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Letter to Luella: 10 months old

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Dear Luella,

I’m going to try and get through writing this letter without crying. I don’t hold out much hope for that actually happening, but I will try.

I don’t know if it’s normal to feel this way, so emotional about a simple thing as a sweet, healthy baby growing, but I do. I feel like my heart is exposed and open, and ever-so-vulnerable.

I feel like I gave birth to you just yesterday, and now here you are… 10 months old {10 and 3/4 to be more precise} and nudging more towards turning one year old.

Oh-oh, here comes the lump in the throat.

With Lacey I’m sure that first year felt like 10 years, and with you it feels like 10 weeks. Can’t we stay at this age just a little longer?


I feel like we’ve hit the sweet spot. You’re sleeping, which means you’re happy. You’re independent, walking yourself where ever you want to go. You’re happy, and cheeky, and content with life. I think you like being you. I like you being you too.

You’ve been walking confidently for over a month now, which seems oddly cute because you’re still so tiny and much too small to be so mobile.


You’re into everything. If I dare leave a kitchen door ajar, you’re into it. If I leave something lying around, you’re into it. You want to be where the action is.

lulu-10months-9 lulu-10months-4

You’re so very cheeky. And so very smart. You can say “Hello Dad” and “Ball” and “Mama”. You love to dance, and sing, and play. You also like to make a mess. Lots of mess.


The other day, when I took these photos, I sat on the floor and moved around trying to capture you at this age. You laughed and kept coming to give me cuddles, so I’d hug you, and then move away to try and get more photos. Each time you kept coming back and giving me more and more cuddles, resting your head on my shoulder. You love cuddles, resting your head on the shoulder of anyone who will let you.

Yesterday you woke in the morning, and you just sat in your cot and sang to yourself for 20 minutes. You’re so special and beautiful. Yes, there are times when you’re downright cranky, and you let us know it, but for the most part you one pretty cool kid. And I love you. I love you to the moon and back little Lulu. I love you.

Love Mama. xx


  • Ahhh my ovaries are aching – she is so friggen sweet! She looks more rested than when I saw her at Otto a few months ago, I vet you feel more rested too?! Happy 10 and 3/4 Luellla, you clever little cutie! xx

  • Jenny Langmaid

    Gorgeous Letter and idea and of course beautiful daughter…the days fly but hopefully these special memories never fade!

  • melissa date

    Awww I have tears too!! My ‘baby’ is about to turn 8 and it is breaking my heart. In a blink of my eyes my 3 boys have grown so big, gorgeous and independent.

    • We wouldn’t want anything more, would we? We want them to grow into beautiful adults eventually, but if they could just slow down the process a little. x

  • Oh bless that is so sweet, she sure is quite advanced doing all those things at 10 months! My 3rd was walking at 10 months and throw himself over cot at 13 months so into a bed for him, they just grow up way too fast. x

    • Oh no, I hope she doesn’t do the cot thing. I need her to be sleeping soundly in there every night!

  • The head on the shoulder thing….. yep. Love these memories you’re creating for the little ones.

  • Teresa

    I love your letters. I need to start this now, even though they are 18 and almost 20. Your girls are so precious as all our children are.

  • Sang to herself for 20 minutes. Beautiful. Happiness is when my little ones sing.

    • Yes, she’d been sick for two weeks and was just coming out of it… I think she must have woken and realised she felt good and happy… so sung!

  • Keera

    Chantelle – these photos are simply stunning! Love your letters and this one is by far my favourite. Love Luella’s happy little eye twinkle. Enjoy those cuddles and the giggles and the singing. Just beautiful. X

  • Marney

    Waaaah!!! I totally can relate. Luella sounds like V, Happy, cuddly, and loves to be in the thick of the action. As sad as I was for Violet to turn one, it’s so lovely to see them change and grow! V now shakes her head no and say ‘Nup’. Classy 🙂 Her Dad taught her that, bless him. Congratulations Mama she’s a total babe! xxx

  • sharingmummysmagic

    Aww, that even makes my eyes well up with tears. I know the feelings of overwhelming love. When you look at them and you just want to cry because your bursting with emotions! I get it! My little man just turned 1 and he’s started to walk, it’s so dam cute. Everything about him is mind blowing-ly (i think i just made up a word) CUTE! Luella is so clever to be walking already and saying so many words. Not just a pretty face 😉

    • Awww. Thanks. Yes, it’s overwhelming love. And I think not knowing if she’s my last baby or not. You know, hanging onto to her being a baby for dear life!

  • What a lucky little thing to have these beautiful memories. She sounds like pure joy. And my 15 month old just grunts and yabbers, with a Mamma thrown in every so often. Beautiful post. xox

    • I think Luella is just trying to keep up with her sister.

      Aren’t the ‘mamas’ the cutest word they could say? Except when they’re crying, of course!

  • Sal

    Love this I think you like being you. I like you being you too.

  • So precious, she is a special little girl and lucky to have such a wonderful and loving mumma. I’m still in denial my little guy has turned one (he will be 14mths next week!) and like you I’m just loving the stage we are at now. He isn’t walking by himself yet but is happy to cruise around following his brother, myself, his daddy, the dog, a bird… well you get the picture 🙂 So glad to hear Luella is sleeping better – great work Mum x

  • Lynsey

    So very moving. And how lovely for her to look back on when she’s a big girl 🙂 Wish my mum had done this. What a fab mum you are!

    With love xx

  • Monica @lifeastyled

    What a beautiful post. She is absolutely gorgeous. I had tears reading, as I have a little girl too and she is growing too fast. Have been journaling along the way, and its just a great reminder to be thankful and to appreciate the little things in the process. Happy 10 3/4 months little one! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love this post so beautiful xx