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Brought to you by HP Sprocket Photo Printer.

Hello! You know I love photos, right? I do. I’m a snap happy snapper from way back. I know a lot of you are the same. I’m also big on getting photos printed. We really don’t print enough. When is the last time you printed some photos? I’ve been much better, I now print a few times a year because I want to make sure I have our memories printed for the kids to look over now and then.

I am sharing this cute new little printer from HP, called sprocket. It can print your photos straight from Instagram, Facebook or your camera roll, and it delivers these cute little photos that are also stickers. Cute!

It works wirelessly, so you can print straight from the sprocket App, and even add emojis, borders and more before you print.


I hear your thoughts. I’m answering them. I’ve got THREE HP Sprocket Photo Printers to giveaway to three lucky people. They’re valued at $199 each and come in white, black or red.

Want to win one? All you have to do is leave a comment below answering this question: Where would you stick your sprocket photos?

I’ll be giving another two HP Sprocket Photo Printers away over on Instagram and Facebook. Head over and enter to up your chances!

Competition is open to Australian residents only. One entry per person. Competition closes August 30th 2017.






  • Lise Williams

    My photos would be on the fridge, the wall next to my desk, the back of the toilet door

    • And now I know you’re thinking, THIS IS SO CUTE. OMG. I WANT ONE, IMMEDIATELY… IF NOT SOONER.

  • Liisa

    Gosh I’ve been wanting one of these desperately ever since I first saw them!! I like to have my photos wherever I am, so I would definitely be sticking my sprocket photos all over my desk at work…there’s nothing like seeing your loved ones to keep you motivated! πŸ™‚

  • How cool are these little printers? I’d love to win one and I’d put the pics all over my desk but mostly use it in my travellers notebook to document those little moments of life.
    Thanks for the chance to win Chantelle.

  • I have a tall wall in the kids playroom where I would stick them – I would start with their baby photos down the bottom, and tile them up so that the photo wall grew as they did (plus I’d throw a couple in my wallet, and give the to the grandparents!)

  • Mrs Macca

    I would stick the photos all over my desk at work so I can see my loves all day. I miss my girl when I am at work so to see little pics of her squidgy face would help me get through my day.

  • Bel Harber

    I’d finally start my son’s baby book and use this to fill the pages with so many wonderful memories and photos which otherwise would get lost on my computer and not be looked at nearly enough!!

  • sonya

    I would stick the photos on our fridge… We have a huge fridge and it would be a great showcase for them!

  • Pavlova

    In the entrance hall way for all to see as soon as they come in. TY πŸ™‚

  • Alysson

    I would stick my sprocket photos in scrapbooks for my two children, they’re 12 and 8 and love nothing more than to sit down and go through old photos of family and friends. These little pocket sprockets are awesome, can’t believe I didn’t know they existed!

  • Nikki Hastings

    I’d decorate my pin board next to my computer, it’s usually covered in bills!

  • Hayley Tehan

    Umm … everywhere! I have photos in frames, on magnets, stuck to walls, in the car, pegged to lines and anywhere I can! This little beast would enable my addiction, but in such a good way!

  • BonnieBrown

    I would stick the photos everywhere :). In my planner, journal, and especially in a photo frame. More importantly I would share these photos with friends πŸ™‚

  • Kim

    Mostly on my desk at work a little bit of happiness to spruce up the mundane and dreariness of a day in the office!

  • Melissa Allen

    I have been known to take a few photos (*cough*) …I think I could probably wallpaper a whole room with this little beauty ?

  • Caron long

    Duh on the fridge of course! Isn’t that where all the photos go? And everywhere else I feel like ?

  • Gaby J

    Alongside my Polaroids to remember all the happy times and my friends I don’t live near

  • I’d wallpaper the little alcove that my desk sits in, nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by happy memories. I might string some fairy lights around them too, so it’s extra magical πŸ˜‰

  • Kimberley Martinsen

    I’d put them in envelopes with words of love and send them to my friends and family! I think we forget the beauty in having a physical photo to hold and admire these days.

  • Micaela

    This memory wall in my home office brightens my workspace…I’d love to update it and the HP Sprocket would make it so quick and easy!

  • Jane

    I take so many photos and never print them. My technically challenged mother wants old fashioned photos to look at. If i am lucky enough to win this they would be keeping her happy and inundated with real photos.

  • Neffy

    Everywhere I needed joy in my life. My work desk, my home office, my bedside table, the fridge, my wallet, anywhere with a flat surface. I reckon I would even put some funny ones in the loo room.

  • Raquel Louise

    In my scrapbook. I love documenting those everyday moments and this would be a perfect addition to my memory keeping supplies ?

  • Elita Hooper

    I would stick my sprocket photos everywhere, can never have too many happy moments to look at around the house.

  • Samoti Mazumdar

    On my ‘Nostalgia Wall’ in my room to make it more homely. πŸ™‚

  • Rebecca

    Everywhere. Especially on the back of the loo door- captive audience ?

  • Melanie Mclaren

    The HP sprocket printer would be like my 3rd. Baby, coming everywhere with me. Bringing every precious moment captured on my phone to life. Living in the moment at its best. Thank you

  • Lisa Quarterman

    I would put them in my children’s lunchboxes – they would make a lovely replacement to post it notes!

  • Our hallway is bare and it needs some love. I would add all our pics along our “Hall of Fame”

  • Danae Taylor

    Everywhere! Especially on my kids’ notice boards in their room. So I actually print those moments instead of having a phone full of pictures.

  • Samara Cassidy

    I would love to cover my bare wall in our lounge room in sprocket photos!! Can never have too many memories around

  • marypreston

    All of the family access the fridge. Long been a place to highlight memories. (I’d be sending Grandma some too.)

  • Sara Benallack

    Straight to the fridge! Some people hate having things on the fridge but it’s where all my (most recent) memories go, it’s where I can see them often and always makes me smile. I often get two of my most favourite photos printed, one for the album and one for the fridge. I love it when friends come over and stand in front of my fridge looking at my photos. x

  • Aoife

    On my fridge and memo board in work

  • Kelpad

    I had the joy of seeing one of these in action at a recent retreat…….
    I’d have to scrapbook most of my sprocket pics and sprinkle some others around the home ?

  • Vanessa Bancilhon

    I like sticking them around my dressing table mirror and also have a few faves stuck to the dash/glove box in my car ?

  • winifred oribhabor

    I’ve been wishing for this printer! I would stick mine on my wall beside my bed next to a vision board.

  • Penny Mortimer

    Oh my this is just too cute! I would stick mine on handmade cards to share the love with all my friends and family so then they would have a reminder of the good times we have had on our adventures together!

    p.s. I’m not from Aus but my best mate lives in Perth so if I win you can send to her and she can use it until I head over there next and pick it up then…win win!! πŸ˜‰

  • Tara Mcintosh

    I would put them on my wall at work, so I can see my family during the day.

  • Rebecca MacRae

    I’d use them in my travelers notebook and art journals and I’d also give some to my son to put in his little notebooks ?

  • Noodle Gyaru

    I would use this for my notes and photo frame collages. My walls are pretty bare and this would be ideal to use.

  • Cathy Lim

    I would stick them all over my beautiful white walls, but especially in the kids’ rooms to remind them of all the fun and quirky times we have together!

  • Lauren Ibbotson

    When I have some rare “spare time” I love to scrapbook. I’d use the photos in my layouts. The kids’ selfies on my phone would be perfect for their albums that Ive been working on since they were born.

  • Kerry Phairs

    I would leave happy Sprocket photo’s randomly on people’s car’s, their shopping trolley handle. Anywhere I saw someone who needed a wee bit of happy of their face. πŸ™‚

  • Jin Chow

    The compilation of photos to transform one of the walls in my new home as a feature wall, capturing the moments from the day I move in. New location, new memories.

  • Jade o

    I’m still stuck in the old tenager habit of sticking photos all over my mirrors…. I’m going to have to buy a new mirror LOL I’m loving the 2017 version of the old “polaroid” – just click and print.

  • Lynne

    I would be able to print photos for the residents at the nursing home when I show them my animals…..

  • Danielle

    I would use the HP Sprocket in my journal! At the moment, I’m much too lazy to use the printer in our basement (plus it’s kind of scary down there lol) so I don’t use photos in my journal, but I’d really love to start!

  • Nicole

    I love my photos and currently my son is playing football and has won alot of awards I take a photo of him holding his award to place in a book for him to one day look back on his achievements a boy with adHD he loves his book and would love one of these printers as I have so many photos to print off ATM

  • Amanda Roberts

    I would stick my sprocket photos everywhere! They would be perfect inside cards and messages to my special people and perfect for printing and keeping my special memories in a journal. I would also be able to print our photos for my dad who is in a nursing home and not doing so good with dementia.

  • Phoebe

    With a new bub on the way, I’d use the photos from the HP Sprocket Printer to announce bubs arrival and send to our family and friend that aren’t so social/computer savvy.

  • Sally Lemass

    I would stick them everywhere, being a first time mum lots of family members are always asking for photos. Would be perfect to catch all his first moments. ?

  • Alexie Edwards

    I would hang my photos from the spoket from fairy lights in my bedroom above my desk. I would absolutely love on of these because I love photography and I like the idea of printing it their and then so I don’t have to wait to go to big w of Kmart to print my photos off.

  • Zoe Ryan

    I would love to win this and take some beautiful photos of my partner and I, print them and then have a photo board at our wedding in November with these photos hanging on a rope, pinned with pegs πŸ™‚

  • rjs86

    Wow this looks amazing! Just what I need!
    Every year I make my grandparents a calendar each of all the photos we take at family catch ups during the year, including a few throwback photos for fun. I would love a HP sprocket to make this task a little easier and stick the sprocket photos on calendar!
    It would be super cute for making personalised birthday cards as well. Soo many ideas!

  • kate ebsworth

    Everywhere. Around the home. My partners work. Grandparents place. here there everywhere. Beautiful photos of my beautiful family in beautiful places

  • Donna

    I’d fill a wall full of special memories in my bedroom and finally get around to decorating my drsk at work

  • Natasa

    I would love to hang these up all over my home office to keep my happy and motivated throughout the working day!

  • Mike Chan

    I will stick to everywhere where my friends and colleague are – at their home, on their desks or on their bags!

  • Nerrinda Walsh

    The fridge and an album for my daughter always hard to remember to get down and print off some regular photos

  • Pamela Blackie

    In our Classroom.xx

  • Teresa

    id get crafty and create things for them to be displayed in and hang them around my house and give away as gifts

  • Reannon

    What an amazing little gadget! I can think of so many uses! Firstly, I do not have a single printed photo of my little 2 ( & they are 4 & 3!) so I’d print photos of them & stick them on the fridge. In fact, I’d print a heap of family photos & stick them on the fridge- I seriously cannot remember when I last printed a photo!!
    Then I’d take alphabet photos & stick them on my kids bedroom walls. They both have speech issues & having pictures so we could practice sounds while getting ready for bed would be great!
    I’d also take photos of toys & use them as labels for all the baskets/containers/shelves that hold toys to make it easier for the kids when packing away. HA! Who am I kidding? They don’t pack away but maybe it would encourage them?!!!
    So many uses for this little printer. What a fab idea!

  • Rebecca Song

    Photos allow us to think about past events about the photo and brings back memories. So I would love to stick the photos on my bedroom wall.

  • tiff

    stick photos of my dogs all over my wardrobe ??

  • Nicc Walker

    I would stick them on my fridge, everyday I would be able to see them and smile.

  • Carlie Gannon

    the fridge! the dash of the car! wardrobe doors! my locker at work! everywhere ?

  • Alyce Harris

    I would stick them on my desk at work so I can see the people and animals that are close to me everyday and remind myself why we do what we do.

  • Beca G-Oh

    Im planning to stick one (or more) best picture(s) of the day on my planner each day! And do the same for my kids on a memory notebook intended for them to have when they are bigger.

  • Ashlee

    I would put them up in my office at work so I can look at my girls and husband all day! It would help me get through the day faster!

  • Ashlea Michelle

    I would have them stuck up in my bedroom and fridge and my daughter would definitely love to have some near her bed ❀️

  • Sammy Siggleko

    On a canvas!

  • Jasmine B

    I’d be sticking those cute ‘lil sprocket photo stickers everywhere! But my favourite place would be in my smash journal, a perfect keepsake memory of all the little moments we snap every day ?

  • Emma

    I would send them to my niece.

  • Sarah Zuchetti

    I’d be giving them straight to the kids to put up in their bedrooms! They already have a few stuck to wardrobes and doors and my daughter even has some right above her bed so that the people she cares about are the first and last things she sees every day!

  • Vanessa Imrie

    The question should be where wouldn’t I stick these cute lil pics!!! They would decorate my fridge, my notice board, my photo wall, the kids school books and … everywhere!!!!!

  • Steph Butler

    I was sold on the mini printer, but once I read they were also stickers, I was ready to sell my first born to get one! ? I’d stick my pics EVERYWHERE. On my wall, on the fridge, on stranger’s faces, everywhere. This looks like the most awesomest gadget ever ??

  • Samantha Outten

    How awesome is this little gadget! I would love one of these for all the great snaps I take on my phone. I would plaster the prints all over my fridge as I look there every day, I’d get to see them all the time!

  • Life At 101

    OMG I love this so much!! I think I’d probs go a bit OTT and stick photos on every inanimate object in my house…in fact even the animate creatures in my house may not be spared….watch out girls and hubby and cats!!!!!!

  • Taryn Elise

    I’d stick mine in envelopes and mail them to my family because I live interstate to all of them!

  • Cherry Niddrie

    I’d print my pictures and share them with family and friends instead of leaving them locked up in my phone or computer, and I ‘d also use them in my journal to help track my life, the wonderful and not so wonderful things that happen day to day.

  • Amy Hulme

    I would literally wallpaper our playroom wall with sprocket prints! The plaster is dodgy so I cover it with artwork, but would love to add photos easily and instantly. The answer to our tens of thousands of unprinted photos trapped on hard drives and unappreciated!

  • First up, on the fridge, of course!! But it would be great fun to pop them places as a string of surprises for my partner – he’d never know when the next one was going to pop up! LOL!

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    As a stylist on my shoe boxes for sure!

  • Sharon

    I use some of my PAD photos with the help of the little moments app as digital birthday cards, I would love to print these and forwarded them in the post, my other PAD prints line my office workspace, so I could add to this space.

  • Deborah Moor

    My daughter is determined to cover her bedroom wall with strings of photos of friends and family. This great little Sprocket would save me multiple trips to the photo printers!

  • Erin

    I would make a gorgeous collage of my girls and have it framed and hung in the living room. My 7 yr old daughter who fancies herself as a photographer could also make her own collage which I’d put in her bedroom <3

  • Beck Spicer

    I would send some to my 92 year nanna that sticks all the kids photos in her scrapbook πŸ™‚

  • Amber Schultz

    On the fridge, because my daughter and I love to look at them and talk about the memories while we are cooking or working on something in the kitchen! ☺️

  • Angela

    Oh, how cool! I’d definitely put my photos all around my desk at work, it would help me get through the day seeing awesome people and pretty things ?

  • Liz Christiansen

    Wow! What a nifty little contraption. I’d peg my little snaps to the cork board in my craft room. It’s my happy place and I know these would make me smile ?

  • Virginia aka Wirg Hampson

    Oh my, I’d love a red one of these. I’d be sticking photos on anything that holds still long enough LOL. They’d be great in cards, on the back of envelopes, diary/journaling pages, scrapbooked pages, mobile phone covers, oh the possibilities are endless!

  • Sheree

    This would be great for helping the kids decorate their home-made cards and letters that they make for family and friends living overseas.

  • Alexandra

    I have a terrible habit of taking a million photos of my two little ones, maxing out my phone storage but never printing them!! For years now (pre children even!) I’ve wanted to create a beautiful Polaroid statement piece above our bed in our bedroom – this would be perfect, convenient and my little project would finally happen!

  • Robyn Jokic

    Wow how cool is this sprocket, instant photos whener you want them! I’ve recently bought from T-leaf collections some memory drops for my daughters birthday coming up this would be so cool if I could add this prize to the present so she can stick her photos on her memory drops ? Thanks for the opportunity fingers crossed?

  • Elise Clarkson

    I would stick them next to the reading chair in my son’s room. That way when we do stories before bed we can do our days best moments in pictures!

  • Sarah Rees

    I’d stick photos of my cat in all the small places she use to hide. She’s not well and I don’t think she’s gonna live much longer.

  • Juliana Favari

    Where wouldn’t I stick it?! The fridge, the art wall in the playroom, my planner, wallet, in the office display wall, my husbands office.. the options are endless!! ?

  • Tracey Ross

    To quote an Australian classic, straight to the pool room for this one

  • Christy

    On the edge of my mirror, so that when I look in the mirror I’m a little bit ‘with’ the people I love most.

  • amytriesagain

    I’d make the weirdest, funniest gift tags for presents for family and friends and make Christmas 2017 (it’s not so far away!) full of silly in-jokes.

  • Serena Faber-Nelson

    I’m going to be honest.
    While I’d love to stick the photos in places where I could see them and smile, I have a feeling my toddler would comandeer this amazing little gadget and our stickers would be stuck to the following places…
    Our couch
    Our dining room table
    Our walls
    My clothes
    Her clothes
    Random tins of tuna
    My face
    Her face
    Any sentimental item I hold dear
    Our neighbour’s cat
    …but they would still make me smile.

  • Kim

    This is genius, I’d use a Sprocket daily if I had one! I’d love to create a feature wall of Sprocket photos in my bedroom so the ones I care about most are always near

  • Allison Kay

    I would stick them in my daughter and sons baby books! Perfect size prints to fill it up with some great memories!

  • Sally Collier

    I have recently made a wire notice board/inspiration board and would love to print off some photos to peg to my board with mini wooden pegs, would look so cute! : )

  • Yvonne B Brown

    Really would love this print pics of my great grandsons, then put on fridge, then in my brag book,getting pics printed is a hassle for me ty

  • I would put them everywhere. In my gratitude journal, planner, on my little boards with pegs that sit bare, in my wallet (ohhhhh, that excites me, to have a wallet pic!)

  • Debbie Dye

    I’d stick pics of the kids around my computer at work to remind me why I get out of bed in the morning ?

  • Row Parker

    Oh wow what an amazingly awesome printer. I would print photos to post to my kids grandparents in New Zealand because it breaks me heart they don’t get to watch their grandbabies grow up in real life

  • Sandie Faulkner

    Everywhere!!!! I love photos!!!! So anywhere they can be stuck, that’s where I’d stick!!!!! ? ? ? Awesome looking gadget❀️❀️❀️

  • beansproutbubba

    I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time! I’d stick them into my journal, this would be the quickest way to have a daily record of how the kids are growing up and also a great way to print off evidence of learning (we home educate).
    I love that it is wireless and easy!

  • Kristen Knight

    All over my fridge, on my office wall. I would stick them everywhere!!

  • Ashton

    I’d LOVE one of these amazing gadgets!! ?? I’d stick photos everywhere; on the fridge, framed throughout the house and on my desk at work so I’d be surrounding by my smiling family and friends always…. with plenty of pet snaps too!! ?

  • Susan Beauchamp

    I would stick my Sprocket photos on my laptop, so I could look at them regularly while I’m busy scrolling through my favourite blogger websites

  • Dani

    How have I not seen these! We have a big year ahead of us and this little gadget would come in handy for sure! Fingers crossed ?

  • Gracia Kowi

    My Polaroid camera recently broke so I haven’t been able to capture moments from when I travel and hang out with friends like I used to but I’d totally put my sprocket photos up on my bedroom/wardrobe door where I can see them every night and also on my vanity/makeup ideas so I can print off my favourite looks I’ve done and gain inspiration!

  • Ali J

    I would print out the stick on my wall at work so I can look at my favourite things anytime I wanted to.

  • Tara Smith

    On the inside of my hutch at my desk.

  • Stephanie Morin Bernal

    On my bear walls all around my house

  • Belinda Roberts

    My 7 year old daughter would love this. She is very arty and creative and could imagine her making an art journal with the photos. I would also use it to send pictures of the kids to my mother in law who lives in Broken Hill who we only get to see once a year.

  • Laurie Watson

    I would have a fight on my hands with my daughter who would love this also. So I think between her bedroom wall, the fridge and little moment books to send off to my son whilst he is away with the army. Great way to kick start things off.

  • Orla quinn

    I would love to take photos and hide them
    In places so that my friends and family find them and get a special surprise to brighten up their day ??????

  • Jayleen Duncan

    Think I’d have to print them for the walls in the loo to keep my boys sitting longer to avoid the floor over spray ? Then again maybe above their beds would be better so they would lie down to look up at their adventures when it’s bedtime rather than ask for one more drink hug etc

  • Mandy Maysey


  • Rin Dell

    I would stick them all over my desk at work!! Also I’m a high school teacher so I would be able to stick them all over my classroom for my kids to enjoy too!

  • Melissa

    I would stick them on my photo wall in my lounge room so I can look at them every day. I would print so many family photos and lot of photos of my two beautiful kids. I would love to win?

  • Michelle Savage

    I would take photos of my 4 crazies (kids, lol) and stick them over my plain, White hallway Wall (it’s long and boring atm) So any one who walked in could see my big mural of my kids!

  • Melissa Gil

    I’d stick my sprocket photos on the wall at my work desk, on the fridge at home and in the kid’s rooms!

  • Haylee

    I would stick my adventures all down my hallway, so then as I walk past I remember the good times.

  • Kylie

    I love this!! I have made many overseas friends on and I am still a massive fan of snail mail…I would stick photos into all my letters to share with friends

  • xarie

    I would stick my sprocket photos in a memory wall- slowly filling up the blank space with wonderful photos of moments that were captured so beautifully.

  • Marissa

    I’d would create a collage wall of all my beautiful, happy memories to remind myself how much I am blessed by the people & experiences in my life

  • Amanda Carlin

    Ultimately I would stuck my sprocket photos up in my children’s rooms, I have 4 gorgeous kids to share this with, would love to make a photo wall for each of them with friends and family, with a dad that works away would be great to have more photos up of him for my kids to see each day ?
    I’d also keep it in my bag so we can take it where ever we go sharing photos with all our friends and family capturing all special and fun times ?

  • Elle Belle

    I would stick them everywhere! On the fridge, the kids, bedroom/bathroom/laundry walls, on the inside roof of the car ? I love that they’re stickers! These will be great for personalising gifts/cards!

  • Mandy


  • emily o’brien

    How gorgeous!! I have a photoboard for my wall and i would update that each week with all the photos i take. I love scrapbooking too so this would be amazing to add pics to albums whenever i wanted ??

  • Alanna Willcox

    My partner and I will be going on a holiday soon. I would stick the photos around his altzheimers grandfathers room so he could feel like he came with us ❀

  • Becky Lofdahl

    I actually do need one! I’d print out photos and leave them at my parents place for them to find after we have left to go back to the city. You can never have too many photo memories and such a perfect way to show we adore them and that their grown up grandsons admire them!

  • Stella

    We have a wall behind our fireplace that we stick things on in the warmer months. I’d love to turn it into a photo wall for us all to enjoy!

  • Linda

    I would use them in my planner

  • Nikita Stickler

    Anywhere and everywhere so that I can always see the smiling faces of the people I love most, and so I can smile back remembering the special moments I’ve experienced.

  • Katia Jones

    What a fantastic device. I’d put all the photos I’ve been meaning to print in my son’s baby book ?

  • Kim Porter

    What an amazing product. I would love one, so I could print little photos to put in my daughters lunch boxes, to help them smile every day at school. It would also be used, to catch up on those baby and family memory books that have been on my to do list for many years…..

  • Amanda P

    OMG – how freaking awesome is that thing!
    I’m obsessed with photos, my home is surrounded by photos but I’m hopeless at printing them out.
    The photos on my walls are ones we’ve had done professionally.
    Although our phones have made taking photos easier – for me – it’s made me lazy in printing them out.
    I’d love to use this to make up scrap booking photo albums for my girls. I’ve made them for my boys years ago but after my twins came along life got crazy busy. Then add another surprise addition and well… know, no time for anything really.
    The Sprocket printer would be perfect for this.
    The more I think about it the more excited I’m getting.
    What a great little invention.
    Thanks for sharing and the opportunity to win one.

  • Renae Murcia

    I would stick my photos on fishing wire around the walls of my room. This is such a clever idea and is such an excellent way to always look at great memories.

  • Maree

    I would stick them either on the fridge or at work. Although I am sure my girls would love these for their rooms too.

  • immyluree93

    My house would be covered πŸ™‚ but definitely my study πŸ™‚

  • Lisa Harrap

    Oh wow the Sprocket looks super awesome and convenient. I could finally actually print photos. I think I’d stick it in my handbag and take it with me so that when we are out and about at our reptile displays we can give people a souvenir of themselves holding snakes and lizards. Plus when I’m out with my three munchkins we can print off little photo stickers of our adventures. I love love love it! I do have a few questions, how many photos will if do before you have to change the ink. Also does it charge with a USB style charger or is it battery operated?

  • PaulsiePops

    We are taking 25 Grade 5 & 6 kids (eleven and twelve year olds) to Japan in October. We’ve been talking about taking one of these so we can print off memories for them to add to their travel journals.

  • Kathryn

    I have been wanting one of these for so long. So many great memories on my phone which I’d love to print (if I had the time). I’ve recently been on a big weight loss journey, with a “motivational/inspirational board” being a huge part of my journey to keep me focused (think healthy eating and beautiful fashion). I’d put my before and after photos up on this board and would have you to thank. Will share my story if I win ❀❀? Thank you x

  • Tanya Northey

    On my bedroom wall. And my office wall.
    I’m so excited to win this….. I’m pretending I’ve got this in the bag….. thoughts become things right?!?

  • Pia Cruickshank

    I would plaster my sons nursery with them. We’ve got family living instate and we show him photos of them everyday so he knows who is nanna and opa are. Photos are a very big part of our lives!!!! These gadgets are bloody gorgeous

  • Marianne Douglas

    I’d stick them on homemade cards. How cool would it be to let the kids make their own birthday and Christmas cards to give to their friends and family with photos that they took?!

  • Denise

    I would stick them all over the fridge. Every day i would be able to see a new smile

  • Kristie Gee

    As a casual teacher, I’d love to be able to take a couple of photos of my day with a class and leave them behind for the regular teacher.

  • Shannon

    Pick me, I’d love to win one! Before kids I use to print all my photos and put them in albums and now I can never find the time. I’d love to be able to print a picture as I take it and be able to put them in rotation in some frame, like a pic of the week type situation

  • Lynelle Frame

    Such a cool printery thingy!!! ??
    Back of the loo door, everyone will see my pics when they take a seat! ??

  • Michelle Hildebrand

    I would stick mine where the sun doesn’t shine to make it all bright and fab and new again! Xo

  • Belinda

    Other than my scrapbook? The fridge, my photo wall, my desk at work, Mum’s house.. .everywhere really ’cause I could

  • Alinta Fidzewicz

    OMG So cute!!! I would print them and hang them above my computer so while Im working I can be even more distracted looking at my 4 kids faces πŸ™‚

  • bamberee

    I spend a lot of time in bed, and with a tall boy right next to my bed I’d put the photos up on the side of that so I can look at them all the time. It is currently covered in my nieces’ drawings, I’d love to add some photos of them to the mix.

  • Hollie Amery

    My mum died before my girls (4 & 8 weeks) were born, she was an absolutely amazing woman and I’m so sad they didn’t get to know her, so I am creating a scrapbook of her life so my girls can get to know their grandma, so that’s where I’d stick all the photos I’d print with the HP Sprocket.

  • Bree Tollitt

    Where wouldn’t I put them!! Anywhere and everywhere for people to see. Photos are the best memories and are waisted sitting on your phone. They need to be enjoyed and shared with eveyone.

  • Tanya

    Sooo many places I would stick my photos , I love to place photos on the fridge to remind us of our happy holidays or family members that live far away , but mainly I would put the photos in my life planner , to document our life visual for my Autistic son would be amazing .

  • Amelia

    In my freezer! It’s always such a delight to catch a glimpse of a photo by surprise! And your always surprised to see a cut picture in your freezer!

  • Carly

    I’d put my sprocket photos in my three month olds baby book! I still need to play catch up in her baby book and I’ve been eyeing one of these off for a while to make keeping up to date easier for my little ones baby book. I’d probably also go nuts with photos on my fridge haha.

  • Loren

    I am in love ? I would stick my Sprocket photos on the fridge, at my work area and in frames! Having endless photos and memories stored on my phone, a HP Sprocket would bring the memories to life. What a brilliant little pocket sized gadget!!

  • Bianca F

    I love these little printers!! I would print photos for my kids to put on the walls in their rooms, to remind them what is important and what makes them happy.

  • Stacey Fidgeon

    Everywhere. I think they’d make great gift tags for wrapping presents and nice things to sneak in lunchboxes/gym bags for a nice happy surprise.

  • Cassie Houston

    I would create a besties board for each of my kids and fill it with memories of childhood friendships πŸ™‚

  • Julia Dennis-Bayley

    This little gadget would make my scrapbooking so much easier…and all at the press of a button!

  • Chris

    We have a long hallway that I’d like to use as a timeline of our family, so by the time you’ve left the front door and made it to the family room, you’d feel like you know who we are and what we’re about.

  • CathF

    I would give the printer to my daughter and l know she would put the photos/stickers all over her wall to celebrate her family, friends and all the wonderful memories we have recorded. I would also sneak a few on to the fridge and my study wall.

  • Sarah

    I would stick my Sprocket photos together in a mosaic to make a larger image. Like a massive jigsaw puzzle work of art!

  • Nicky Hughes

    We are heading off to Bali on Monday and my son Levi (6) will be creating a journal of our trip. The Sprocket would be perfect for him to sit down each night and print out his favourite photos of the day while practicing his writing. <3

  • Michelle @ Jarrah Jungle

    How awesome are these printers! I’d print out all the newborn pics I’ve been snapping of my little baby girl and peg them to a string line in her nursery for all to see!

  • Megan

    I love taking photos of my kids but I don’t like having *my* photo taken, period! Over the last twelve months there’s been a change in my personal circumstances and now it’s just me and my two young daughters I realise that I need to and WANT to take my photo taken with them and I’ve started too. I want them to have me in their photo memories. I’d not only be putting those sprocket photos up everywhere I can but I’d especially like to make up a couple of special hang and peg frame kits to hang all the images we create together from 2017 and then next year make a new frame and so on so that over time we can see all the wonderful memories we’ve made throughout the years! πŸ™‚

  • Helen

    I’d put these little print outs as surprises inside birthday cards for friends and family! I’d make sure I had a sneaky snap of us together (or them doing something silly!) ready to go to include as an additional little keepsake for them. πŸ™‚

  • Tara

    I would stick the photos in a scrapbook or journal to record our adventures with our kids! Then we (or the kids when they’re older) could write all about what we did or what they said next to each one. It would be so fun!

  • Dawn Renee’

    Art journal and random mail gifts! This printer is the coolest tech in a while. And in my small home would be the perfect addition!

  • Brooke Lynch

    I’d get an oversized white square frame and start making an eclectic life collage, just adding more photos in until I’ve filled it up.

  • SL

    I would stick them in my Travellers Notebook! I want to start memory journaling.

  • Loueze

    I”d love to peg some up on fishing line down the hallway, pop some higgledy piggledy on the fridge (mum’s fridge was always bare and mine is chock full of magnets and artwork), and some around the mirrors. Hey, I’d even print some of me and put them in the kid’s bedrooms so they always have me looking over them. Sweet … or freaky? Either way, fun.

  • Tania

    I have had my eye on one of these for ages now.
    I want one so that I can add photos to my Erin Condren Life Planner (love those things! So pricey but so pretty). Daily photos of family. And down the track when we have kids, I want them to have their own planner to see how they grow and change.
    That would be the dream πŸ™‚

  • Sandi White

    On my fridge! In my junk journals! In my art journals! On the side of my computer screen, in my scrapbook albums, on the back of my toilet door so I can look at them when I wee, EVERYWHERE!! Love! Love! Love this little HP sprocket printer!!

  • Anita Pender

    I think the fridge would be adorned with pics, and if my 7 year old caught on to what was happening then she would be decorating books and cards and letters I’m sure! What a fun little gadget to brighten up the home and office! Love it!

  • Tamar Freed

    I’d stick them everywhere, the fridge, my kids bedroom doors, at work, that is until little Miss ‘I can’t, I’m doing the HSC’ steals it from me to print photos of her boyfriend πŸ˜‰

  • Wendy Hatton

    They would be a great way to add pictures to the letters I write to my elderly mother. Happy snaps of her great grandchildren are bound to cheer her up and being attached to the letter will help her remember what they are about.

  • Sana

    This is amazing. I didn’t even know this gadget existed! I would love to print cute photos to personalise cards to give to family and friends on special occasions. And at home, photos would probably be on every wall and my husband would love it (not)

  • kforkarli

    I’m keen to get a gold wire frame to hang about my desk – I need something for reminders as well as for lovely things to look at while I do my work. Great giveaway!

  • Andieharrie

    at work so i can print pics as i need
    It would be well loved and used indeed

  • Leanne Czak

    My daughter made a book with photos of all thr family for her faughter Mia (my 1st grandchild). She has just turned one and quite often flicks thru the pages kissing the faces on the pics (its so flippin cute ?) I coukd add to this with my own pics with the fabulous the sprocket printer ??

  • kailindstrom

    I love adding my insta snaps to my fridge. It would be awesome to be able to change up the pics with this little sprocket!

  • Sarah N

    How cool is that! This would be perfect for our homeschool journals! And travel journals when we head down to Uluru ??

  • katesh

    I would print and send photos of my kids to all of their grandparents (who live far away) so they can stick them on their fridges and walls. I am terrible at keeping the grandparents up to date with photos, but having a great printer like this at home would remind me to print and send photos regularly.

  • kourtney christopher

    This is amazing!!! I would put the photos up on my wall way wall and nextvto my bed of my photo tree which is a wire tree I made with little pegs to hold lots of pictures next to my bed as my little girl i don’t get to see often and my depression is so bad most days I can’t get out of bed having this printer and printing my memories of me and my kids would be my inspiration every morning to inspire me that I can get up and can get through today!!
    Fingers cross ?????‍♀️
    ~ kourtnei?~

  • Courtneh

    This is amazing!!! I would put the photos up on my wall way wall and nextvto my bed of my photo tree which is a wire tree I made with little pegs to hold lots of pictures next to my bed as my little girl i don’t get to see often and my depression is so bad most days I can’t get out of bed having this printer and printing my memories of me and my kids would be my inspiration every morning to inspire me that I can get up and canget through today!!
    Fingers cross ?????‍♀️
    ~ kourtnei?~

  • Megan Tilley

    Chantelle the question is ‘Where wouldn’t I stick my photos?’ and the answer NO WHERE! – This is so freaking awesome!

  • Megan Tilley

    Chantelle the question is ‘Where wouldn’t I stick my photos?’ and the answer NO WHERE! – This is so freaking awesome!

  • Shannon Kerley

    OMG! This is the cutest thing ever!!! Sprocket stickers would be everywhere!! I would add them to my hubby’s lunches, the kids, post them in my cubicle at work!!! Anywhere and everywhere!!! How much fun this could be!!! And think of how many faces would smile seeing these cute little sticker pictures all over! πŸ™‚

  • Emma Denschel

    There’s not a place in all the lands I wouldn’t stick my Sprocket photos!!!! The world needs more colour, beauty and wonder!!!!!
    It’s wish is my command!! ❀️

  • Junie South East Qld

    My printer is connected to my husbands computer is n another room .Would love to win it
    .I would print photos of my family & theirs & put them on my Christmas tree.Would be cute.They all live all over Australia & my husbands illness stops us from being able to travel.Beautiful little gadget.

  • Well… I’d hide them from the kids, that’s for sure or they’d end up stuck to the floor, the furniture, the walls, clothes… haha. I’d love to do up some fun collages – a year in the life kind of thing

  • Adele Smith

    My sprocket photos would be plastered all over my Inspiration Board, that’s sits pride of place in my study nook. My daughter I’m sure would borrow it for her board also. I have empty photo frames just waiting for a collage, so this would be perfect for that….so many ideas just waiting to be hatched.

  • Melissa

    In my handy scrapbooking creations! Themed and full of my loved ones, I’d go photo crazy!

  • Omg this is amazing!! I have recently become obsessed with Travelers Notebooks, and have ordered one along with a bunch of inserts. It arrives today and I cannot wait to get stuck in. If I had a sprocket printer, I would definitely use it to print photos for my new notebook. It looks small enough to take travelling, too, which is perfect for me! Love it.

  • kori

    In an envelope to send some to my old nana as we live ages away from her.

  • e

    Not only would this cute printer be great for craft, it would also make decorating my house with memories so much easier.

  • Gail Forbes

    This gadget would be amazing. I love taking photo and have made many birthday cards with my photos. I also create postcards. this gadget would allow me to continue this hobby so much easier

  • Michelle W

    In my clear phone case to remind me of the good times and I can regularly rotate them.

  • Melissa Dopper

    On the fridge. On the wall. In my diary. By my bed. I would stick them here and there, I would stick them everywhere. I miss printed photos so much!!!! This nifty little machine is brilliant!!

  • Sharon Markwell

    I’d make memory books of my parents for my siblings with the magical HP Sprocket Rocket

  • Zhou Zhou

    These little beauties would cover our ugly bathroom tiles!

  • Rebecca Sharp

    The toilet walls, because honestly we all spend a reasonable amount of time in the small room each day, so would be nice to have something other than blank walls to look at!

  • Susie

    ??? just got myself a new pin up board so winning this printer would be perfect for that! ❀️❀️ plus don’t have to worry about wasting tape or pins because the photos print as a sticker!

  • joy Harkin

    Moving jobs so want a new photo board with all mympics to remind me that work, life balance is important.

  • Tabatha Voss

    I would stick them here,I would stick them there. I’d stick them anywhere and everywhere

  • Rachel amanatidis

    On my dash board in my car , to brighten my day up for the long commute to work

  • Suds

    I’d love to use these for so many purposes from brag pics in my wallet to photos for sticking on shelves to better organise my kids toy cupboard!

  • Ash9au

    On my filing cabinet at work πŸ™‚

  • Elisabeth Martins

    I’d stick them on one of my walls in my bedroom making it a feature wall filled with people I love.

  • paul breheny

    I would basically wallpaper my bathroom toilet with HP sprocket photos. I already have an awesome HP Touchsmart All-in-one desktop computer which really is the absolute best.

  • Erin Tiller

    I’d be putting our sprocket photos on the fridge, I used to print pics and update my fridge collage regularly but lately (and I mean about the last two years?!) I haven’t had time to mess with our big printer and find the photo paper. It would be great to get back up to date!

  • Heather Lee Ryssman

    On the cabinet doors

  • Sally S Qld

    For my little girl! To print out all her bestie/arty/life photos she snaps daily! She would live it!

  • Rebecca Lee Knott

    In my car on the sun visors so I could see my loved ones whenever I pulled it down.. plus I spend a lot of my time in commute so its perfect xx

  • Kim Connolly

    I have no photos up around the house, so first place I would start is my kids games room and study!

  • Taren Ormesher

    I’d stick the photos in my new happy planner.

  • Nicole Campbell

    Anywhere and everywhere! We are a house of photographers and this little printer would be great to have on hand to showcase our masterpieces. We could turn the whole house into a gallery πŸ™‚

  • Tiffany

    EVERYWHERE! On the fridge, on the walls, on the mirrors, in the car, anywhere that needs brightening up!

  • Janelle Tattam Williams

    I would hang the pics of my family on a string of lights with little cute pegs in my hallway. I actually don’t live in Aus anymore but all my children are still there.

    • Janelle Tattam Williams

      Oh I just read it’s only for Aus residents so I guess I would give it to one of my girls so they could have pics of me everywhere. ?

  • Lynnette

    Where wouldn’t I stick them. Fridge, Wardrobe mirror, diary, in envelopes to share with my friends. I would stick them everywhere I could.

  • Leti Marr

    I would put photos on my boys bedroom walls reminding them how awesome they are keeping confidence levels high. Very important. Also great for pictures of my skirts. Amazing for scrapbooking. Awesome to share photos with others ie school Sports Day etc. Sharing/giving photos to my 97yr old grandmother taken of us when we are visiting. Oh my the list endless. I shall stop now. Just in case my fav colour is Red but always grateful for any. Have an awesome day. Xx

  • Kristy H

    I love journaling so I’d be putting them into my journals ??

  • Shannon Coulter

    I’d put them in my kids room, they’d all love a little photo wall with their friends family and happy memories ? And we could add to it all the time

  • These printers are just so cute and such a great idea! I’d stick sprocket photos of my boys up in my office to remind me of why I’m up at 4am working so I can spend the rest of the day with them πŸ™‚

  • I would use this for my art journal and to print photos for a travel/art journal while on the go!

  • Sarah Larsen

    Depending cute family pics on my wall at work the rest cause lets face it you’d fill the wall quickly at home in my hallway.

  • Racheal Kamer

    My house is full of pictures, there my absolute fav….. except we’re missing any pics of beautiful Miss nearly 4 months and I desperately need to rectify the situation. Our fridge, hallway and my linen cupboard door are hanging out for pics of our sweet baby girl.

  • Shelly

    on my office wall so I can have beautiful pictures to look at beacuase my office has no windows!!

  • Kate

    I would put my HP Sprocket photos on the walls of my new work space. To remind me of the wonderful life I have!

  • Helen Yann

    I would print photos for my travellers notebooks. Love instant gratification ❀️

  • Viny Vabriany

    I would stick them on the fridge, my kids bedroom, on the wall, my diary, wallet, photo album. My kids photo would also make a nice and cute addition when sending birthday card for my parents

  • Meredith

    Sprocket photos will jazz up the bulletin boards in my first classroom this year!!!

  • Micheala

    I take so many photos and never print them anymore! I need some more photos on my desk as work – these would be perfect size and looking at my kids faces would help me get through those long work days!!

  • Holly Zauss

    I’d use them as price labels for my bag creations! Then I could name each piece after the location of the photo used! I could finally print some of my holiday snaps from a year ago too!

  • Lynette Rennie Wadick Castor

    My sprocket photos would be going overseas to my pocket letter pen pals. My pics are mostly native animals and birdshere in Australia, overseas pen pals love to see our wildlife.

  • Clair Stanton

    I would put them all over my kids doors and their bathroom mirror . The really special ones in my visual journal that I take everywhere so they are always with me

  • Nassep

    At my desk at work, so I can remember all the great things in my life _ my work desk is a bit bland

  • Penny Stancombe

    I’d have to stick photos of my kids next to the front door so when I’m struggling getting them out the door in the morning, I can remind myself that they really are cute!

  • Sophie

    I’m newly pregnant and keen to keep track of my pregnancy belly and, of course, my babe, when born. I’m not too fussed on airing all on social media, so keeping my photo diary private would be so much easier with the Sprocket Printer!

  • Sally Norman

    We have recently moved interstate so I’d use the HP sprocket to print out photos of my 2 daughter’s friends. As they can be stickers, I’d decorate their school books so they have their old friends with them to help them get through the day and not miss home so much! ?

  • Narelle Jeffries

    As we are about to move, this would be perfect for my 11 year old daughter to print off photos of all of her friends and I would collage them all in one frame for her xxx

  • Kathryn Heathfield

    I would stick my sprocket photos straight in the post and send pictures of my sweet, sweet one year old all over the world for friends and family to stick on their fridge!

  • Megan Ward

    I would stick my sprocket photos EVERYWHERE!!
    As a teacher I would use it in my clas son a daily basis to capture all those great learning moments and put them on display around the classroom for students and parent to see
    As a mum I would put my photos all around my house. Especially on my fridge and my photo wall. I have an adorable and cheeky two year old and another on the way so I would love to win this!!!!

  • ReneΓ© Catherine

    I’d make space on the wall behind our bed. Turn them into a feature wall of all my favourite pics!

  • Carlie Gannon

    everywhere! on my fridge, inside happy mail, on gifts and just as random acts of kindness for family and friends ? (may have already commented but single mum brain!! ?)

  • I’d stick random funny mum selfies in my boys lunch boxes! ? So they know I miss them, know I love them but also know I’m always watching them…. ?

  • Peta Eyeington

    Anywhere & everywhere, esp on the mirrors in our home, to remind my kids they are beautiful!!! ❀️

  • Rebekah Barkess

    I’d like to say I’d get to choose but my 2 year old would grab them and stick them on the fridge with her photos. She loves printing photos and she’s just had her cousins visit so this would be great to print her some photos we took. I’d love to use it for memory planning and scrap booking when my daughter is in bed ?

  • Kimberly Engwicht

    Arghh want one of these sooo bad…I’m maddd for photos! I would stick them up in my 2 year olds room with memories of her growing up. Plus add them to her baby book (that I have to get around to finishing) ??

  • Ingrid

    I would put them all over my daughter’s mirror in the shape of a heart!

  • Jen

    I’d use it for the photobooks I plan to set up at my babyshower so my friends have mementos

  • Erin Phillips

    Straight in the mail to relatives overseas, well after printing a copy for the fridge first…

  • Ella

    I would decorate my office cubicle at work with them πŸ™‚

  • Scilla

    I’d share the love. Give out as many as I could to friends and family. Why keep it all to myself?!

  • Philippa Bush

    I’d love to start my son’s baby book and fill it with fun photos I’ve snapped of him. My son is 2 years old!! HELP!!

  • Anne

    Oh this looks amazinggg!!!?? it would be great to stick them into my diary? Or surprise my kids with a random sticker treat in their lunch box??

  • They would be perfect for making personalised birthday or father’s day cards?

  • Kirsty Wilton

    I would love it to print pics for my daughters.. they love putting pics all over their bedroom walls ?

  • Sara Cleary

    On the back of the toilet door, makes for a fun sit πŸ™‚

  • Cindy Lee

    When we go on holidays the kids keep a diary of our travels, this would be great in printing out the pictures straight away and then stick them in their travel diary!

  • Stacey McGregor

    We’re in the process of decorating the indoor dog cubby. I’d love to take photos of his favourite things and stick them the the the cubby like a 90’s US high school locker.

  • Ali W

    I’d stick them all over my fridge. I already have photos on there in magnetic frames, but my 2 year old loves to take them off and spread them all over the house

  • michelle barrington

    I would stick the sprocket photos in those places that you look lots of time each day without noticing -inside the lid of kids lunch boxes, workdiary, under the car visor that I flip down to drive every morning. Would bring a small smile to my face everyday

  • Pauline

    I would be more re-active when producing photos of family time and print and display straight away instead of having digital copies waiting to be printed and enjoyed. Live in the moment instead of another ‘To Do List’ of things to do. πŸ™‚

  • Marnie Gallegos

    We (2 adults & 4 kids) live in the teeniest of teeny tiny transportable (donga) houses. Metal walls = magnets everywhere! 8d back the Sprocket’s photos with magnets and create a picture wall.

    The Sprocket would also be a fab space saver!!

  • Amanda Herft

    My daughter is two and each year I make a little time capsule up, with a letter from me to her, photos, cards, her scribbles etc. I’d love love love a little printer!!
    Plus it would be awesome to have some pics of her up at my desk at work ?

  • Tia

    All over the place! In my planners, in my wallet, on my fridge, on cards for family and friends! I love the idea of an instant printer for on the spot, on the go printing.

  • Inca Lyons-Guthrie

    EVERYWHERE! I have frames that need filling, photo albums that need to be updated (my children are 9 and 11….I think the albums have them both forever 5!) my fridge, my pinboard, my inlaws fridge, my Mums fridge, the list never ends! I love this printer! What a great invention ❀️

  • I would use them in art journaling and scrapbooking. ❀️

  • Kim Shields

    Oh my goodness. When did this get invented? I suppose the real qiestion is where wouldn’t I put pics? Because I can see them all over my 8 year old’s new pin board, in my car, in my room, on the fridge, given to grandparents. Oh my the options are limitless.

  • Jacki Botans

    I’d use the photos in my planner and craft projects!

  • Kellie Harris

    I’m pregnant with my first baby, so I feel like the photos would be going everywhere! In every letter, in every wallet, on every available surface! And of course, in the scrapbook I’m making and the planner and journal I keep daily!

  • Steph Genero

    I have a planner that I love to memory keep in so I would love to print some of my photos and attach them in there to remember all our fun memories. Specifically my wedding last week- I’d love to print the fun candid moments we caught on our phones ❀️

  • Leanne Mantle

    My sprocket pics would flood Facebook and Instagram pretty much like the rest of my pics do. But unlike the rest of my pics I could actually print them ?

  • Kylie Smith

    I started a travel journal and a journal to give to my baby when she is18. Being able to print photos straight away to stick in to these journals would be so amazing!!

  • Nayerra Said

    In my project life album or in my planner

  • Hayley Hingston

    Either in my planner or my scrapbook. They’re such a good way to reminisce good times and keep precious memories!

  • Shey Shelton

    Oh I’d have so much fun with this little beauty. Where would I put the photos? In my scrapbook albums, travellers notebooks, on the fridge, in the wallet – everywhere really ?

  • Cat Bensein

    I loveeeee photos on the fridge! I just never get around to printing them out! This little miracle device is just the thing I’ve been dreaming of ?

  • Lauren Roney

    All over the walls of our home ( like we just bought it home)and I would love to make it feel like ours with our memories all over it

  • Danni Bailey

    I would love one of these to add photos quickly and easily to my planner while Im on the go.

  • Robin Smith

    I would stick them in my journal as a reminder of all the things I am grateful for.

  • Karen

    I would love this!! I would print little photos and quotes and leave them everywhere. Pinned up at work, in my planner, on my computer, on my kids’ pin boards. What a great prize!!

  • Danii

    I would put them in my scrapbook it would make life so much easier ???

  • Leasa Mays-Brown

    I’d stick my sprocket photos on a memory board. I want to create one to showcase my beautiful family and the amazing life I have with my husband and two beautiful girls. Thanks for the opportunity πŸ™‚ xxoo

  • I am going to redecorate our bedroom and with that will come fresh clean space to put the photos. Plus we have these really boring wardrobe doors that we can’t change or replace in our room so the photos from sprocket would be perfect to go up there to jazz it all up.

  • Danielle Tassan

    Definitely add some creativity to my work office.

  • Bree

    On my sun visor in my car so when driving around i can always sneak a peak of my loves (hubby & 4 kids)

  • RenΓ©e Harwood

    Want this so bad!! Love to create a photo wall in my entry so even on the rough days the kids have a visual reminder of all the love & joy they have in their life ?

  • Bec Smith

    I’d love to jazz up my work cubicle…I’d hang my #fmspad pics to remind me to venture out and take them and enjoy the world

  • Jude

    I’d use it to wallpaper my office walls so going to work would mean I would still be surrounded by my favourite things!

  • Renee Trubai

    Love this! I’d stick the sprocket photos in the thank you notes I’m yet to send off to generous friends for my now 5 month olds.
    My 4 year old though? He’d stick them anywhere he could reach.

  • Belinda Gilgen

    I use to be a scrapbooking addict πŸ˜‰ but with three kids and full time work “scrapbooking me time” got too hard. πŸ™ I’d love to get back into it and using one of these to print off my photos would make it super quick and easy. Thank you for the opportunity. x

  • Allison Owen

    With over 20,000 photos on my phone currently I NEED this in my life. This is no joke. My poor walls haven’t had updated photos since my third bub came along 4 years ago ??

  • Tina Herak

    In my Happy Planner!!!

  • Ainslee

    On my pinboard above my desk, so when I’m cramming for Uni I can be reminded of better, happier times ??

  • Wendy

    Wow! This is so cool!! They could go on a huge canvas to hang in the family room!

  • Trudy Pinnegar

    I would love to gift this to my 15 year daughter. I’m sure she would stick her friends on her locker & school books.

  • In the kids baby books that I still haven’t filled in because I keep forgetting to print photos {yep I’m that mum}. In my defence one is only 4 months old but the other is 4 years old already, whoops!

  • Lisa N Littlies

    I would put pictures on my fridge/freezer, on my walls, on my computer desk, in my kids rooms and everywhere else imaginable. I would love to make a collage board of all my kids photos at various ages. This would be awesome for that.

  • Belinda Hynes

    I would display my sprocket photos around my house, at the houses of family and friends, in my office and in my classroom. How lovely would it be to be surrounded by loved ones and special memories wherever you go.

  • Sarah cook

    Literally everywhere! I’d also print all the photos I’m using for my first exhibition in 3 years ^_^

  • Dale Camilleri

    In my planner to use as a memory keeper πŸ™‚

  • Natalie McNamara


  • Barb Jensen

    The pics would add the extra character to my photo wall, and I’m sure my daughter will use it for her wall in her room too?

  • Rebecca Austin

    Photo-a-day/happy thoughts book. I need encouragement and more positivity so photos of things I love would be great

  • Georgia

    We’ve just got married and moved house. I’d stick photos all over the house because we’ve got bare walls everywhere at the moment! ?

  • Sally

    I’d love to win this, I am currently studying at tafe and this would help with printing photos of all the things I am doing.
    I would also love to start a wish/future board and this would be perfect.

  • Anita Rodway

    I’d love it the readily print all our day-to-day pics for our family album ❀

  • Kat

    Everywhere! Actually a collection of photos would look great covering the fridge.

  • Kat

    Everywhere! Actually a collection of photos would look great covering the fridge.

  • Kellie M

    Everywhere!!! On the fridge, in my scrapbooking albums, at my desk, my kids bedrooms…. I could go on and on! What an awesome little device, I want one. NOW!

  • Jess Moore

    I would use it to create a photo wall at my wedding. People would be able to print out their own pics on the day, stick it on the wall and help us make a masterpiece to remember the day forever. I’d then put the wall up in the house and have it as a big work of art in our first home ❀️

    • Congratulations! You’re the winner. Please let me know your postal address and I’ll get your prize to you.

    • Congratulations! You’re the winner. Please let me know your postal address and I’ll get your prize to you.

      • Jess Moore

        Thank you so much!!!!!

  • Sarah Chong

    I’d stick them everywhere! But I guess the first thing that comes to mind is sharing photos with friends and family at the gathering itself. No more waiting for photos to upload and sharing the links and teaching mom how to open them…

  • Katie Donnelly

    I would stick the photos on the back of the toilet door, so when the kids are banging on the door, I can remind myself of the good memories and forget how I can’t even have 2minutes in peace to wee.

  • Tara Jade Dunn

    I would put photo’s of me pulling silly faces and send them in my husband and kids lunch box, just for a laugh with little messages on the back

  • Kylie Embury

    My 16 year old daughter is currently redecorating her room. She would LOVE this for her 17th next month and could transform a bare wall into a wall of magical moments with the amazing photos she takes, capturing all that is good about being a teen with your life ahead of you (oh how I miss those days!)

  • Kristy Petersen

    I would stick my photos straight into my memory planner!! So need this in my life.

  • Christine Librizzi

    I would put them anywhere and everywhere! Most importantly they would be amazing to slip into hubby’s bag when he goes back to work. He works fifo 3 weeks on 1 week off so misses our little girl Alannah very much when he is away! These would make perfect little surprises for dad! ??

  • Kellie Winnell

    I would absolutely without a doubt use this for my happy planner memory keeper. I’ve seen this being used in this way and it would save me so much time and paper wasting to be able to get all my memories in my book.

    I’d also use it to print photos of my three daughters to stick and send in cards to my Ninny and Pa [nan and pop]. I used to email, but they no longer have email with getting older. These cards would give them something to look forward to as they live almost 4 hours away.

    thank you so much for the opportunity.

  • megan

    This is the greatest thing ever! These would be gracing the kitchen walls. We don’t have a printer and in fact I’m not sure my kids actually know what a real photo looks like lol.

  • Valerie Ng

    I would happily stick the Sprocket Photos on my fridge – the one thing we use every single day… and what’s life without its good memories of good times?!

  • Channy

    Definitely in my daughters room. It’s quite bare at the moment so it needs some cute stuff on the walls

  • Jillian Ives

    I’d stick them in my memory keeping journal, vision board or photo albums. I love hove easy it would be.

  • Claire

    I’m currently planning one of my darling best friend’s bridal shower and wedding as a bridesmaid, and this will be absolutely perfect for all kinds of wedding fun!

    We’re all taking photos constantly (hello dogs in flower crowns) so this is perfect to print them out for Ali (the bride-to-be) rather than have them exist only on screens.

    I’d buy one, but I’m a perpetual student, and a journalism one at that, so I’m a stranger to this thing they call ‘disposable income’.

  • Trish

    I don’t think I’d have a chance to print – my kids (7 and 5) would steal it and we’d end up with cheeky selfies or pictures of our labs all over the place! I’ve found Polaroid or sketches of them stuck to the toilet, hidden under pillows, attached to the tv, in socks, on the Christmas tree. They also like to “gift” photos of themselves to all my friends, so I imagine the photos would be all over their fridges too. I could think of worse things ☺️

  • Alexandra Navarra

    I would love to scrapbook memories in my planner and make a photo wall with the print ours

  • Stacey Bauer

    I would love to win a HP Sprocket Photo Printer. Unfortunately I take so many photos on my phone but never print them out. I want to be able to showcase all our memories with family and friends but also revisit these memories with my children as we look through our photos πŸ™‚

  • Marleisa

    These pics would look so cute hung onto a piece of string with some pegs across my living room windows.

  • Debbie Prince

    I would stick my sprocket photos everywhere in the car on the walls even on the kids

  • Nicole Tate

    I would stick them on the fridge, on cards, and on the wall.

  • laureneve

    I work part time hot-desking. (meaning I work at different desks daily).

    These little sprocket photos would mean that I can easily put them up and take them down not taking up much space and meaning I can be with my family when I’m at work!

  • Renae

    I weekly scrapbook my life in an album, and my garden in a travelers notebook so I would be sticking those all through my memory keeping projects. Want one so bad!

  • Elizabeth Brodie

    I would stick the Sprocket photos into Christmas cards to send to all out family and friends! And then I would add some to our poor excuses for photo albums! I still love having actual albums to flip through but u have been hopeless at keeping them filled! This would fix that!

  • Kellie Burke

    Everywhere. The fridge. The wall. My wallet. The bedside. Share them to friends.

  • Jane

    These are amazing – I would get my kids to stick the photos in their journals as we are about to head on a big family holiday (ipad free). I want them to write down about their days and add photos to each page. They will be making lots of memories as we are going with my parents, grandparents, my siblings and the cousins.

  • Michele McDonald

    My desk at work so I can be surrounded by photos of the people & places I love!!!

  • Jayne

    I have a wall in our living room that I keep adding memories of places we’ve visited, times spent with friends or family events we’ve been to….this would be easier than going and getting them printed. Thanks for the chance x

  • aelliott

    I would use my Sprocket in my classroom so my students can share favourite moments throughout the year. What a great way to make our classroom friendships and bond even stronger! Of course I’d need one for home as well!

  • Katt Challen

    On the notice board in the cafe I work in, photos of my beautiful customers that make each day pleasure. ?

  • Kylie Turner

    My little girl would love me to print pics of her with her late grandmother and this printer would be an awesome way to print them off my phone to make a photo board

  • Alicen Humphries

    My husband is deploying very soon with the navy, we have five kids under 7. I’ve brought them two memory boxes; one we are going to fill with things to show dad he has missed out on (like birthdays and Christmas) and the second is to be filled with our holiday memorabilia from our first ever family holiday during my husbands pre deployment leave to Queensland!
    Imagine being able to print and put straight into the boxes instead of remembering to print at the shops or order a photo book!
    This would be a game changer for us ??

  • Lea

    Everywhere, lunch boxes, fridge, in birthday cards, on birthday cards, kids walls, my walls

  • Cheree Robinson

    I’m sure it would be stolen by the tweenager and the pics would go up on her wall!

  • Taylah

    Liven up my bedroom with the faces I love be dearly! Nothing better then see the friends and family I love every time I’m in my sanctuary

  • Lou Walton

    I would stick my sprocket photo everywhere!!!! All over my house, on my fridge; heck IN my fridge! In my journal, on my kids, in my bathroom, in my car…purely cause I can & I will with this li’l beauty! Bring it!

  • Kate Upton

    My sprocket photos would frame the mirror in my wardrobe. I’d love to look at pics of my babies, friends and family whilst getting ready for the day, especially on work days when I have to leave my little tribe behind ❀️

  • Megs

    Oh love! ❀️ In all my empty picture frames I have!

  • Kate Kelly

    My second born is nearly four- I am yet to print a photo of him…. I was too busy (and overwhelmed when he was born), too tired for the next two years, then the printer ran out of ink, then we moved and the printer is still somewhere in the garage collecting dust. I do love you my son- I just need some help printing photos.

  • Marlana Butters

    We are headed over seas on a family holiday next year and I would love one of these so my 8 year old and I can put photos into our travel diaries on the day things happen instead of waiting until we get home to organise it. I’ve already been researching these little printers ?

  • Bianca Grice

    what an awesome prize as mum of 6 this would be put to good use
    I would stick all my photos all over my house that would perhaps leave some memory in my poor phone

  • Donna Hilton

    For my generation this little unit is in the realms of mystical and magical! WOW! I’d have Grandkid photos on hand everywhere I am!!! Home, hospital, holidays WHEREVER!!

  • Makisha Desborough

    All over my fridge! Also id send them to my family and friends back home SA as ive just moved to mackay queensland

  • Cheryl Mandy

    I would stick photos in my kids bedrooms so they can have friends and family surrounding them at all times!

  • Marjie Poole

    I need them on my fridge and my office at work I get moved around so much they would be perfect to come with me every office I’m moved too

  • Kate Nally

    We don’t have any photos of our 2 children hanging up, as we don’t have a printer. I have a bare wall picked out in the kitchen that I’d love to collage

  • Yvette Goss

    I would use it to print out pics of all my 2.5yr olds artwork and make a collage on the wall in her playroom.

  • Clare Combey

    Certainly some would go straight onto my scrapbooking pages (how easy!), but some would go into a glassless picture frame so I could rotate the photos over time as the kids grow.

  • Nicole Scott

    My daughter would love to put these all over her locker that has her craft stuff in it!

  • Kassi Johnsen

    I would take pictures of my daughters favourite Toys and objects and put them on display around her room

  • Emma

    I never even knew these exisited! Now I know I need one. We have finally bought our own home but its old and ugly. Photos of my loved ones will be the best decoration.

  • Kaely Jol

    I would put them in scrapbooking albums. ?

  • Gemma Trolove

    I would print photos of my son and his friends and family and hang them in his room

  • Jenni

    Anywhere and everywhere ??

  • Tracy A

    Would love to use this for photos to go in my junk journal that I made last week. Bonus photos for scrapbooking too

  • Amelia

    Since my second child was born about ten years ago I’ve barely printed a single photo I’ve taken. Since our third arrived it’s been approximately zero. No time, no energy, NO PHOTOS!!! None. Nil. Zip. I would love a little gadget in my life and I’d print all the photos of my little family and put them EVERYWHERE. (Plus we’re getting our first puppy in a few weeks so basically ditto, ditto & ditto to all of the above) ????????

  • Casey Ann

    I see a big mural on a blank wall I’ve been wondering what to do with!! Yas ? And I could keep adding to it instead of having these moments sit on my phone.

  • Megan Cameron

    I’d make a photo mobile so I could hang up our fav pics each week and change them regularly. I LOVE printed photos, we don’t do it enough anymore ❀️

  • Louella

    Our fridge is our photo/artwork gallery……and the reason why is our favourite door in the whole house! When you look at our fridge it is basically the story of our lives, there is even a 36 year old baby photo of me on there. This printer would definitely help me to add a more recent picture of myself!

  • Catriona

    I have a little wall in my study that I currently pin photos to. That’s exactly where I would put the gorgeous pics I print on the HP Sprocket! ?β™₯️?

  • Emma Sayers

    Everywhere! But most importantly to pop snaps of my gorgeous kids in an envelope and send to my Grandma – the only person I know without a computer or a mobile phone so she misses out on all my Facebook pics.

  • Taryn

    I’d sneak little pictures into the lunch boxes. Monkeys take out a sandwich – there’s a photo to remind them how loved they are & what crazy adventures they’ve been on

  • Emily Shaw

    Expecting our first Bub at the end of next month and this would be brilliant to print those special photos out for friends, family and the baby book I am making!

  • jodes_i_am

    Id decorate my bedroom walls which are currently stark naked white … With pictures of my beautiful boys

  • Mel

    I’d put pics up on my fridge or in my Travelers Notebook

  • Kristie Tatton

    Sprocket would help create social stories for my little man on the go. It’s so hard being overwhelmed by change, this would help him emotionally adjust to situations outside of his control.

  • Kari ClichΓ©

    So many uses!
    I’ve recently taken the plunge to start my own business. And i have a list of what feels like a zillion things i should print for customers. I will always handwrite my own cards with every order but so far ive been Facebook messaging customers the directions for use of the products they get.
    It would be great to print out something for them instead.
    AND for photos! Omg im a fair way out from plazas and big shops. I gift photos of my two kids every year alongside presents, and have been making a new scrapbook page each year for an album im making for my sister. Any time i print photos is a challenge cause im clueless when it comes to those machines. And the kids are always with me. Its a little bit like torture ?
    The fact that they’re also stickers is an amazing bonus! I seem to be a little challenged when it comes to glue and photos ?

  • Lisa-marie Metcalfe

    Would love to win this to help my son with his homework. Haven’t got a printer and would to make homework exciting for him because let’s face it they don’t like doing homework.

  • Jodie Westcott

    I would print some photos of my baby girl and put them in her baby book that I’m 9 months behind in filling in! Oops! Printing photos is such a hassle but with the sprocket I could do it hassle free!

  • Anna banana

    I am sick of seeing bills, ‘things to do’ lists and school notes plastered across the fridge. I would slap those pics all over the fridge; right where all good photos belong. ?

  • Vicky Stibbard

    How cool. I would print some for a gallery wall in each of the kids rooms and send some to long distance family. πŸ™‚

  • Brooke Bishop

    I would cover my boys sliding robe doors with photos of our family that we miss so much.

  • Elise

    I would make a photo board for my best friend to show my appreciation for her and our friendship. Shes been through a bit lately ❀ My walls, photo frames and fridge could definitely do with an update too!

  • Sami

    We have an empty hallway dying for some photos. I would love to go all sprocket on it and have all our little family moments covering it.

  • Tam Partridge

    A travel document on the run, love it as instant photo a quick journal and decorate later so remember and in order each time

  • Kate Dousi

    I would put them on my mirror, so when I wake up and go to work as a midwife I can see all of my friends and family cheering me on!

  • Mandy Negro

    I rent so I would make a cork board as big as my lounge room wall and add all my beautiful prints to that. It would brighten up my rental house without causing the landlord to get upset.

  • Georgie Surla

    Id keep that baby in my back pocket and share the love! Instant happy snaps from family events, friends get to gethers! Id be like a walking photobooth! Here Nan, have a copy of you and your great grandson right now! Thanks for baby sitting Mum, heres that pic you just text me!!! How swell would that be!

  • Wendy Morrison

    Oooh this would be perfect to print out photos to put in my memory planner ?

  • Mary tutchell

    I would have mine in my hand bag ready to use and show off my printer and photos where ever I go. How wonderful to have your own printer so handy to show of your memories to you friends and loved ones.

  • harmonysweetpea

    I am behind on our families last two holiday albums so I would love to play catch up quickly & easily with printing at home & adding photos with out trip memorabilia.

  • Karen Edwards

    Our fridge isn’t magnetic so I’d love to make a heart shape in photos of the kiddies

  • Merryn

    On my desk at work to see my loved ones every time I sit there.

  • Amanda Jones

    Everywhere!!! Our new home needs to be decorated with updated photos like our old home was!

  • Sarah Vink

    I am a teacher, so I would love to use this in my classroom. I’ve already started an ‘instagram’ inspired wall from all the activities and things we have done so far. This would make it ten times easier to print those photos!

  • Kimberley Belford

    My daughter would print photos out all weekend if she could , she takes some beautiful shots. I wouldn’t let her print photos out and she would hang them in her room on her motivational/ memo board.
    I love photos on my fridge to remind me daily of how lucky we are to have each other and this beautiful world around us.

  • Reen

    I’d stick them on our fridge, on the Kids’s walls, in random places to surprise people. I’d use them as cards, as bookmarks, as gift tags, as notes to those I hold near and dear.

  • Dani Newman

    My kids both have a little ‘shrine’ of their favourite things next to their beds which they look at before they go to sleep each night. These little sprocket photos would be perfect little additions featuring special family moments or favourite memories! πŸ™‚

  • Kim Lewis

    I would put them on my wall near my desk at work. It would also be great to use with the kinder kids I work with, as they could see the photos and take them home with them at the end of the day.

  • Cheryle Taladucon

    On my mirror in my room so when i look in it every day i will see something that makes me smile ?

  • Louisa Iles

    It would be perfect to get the kids to print all the photos they have on their phones! It’s always a struggle getting them to give them up for printing but I think they’d love this gadget!

  • Thea Cooper

    Since most of the photos i take are of my daughter i would stick our memories on the kitchen wall. As that is where everyone ends up.??

  • Tracey Walker

    I would put them anywhere and everywhere! My house would be covered in photos if possible! I think it’s so important to have reminders of people you love around you! I’d love to get my boys learning the importance of memories so to be able to have them use this would be awesome!!!

  • Stacey Soltwisch

    I would have a roll of sticky magnets handy and stick them all over the fridge for the kids to enjoy

  • Shellie Woodham

    I would stick them on my fridge so I can look at them every day.. What an amazing little sprocket I mean product

  • Rachel Vasta

    Everywhere ? this would be amazing for me and the kidlets

  • Linh

    In my nappy bag, so I can print photos of my daughter on the go!!

  • gaby_b

    I would stick the photos up all over my house. My kids and i recently moved into a new house after we were requested to vacate our last one, and my husband had left me. We need new photos, in our new house, of the 3 of us

  • Amanda Cullen

    I would stick them up in the spare room which i am converting to be my dialysis room. So i can see all the pics when im having my dialysis sessions

  • erin

    On my daughter’s wall. So she can see all our family adventures instead of them being away in an album (or trapped in my phone)

  • J Wilson

    Wow! I would finally print out all the photos I take on my phone! Would love to create a photo board in my empty hallway! Please pick me!

  • Mikaela Cowan

    all over the house, so it’s full of friends and family!

  • Indria Purnamasari

    I would give it as a reward for my kids when they finished everything on their plate. They will stick them on their special sticker book, which will be kept as a precious childhood memory.

  • Patti

    I’d love to take this little sprocket printer to Africa in December where I will be taking lots of photos of the beautiful people in the villages I am staying in and visiting. I would then be able to gift them the print to put in their scarce mud dwellings where often the only decoration is newspapers..if anything! I know these little pics would be treasured like gold! ❀

  • Sarah

    I’d send pics of myself with friends and post in the mail as something different. Like the old days ! ?

  • Cazz77

    On my soon to be photo wall in the kitchen where everyone can see them!

  • Cazz77

    On my soon to be photo wall in the kitchen where everyone can see them ?

  • Jenny Watson

    All over my house is filled with photos of our family. Filled with memories and good times.

  • Nicole

    I travel with my elderly mother and every trip I create a detailed travel journal documenting our adventures together. I try to leave spaces to add photos but it would be so much easier to add photos as I go using the Sprocket. These journals not only are a joy to create but will also be a real treasure to both my mother and me, as our opportunities to travel together are beginning to dwindle.

  • Cassie Russell-Pell

    I would stick some in the kids rooms and on our bedhead. I would make sure that the kods could choose their own special photos that we could print for them and create a photo montage in their room and even toy room!

  • Leah

    Would love to start a family wall for my two girls (2yrs and 1yr), especially of the grandies, aunts, uncles and cousins that live away ?

  • Mel Roehm-Kleidon

    How cute! ? I would stick them on my fridge and around my desk at work to remember what really matters when the going gets tough! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Leanne Chester

    I’d make weekly postcard and send to my mum in her nursing home over 2000km away!

  • Bronwyn Douglas

    My youngest will be turning one soon. Id print photos and make a little feature wall for her first birthday party! I’m so behind with my printing…most of my photos are somewhere in ‘the cloud’

  • Kristina

    I think this would be great for my daughters. My youngest will have her yr 6 farewell and my eldest her yr 10 formal. Make & share memories who knows where they’ll end up. Walls, mirrors wallets anywhere.

  • robertocolombi

    Notice board – it’ll look ‘Lens’-ational with all these on it!

  • Kerrie Moss

    I’d like to stick up a few in every communal area of the house, each area representing a different family holiday we’ve been on. A great way to remember the fun times!

  • Tamara Lamb

    I would send them to grandparents as we live interstate and they love hearing news of my boys! <3

  • Kathy MacKenzie

    In my office, love to dream away and look at photos when I should be working.

  • Chrissy07

    New photo board going up in the kitchen when it is finished being painted next week. Perfect place for new photos……. πŸ™‚

  • Leanne White

    Wow what a genius idea, I totally need this in my life. I’d place these photos of which I take of family anywhere and everywhere

  • Brooke

    This gadget looks amazing! I would love to print more photos, but never seem to get the chance. I have plans to create a photo board in my daughters’ room, and encourage their love of photography (which I must’ve passed on to them). This would be perfect for my little project, when they take photos they’ll be able to look at their work on the wall, rather than on a screen of a device (which we are trying to cut back on!). Great comp, thanks Fat Mum Slim x

  • Maryam Naeem

    There is one wall in my living room which is white and that I dedicated to stick my favourite photo memories. Living photos with white background create a beautiful impact and my guests love it. So the photos that I’ll take from hp sprocket will have a special place right there.

  • Lisa Abejja

    All over my gigantic double door fridge so that I see the smiling happy faces of my kids every single time i’m in the kitchen =D

  • Patricia Harkin

    On the SECOND fridge I would need to buy because the first one is already so covered in photos it is barely recognisable as a fridge. Oh well, good (but expensive) excuse for an upgrade!

  • All around the house, whatever our mood, would be good to see something different and exciting everyday, something we have randomly taken a snap of, that would make us laugh…or cry, but make our day amazing

  • Chantelle Cocks

    On my bedroom wall

  • Kelly Taylor

    On my desk at work, so I can spend my day dreaming about summertime, holidays, the beach – and telling my workmates about my fancy new HP printer!

  • laura


  • Belinda M

    On my fridge, in my purse, on my walls. I would put my sprocket photos everywhere so I could see my photos all the time

  • Mary Iliadis

    I would cover the kitchen fridge because my husband doesn’t want anything on the fridge. I will cover it with all his favourite pics.

  • Kelly Ryan

    Can see sprocket photos fighting for space on our fridge and whiteboard!

  • lexi

    This is awesome! I’d stick my sprocket photos where I can share the love with family and friends eg. cute pic on daughters lunchbox, one on my husbands desk, workmates computer, with a card for my bestie!

  • Bec D’owney

    Everywhere. There are so many holes, dirt and cracks to hide. Especially going up the stairs!

  • Gab Jelfs

    I’m a writer. I often print poetry and quotes onto my photos. To do it easily with a sprocket would be a dream! Then there’s all that unfinished scrapbooking and craft projects! And I’d love to cover my fridge/freezer with grandkids and special occassion shots! Also have a double glass top coffee table designed to hold photos that need updating. Oh there’s a million uses! Please, please, please, throw one to me! Thank you. Please!!!!! ??

  • Shannon Taheny

    My daughter has strung lines with pegs on our walls in the hallway. Those photos would look amazing hanging from those little tiny pegs

  • mavrick5

    In my mum’s room at her aged care facility we have a wall that is designated to “family”. Her grandchildren have everything from photos, to artwork to awards to special quotes of love. A HP Sprocket would allow them to be so much more creative especially with stickers. It brings so much joy to so many people.

  • Pippaj2

    Sprocket photos, I’m a fan!
    I like them, I love them, I would stick them everywhere!
    I would stick them on the fridge.
    I would stick them on a bridge.
    I will stick them on a wall.
    I will stick them on a ball.
    And in a book, and in a card,
    And on a present, and in the yard!
    I will stick them here and there,
    I will stick them EVERYWHERE ! ?

    (apologies to Dr Seuss… looks a fantastic, fun gadget!)

  • Amy

    Mum lives interstate and is always asking for copies of my family pics she sees online. I am terrible at heading off to get printed copies for her. The HP Sprocket Photo would be an ideal assistant. I would printout scrapbook ready copies to pop in an envelope and mail off anytime she asks. I could even surprise her with copies in the mail before she needs to ask!

  • Emma Louise Grech

    As we are renting, I can’t hang any photos on the wall, so my friedge is my mini photo gallery where I like to display photos of family and my growing nephew. I love to change it up a bit, so that’s where I would hang my photos!

  • lzbth531

    I’d use it to print pics and put them on the fridge and the walls.

  • Lyndel Marshall Rowe

    in the passage way where all my pics currently live,adding a little extra cuteness will be nice

  • Caroline Williams

    On my Inspiration Board. Much better than torn out pages from the magazine!

  • Elizabeth Davey

    over the kitchen cupboards to cover the old laminate and display happy family memories – a cheap way to renovate

  • Domenica

    On my work folder so I can admire my kidlets at their cutest – and by that I mean when I am romanticising them while I am at work hehehe.

    • Domenica

      I am ashamed to admit I have 6 years worth of photos to print from my 7 year old twins’ lives. Oops.

  • Leigh Gaeta

    I would love to be able to print a photo instantly to share with my foster babies parents. That way they have up to date memories of their little one and no need for a frame (which sometimes is tricky for them when they move around a lot.) It would definitely get a lot of use in our house!!!

  • JM89

    I’d use the Sprocket Printer to print photos of my son (and soon my new bubba!) for our scrapbooks and our baby book for the new bub when he/she arrives πŸ™‚

  • MicheyMoo

    What’s an amazing tool!! I’ve been trying to get better at printing my memories and moments this year an adding them to my Emma Kate “Write Your Own Adventure” planner/diary throughout the year and this great wee printer would help me stay current and up-to-date!!
    Imagine being able to print the photo you want straight away and in the PERFECT size for diary/journaling. ❀️?

  • Jeri Bee

    I would give this to my daughter who I’m sure would be sticking it everywhere from her walls, schoolbooks, even on the dog if she had a chance. She is a budding photographer, so this would be perfect, especially when all her friends sleep over and they are all glamping themselves up.

  • Nadia Wilmott Morales

    On my study wall. We have recently repainted and have nothing on there! Time to brighten the room up.

  • Nerissa Aitcheson

    I would stick them in my office on my pin board to remind me of awesome things while working

  • Gabi Agius

    This is such a great idea, thanks for sharing!! I would love one of these to add to our photo board that is growing to cover our lounge room wall!

  • Heather Provan

    Holiday photos stuck all over my suitcase! Original, personalised artwork, and I would always know which case is mine while waiting by the carousel!

  • Melanie Gale

    I would put these above my bed, and beside my bed table, capturing those perfect little moments!

  • Lillian Maher

    I would stick my sprocket photos in my bedroom, around my bed so I can see my happy memories as the last thing I see before bed, and the first when I wake up

  • Stacey Faux

    With a Sprocket in my pocket
    I could print my photos anywhere,
    I’d stick them here and stick them there,
    I’d pretty much stick them everywhere.

  • Cas

    Am about to start a new job and freaking out about my kids 11 & 13 having to get themselves ready for school & worse still hubby! Maybe I could use it to stick ‘reminder’ photos all over the place for hubby – i.e. pack lunch, brush hair, teeth…oh god. What am I doing?

  • Linda Shaw

    So keen to try these little gadgets! Pet hate is having to go to a local store to print photos out. I would deck my whole house out with these cute little images so every where you look they bring a smile to your dial xx

  • Nicki

    I’d take loads of selfies and paste them all over the inside of my nephew’s cars! (They’re 20 & 17) we love to prank each other!

  • daniela barbaro

    I’d stick them around work, careers is feeling quite bare…the kids would love to see real people pics

  • Laura Baker

    I’d stick my SPROCKET photo’s on the wall
    On my pin board and down the hall

    I’d stick them in my scrapbook
    And give them a snazzy look

    I’d put them in an envelope and send them overseas
    For family who never get to see my littlies

    I’d put them all around me
    So that I can see

    All I have to be grateful for
    My family, friends and so much more <3

  • VandaB

    On every wall of the house and every available space in my office. I would love to fill my spaces with memories, colour and inspiration.