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Thermomix recipe: Chocolate custard

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Thermomix recipe: Chocolate custardThermomix Recipe: Chocolate Custard

There’s one thing I’ve learned while doing this Thermomix challenge, and that’s that Thermomix owners are quite passionate people. They love their machines. I’m starting to get why they do, but I’m afraid I don’t think I’ll ever be that person. I’m 15 days in and I’m glad I’m using it more. I’ve made two meals that only use the machine {one was steamed chicken, vege and rice that I forgot to photograph, and another chicken and vegetable with sauce combination}. If I can learn how to do more of those types of meals each week, I’ll be happy. Because a lot of the meals I’ve made so far haven’t been particularly healthy, my own fault I know.

And this is one of those not-so-healthy meals. It’s a chocolate custard. I made it for Hubby because it’s kinda his thing. I’m a vanilla girl. This recipe is from this blog.

Thermomix recipe: Chocolate custard

Thermomix Chocolate Custard


6 squares of dark chocolate {I used leftover Easter eggs}
60g sugar
30g cornflour
1 Tbsp cocoa
700g milk
2 eggs


♥ Place the chocolate, sugar, cornflour and cocoa into the Thermomix bowl. Mix for 20 seconds at Speed 9.
♥ Add milk and eggs. Cook for 7 minutes at 90 degrees on Speed 4.
♥ Eat straight away, or chill and serve cold.

  • Lisa

    Chantelle , please don’t tell me that all your future recipes are going to be all Thermomix. Not everyone can afford a $2000 kitchen appliance. .

    • Naysie

      That’s a bit rude – she has already explained that she’s doing a month of Thermo recipes – to fall in love with it a bit more. And they are actually very affordable on interest free payment plans – you can pay less than a couple of coffee’s or other vices worth a week…. Not everyone likes to hear them being bagged!

      • Lisa

        Thanks for the explanation. I didn’t read the bit about the monthly recipes so that makes sense. I didn’t bag the Thermomix so don’t know how you read into that. Im aware how they have everyone hooked in , I have seen them in action and quite frankly I would rather payment plan an overseas holiday but that’s just me. Thanks for the clarification.

      • Thanks Naysie. You’re very sweet. x

    • Nope, as Naysie said it’s just a challenge I’m giving myself. Lots of non-Thermomix recipes coming up.

      P.S. I have never ever said that people should buy a Thermomix. I bought one thinking/hoping it would make my life easier, it hasn’t done so for me yet. This challenge {as explained here: } is to see if I can fall it love with it by using it everyday.

      Sorry for the confusion.

  • Char

    I’ve tried to love my Thermo, but I just can’t. Its a big fat waste’o’money imo. I used a slow cooker way more and that cost me $30! lol

  • Trish P

    Oh I made this today – so yumbo! Thx for sharing. I’ve had my thermomix for about 18 months and I love her so, but I just seem to do the same old things all the time. I’m loving your challenge b/c it’s getting me to do other stuff.. so thanks again. 🙂

  • skippyherron

    Thankyou for this recipe! Our family loves it warm….nomnomnom! Thanks xx

  • Alison

    Fail.. Basically I got hot chocolate .. Added more corn flour and cooked it longer..

    No luck 🙁

  • hayley

    disgusting your recipe was terrible you just humiliated yourself for posting this. We tried to sell it but everyone tasted it and said it was filthy disgusting, so we just said a lady online made the recipe up. hahaaha they hate you

  • thomas

    I hated this recipe it was a recipe for disaster. I sent it to some friends so they could try it before I even tried it and they went online and were saying how bad it was. it is horrible boooo

  • thomas

    I agree they ARE RIGHT YOU ARE MEAN

  • Gaby Yuen

    I’m going to make this recipe as soon as my Thermomix has finished making the porridge. I’m watering at the mouth already. Also, I usually don’t put my email into those initial pop ups but it was designed so nicely I couldn’t help myself. Your branding is gorgeous omg who is your designer or do you do it yourself?