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Letter to Luella: Three months

Fat Mum Slim /


Dear Luella,

Oh how I adore you. That sweet smile. Those delicious dimples. Your calm nature.

I’m not going to lie, the first few months were hard to navigate. Not as hard as with your sister, but hard nonetheless. As they are with any new baby, I guess. There were the colicky moments {and by moments I mean everyday} but we got through, and about 3 weeks ago you turned a corner. Now there are more smiles than cries, and life with you is good.

I am enjoying motherhood so much right now. I just gaze at your cuteness, adore watching you smile and begin to laugh. You like anything that is black and white, and you adore ceiling fans. In the middle of the night if you open your eyes for a moment and spot the fan in my bedroom, you’re awake smiling and happy. It might be the cutest thing ever.

Just like your sister, you’re not great at the sleeping gig. When you were about 4 weeks the midwife came to visit and I told her that I was struggling to get you to sleep at all. She told me to let you know sleep on your tummy in the day. So I did, and sleep you did. You’re great at sleeping in the day, sometimes for 3 hours at a time. At night? Notsomuch. You do just one hour stints. I love when morning breaks and the sleep battle is over for another night.

But I know it will all pass, at some stage, and you will sleep. It might not be this year, or even next, but there will be sleep.

I wish I could slow time down just a little to soak you up right now, as you are, for a little longer. You’re petite and perfect, and cute and adorable… and you’re my girl. I am so lucky.

Thank you for making me your mama.
I am so in love.
Mama. xx