are in order πŸ™‚

  • Di

    Dreamtime Portacot, will make life so much easier. No more having to rush home for nap times or bed time.


    Would love to buy the Mother’s Choice Air ProtectΒ™ Delight Booster Seat, it’s at the top of our shopping list.

  • Kasey E

    Buy a good quality convertable car seat as they are 1/2 price WOW bargin!!!!

  • Marjo

    I would love to buy some Bonds jumpsuits, pjs and singlets for this winter. My little girl is 5 months old and I want her to be super comfy and warm β™‘β™‘β™‘

  • Nat

    I have a 7 week old daughter (my first) that is very small still so I would love to be able to buy her some little outfits (that fit now) that aren’t onesies. She is also quite skilled at caterpillaring…it’s not quite crawling but she moves along the ground on her tummy. I’d like to get her a play mat that doesn’t have an end on it so it doesn’t restrict her movements.