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Letters For My Rafiki

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Hello. If you’ve been reading my blog here for a while, you may well know about a charity that I adore, Rafiki Mwema. Apologies, because you’re about to hear about it again. Actually, I’m not really sorry. You’ll probably enjoy what I’m going to share.

A lot has happened over the past few years since I discovered Rafiki Mwema, and became an Ambassador. It’s had some huge exposure, some great funds donated, and so many supporters who have come on board to sponsor the children of Rafiki Mwema.

Rafiki Mwema is a safe house in Kenya for children who have gone through some truly traumatic stuff {too traumatic and upsetting to share here}. These children, originally only girls, are homed, supported, loved and they also have access to some really beautiful therapy, play therapy. It’s amazing to see them be rehabilitated and that fear in their eyes disappear and the smiles appear on their beautiful faces.

Rafiki Mwema has grown to house more children, built a house for their older girls {Queens!} and now is also homing boys who have only ever lived on the street. Amazing stuff is happening, and a lot of it has to do with the support you guys offer {thank you!}. If you want to throw a few coins over to help the kids, please do. Please do! You can find out more here. As always, our annual Gift Exchange will also help support Rafiki Mwema, but more on that soon.


A few years ago I started a little thing, because I know we’re not always in a position to give money, but we want to do SOMETHING. So I asked you guys to send letters to the girls. They got so many letters and stickers, and pictures, and they continue to get them. Thank you.

Now we need to also consider the boys. When my friend Sarah visited Kenya earlier this year she said the boys were totally into football and soccer and they only had ONE song to play, and they played it non-stop. It was a Justin Bieber song.

So, we got thinking – let’s spoil the boys. Lets send them mail. Lets send letters, stickers, football pictures, cards, magazines, and USBs with movies, songs and things they can enjoy. What do you think? Doesn’t it sound good?

A few things to note:

+ Don’t send anything bulky – they can’t receive big parcels without having to pay a fee – flat parcels are best
+ When filling in the custom form, mark that it has NO VALUE so it’s not stolen
+ Feel free to write letters. The letters will be shared with the children, not one in particular, so just be mindful that any age could read it {of course be appropriate!}. Don’t mention that you might like to visit them one day, because they hang on to those words.
+ Sending nothing bigger than an A5 envelope. This one below is the perfect size.


The address to send your mail to is:

Rafiki Mwema
Rafiki Boys / Rafiki Girls
PO Box 4298
Kenya East Africa

If you’re sending to the boys, just write Rafiki Boys, and if you’re writing to the girls, write Rafiki Girls.

With school holidays upon us here in Australia, I can’t think of a better heartfelt activity for the kids, to get them involved in making the life of a child in need better and more joyful.


Thank you in advance for making a difference and bringing joy to the children. You are amazing. x