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Letter to Luella: 6 months old

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Dear Luella,

I watched a movie the other day, and by the time you’re old enough to read this {or more, old enough to care to read this} it will be totally old school. Perhaps you’ll call it that ‘daggy movie that mum once watched’. But I’ll tell you about it anyway.

It was called About Time. This guy was able to time travel. Nothing crazy like back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the land, just back to days in his life. It got me thinking, and I decided that if I could choose any super power then I would choose that.

Where would I travel to? The day I gave birth. The moment they put you in my arms. I’d relive the way your dad looked at me with such pride, and how love just overflowed within us. I’d also revisit now. I want to be any age; 43, 52, or 68 and come back for another day of cuddles with you.

You are the happiest baby in the world {except when you’re cranky}. You have this smile that is contagious. I can capture it in photos, I can write about it, but I’m not sure I’ll do it any justice. It’s that kinda smile.

On Saturdays I go to the markets and I wear you in the pouch, facing out. The other day I wondered why everyone kept smiling at me; Did I have toothpaste on my face? Did I wear my PJs to the markets? And then someone yelled out from across the way, “That baby is so freaking HAPPY!”

Others say that you just radiate happiness, from your little toes to the tiny blond {sometimes red} hair on your head. You are just happy.

The past month has been big for you, you eat food {avocado on toast is your favourite} and you crawl. Well, it’s more like a rendition of the worm, but you know how to get around. You don’t sleep, but ah, that too shall pass. We’ll get there.

So yes, I’d like to revisit now. I’d just cuddle you. I’d go back to to the markets and see how happy you make everyone and I’d just soak you up, which is what I’m going to do right now.

I love you Smiley. I do. Oh, how I do.
Love, Mama. xx