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Letter to Luella: 7 {freaking} months

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luella 7 months

Dear Luella,

I wanted to write this one letter without remarking about how quickly the time is flying, or how I want time to slow down, but I just can’t. Because, please remember this, when people tell you that the time flies when your children are babies… believe them. It feels like you’ve been in my life for weeks, but here we are 7 months on and you’re, well, 7 {freaking} months old.

You are the light in my life. I love your big sister, of course, but I feel like she was my learning curve and now I know that all the stressful stuff passes so I’m just soaking you up. My work is suffering. Our home is rarely clean. But you, you are happy and I guess that’s what is important right here, right now.

You love me, which is beautiful. I love this about having babies, it’s kinda selfish but I’m all you need to be happy, really. In the same breathe, I’m so exhausted and a little bit stressed about not getting stuff done and not getting any sleep. Oh how I miss sleep. But oh how I love you.

You’re on the move. I don’t think I was ready for it. You started crawling at six months, and then quickly followed it up with climbing on everything. It scares me. You climb on EVERYTHING. You eat EVERYTHING. You’re into EVERYTHING.

We do swimming lessons. It’s something I never really wanted to do with a baby, all that singing and dancing in the water… ugh. But funnily enough, I love it. We found a great pool, with only one class at a time and the other babies and mums rock. So we’re happy. You’re going underwater now, and I’m pretty proud. You hold your breath and close your eyes.

You don’t mind the pram, but you’re happiest when I’m wearing you. I kinda love that too.

Soon I’m going to have to move you to your own room in your big cot. You’re sleeping in your bassinet still, and I’m struggling to let go. I’ve never had a baby sleep so far away from me, and moving you freaks me out. But it has to happen, as I know you’ll stand up and climb {fall} out of that bassinet and I’ll never forgive myself.

I know one day, perhaps when you’re old enough to read this, you’ll be too old for me to smother in kisses and tell you over and over and over again how much I love you. So I’m doing that lots now. I’m nuzzling into your little chubby neck and telling you I love you. And you kiss me back. Open mouth, super sloppy kisses.

Thank you for being such bliss.
I love you to the moon and back. I do.
Mama. xx

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