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Oh gosh. I feel like it’s been forever since I actually sat down and wrote a proper long life-y blog post. So here I am, DOING IT. I am hoping my internet plays nice because quite frankly it’s more temperamental than my almost threenager and I would totally break up with it if I knew how.

Life lately; it’s been a whirlwind. There’s been lots of cake and way too much work. I think I wrote this is another blog post, but I’m writing it here too just to acknowledge it if only for myself. The workload I’ve been doing has been too much, so much so that my favourite type of blogging – from the heart, personal stuff – has been at the bottom of my to-do list. Well, it’s been at the TOP of the list but all the busy crap beckoned to be done and by the end of the day I had no time to just BLOG. Like I love to. The reason I’ve been working so much, is because I’ve been doing the work of 5 people; client stuff, invoicing, book-keeping, writing, freelancing, and everything else that goes with it. The good news is that I’ve joined a beautiful, supportive blogging agency who will totally take so much of that off my plate so I can just be creative, and bloody love it. That’s the stuff that makes my heart sing. Also, I’m taking the rest of the year really light on commitment-wise so I can write, write, write and take photos.

But boring stuff aside, here’s what’s happened lately…

My sister celebrated her birthday, and spent it with us. She flew up with her husband for the weekend, and we went out to my favourite restuarant, Spice Den. I also found the most amazing new cake-maker. I was so excited about seeing my sis, but was equally excited about the cake. It was raspberry with lemon curd and was just a flavour bomb.


The day after my sister’s birthday, we celebrated Lulu and my niece, T’el’s, birthdays by having a party at my house. We had face painting and a jumping castle, and a small group of their little friends. It was really special. Lulu and Lacey had been sick all week, so I was glad they were better enough to celebrate.


The theme for the party was rainbows, and it just made it easy to decorate. We picked up super cheap party stuff from Coles, with a confetti-type pattern. I went into Coles yesterday and they had an even funkier party section, so it’s worth checking out. I bought the little tables from Ikea. I had hoped to paint them white, but then realised that the kids wouldn’t care! Ha. So they stayed natural.

I bought the rainbow drink bottles from Amazon and just filled them with water. They were a big hit.


Lulu and T’el are cousins, but also best friends. They love each other so much, and I love that they’ll have each other for the rest of their lives. It’s pretty special.


I could post a million photos, but I don’t want to bore you! I will share the recipe from the cakes over the next month. Chocolate cake will be up here on my blog next week! It’s amazing.


The week after the parties, I held my very first Instagram workshop alongside my beautiful friend Rebel. The morning of the workshop we had the WORST weather. The winds were crazy, it rained, and we had a blackout. It meant no hot water, no way to do my hair, or ANYTHING. Worst of all, we had people traveling from all over Australia to attend the workshop and I wanted to show off the beautiful Gold Coast to them. I don’t think they noticed though. We were too busy learning and having fun, and enjoying MORE cake.




It was not just about the cake though, of course! We talked about how to grow Instagram, how to have fun with it, how to take more beautiful photos and more. So much more. It was 4 hours jam-packed with STUFF. We’ll be hosting more down the track so let me know if you’d like to come, or if you want us to bring it to you.


Of course Instagram Stories was released the day BEFORE the course, and we were only starting to play with it on the day but I am now obsessed with it. I love it. Have you tried it? I love mixing Snapchat with Instagram Stories.


Yeah, we’re all still kids deep down, aren’t we?

Shane and I flew down to Sydney to watch Aladdin {the musical}. It was amazing. Put it on your to-do list if you’re in Sydney or willing to travel there. I think it will run for a year. It’s got a great adult humour running through the whole thing, and is considered a musical comedy {i.e. even Shane loved it!}.

And I think that’s it. That’s life here lately.

Health-wise, things are really good {touch wood}. I mean the cake has definitely got in the way of losing weight, but I’m caked out now for a while.  I have another appointment with my blood specialist in 3 weeks and I’m hoping he says that he never wants to see me ever, ever again. I feel great, so that’s awesome.

And this Sunday we’re off to Hawaii for two weeks, so we’re SUPER excited about that. We’re leaving on Luella’s birthday so she’ll get to celebrate a day in Australia, and then because of time zones she’ll celebrate again for a whole day once we land. It’s a work trip, but they’re always jam-packed with fun… so honestly, I can’t wait.

I’m thinking of packing my sneakers and making an effort to get moving over there too. We’ll see!

Tell me about you. What’s going on with you? What’s on your mind today?





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  1. I thoroughly loved your workshop, and you aced it on the cakes! Life is loving you Chan❤️

  2. This is my favourite kind of your blog posts. Love the birthdays and the cake. Because as Julia Child says “a birthday party without cake is just a meeting.” The IG workshop looks amazeballs, please bring it to to Sydney. Pretty please. Talking of Sydney, how good was Aladdin?! I want to take hubby to see it now – he’ll be all Aladd-inspired when he gets his Aladdin medal from Disney. Huzzah for Hawaii! Have the best time evah! Do I see more Disney in your future too? Here’s to happy!

  3. Wow! You’ve certainly been busy and there was a lot of awesome cake! I’m jealous!
    Have a fantastic time in Hawaii! If you are in Waikiki (which most people do I guess) of you want some of the yummiest and cheapest chicken you have to try steak shack! It really doesn’t look great – it’s true to its name. But it’s so yummy. Get the chicken, way nicer than the steak. You get a container filled with chicken, rice and a bit of salad. Super cheap too.
    It’s next door to subway, on the beach. Facing the water it’s just to the left of the army museum near trump towers. There’s a few other shack-like places first but go up the stairs and past them, if you get to subway you’ve gone too far.

    Not quite cake, but if you get the chance look up Leonards bakery and their yummy yummy Portuguese doughnuts called malasadas. So tasty!

    Also, if you get a chance try go on one of the outrigger canoes on Waikiki beach, so much fun. Feels like you’re flying.
    Have a great time!!!

  4. Such funny filters! Yay for Hawaii, boo for no time to write, I hear you. All my writing is work stuff right now which is fine but I miss being able to write creatively and for me. Next year I think I’ll make some changes, when all 3 are in school, what a shock to the system that will be. Safe travels my lovely xx

  5. OMG you had to ask, my week this week has been horrid, I have been a prisoner in my own home, first my little boy got sick so he stayed home Mon, Tues, Wed and Today. Yesterday my little girl got it too, I haven’t left the house all week, I am going insane………….

      • Thank you, I never thought I’d say this but I missed being at work this week!
        I hope you have a wonderful trip away it sounds super amazing! I love your posts and I could really go some of that cake right now, any cake, not fussy! Happy birthday to Lu Lu hope she has the best day(s). Can’t wait to see you back over in the West, till then take care babe xxxx

  6. Oh yum the cakes look amazing. I wish someone turned up at my door today for my 21st (again) 😉 birthday with a cake like that lol. Oh well I’ll make my own gluten free cake tomorrow when I have more time. Loving the rainbow drink bottles haven’t brought from Amazon before I always find they won’t ship here.

  7. Enjoy Hawaii + Relax! You’ll have the time of your lives. It has a special place in everyones heart.

  8. I love these kind of posts. I would love to attend an instagram workshop – I definitely think I hit a few hurdles when we moved into our new house and I needed to fit new places to take photos in so that I had nice lighting. Although, I am not into snapchat or Instagram stories. I have been busy getting things ready for our new business opening in Bondi in a couple of weeks – and hoping that the gap between new business opening and baby number three arriving doesn’t get any smaller. My cousin just sent out his ‘save the dates’ for a wedding in Hawaii so I will be keen to hear about your trip.xox

  9. I love these posts of yours too, they’re a wonderful way to feel more connected! I hope you all have a blast in Hawaii! And can we talk about those rainbow cups! ? We are currently still living in our shed (going into third month) while our house is renovated and I’m hoping its done in the next 6 weeks or so as I’ve started stressing about my need to nest before baby arrives (im 26wks eith no.3 ) and thats alllll my head is filled with! That and kids that are sick, tired and emotional but are being absolute little troopers!!!

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