January Photo-a-day Challenge

If you’re on Instagram {or Facebook or even Twitter} you may have noticed a little things doing the rounds called Photo a day challenge {with the hashtag #JANphotoaday}. Thousands of people all over the world are taking photos, using the list above as inspiration and sharing them via social media channels.

The response has been crazy, and inspiring and touching. Over 30,000 photos have been shared and it’s only day 6. Crazy!

If you haven’t yet jumped on board, feel free to start now – and either play catch-up or just do from today forward.

There are no rules when it comes to playing along. Just take a photo and share it. Use the hashtag #JANphotoaday so that others can find your photos {if sharing on Instagram or Twitter}. You can strictly follow the list, or use it as a launchpad for inspiration.

If you’ve shared on your blog, on Facebook, on Tumblr or on Flickr {or somewhere else} you can share your URL below so we can check them out.

I’ll be creating a photo-based challenge each month, so stay tuned here for the announcement for next month’s challenge. Yay!

77 thoughts on “January Photo-a-day Challenge”

  1. I started on Day 2. It's been fun! Can't wait for February's list.

    Are you going to take suggestions for next month? That would be fun too.


  2. Love love loving the prompts and the kick up the bum to take a photo every day!
    Happy to hear that you're planning on a monthly list of prompts- you are one clever chickie xx

  3. It's been so much fun, and I noticed the high numbers yesterday. So thrilled that this has really taken off! World wide? AMAZING!

    Cheering you on gorgeous girl!


  4. Am seriously LOVING this challenge. I'm playing along on Instagram. It has helped me get a bit of my creative groove back; so a HUGE Thankyou to you Chantelle!! xxx

  5. I am loving it! So much so, that I am putting a request in to hubby for a DSLR for my 30th this year. I didn't realize how much I love taking photos 🙂 thank you xxx

  6. I know.. I was actually going to email you yesterday and say that I can not believe how many people are joining in.. it's crazy!

    I am on instagram (@katie_porter) and I will post all the photos on my blog at the end of the month (growcooksew.blogspot.com)

  7. Eeek only just found out about this (yes I sometimes feel like I live in a cave)! I will join in but as it's already day 6, I may do weekly posts!

  8. I love how this has taken off worldwide! I am taking photos on instagram (@hairromance) and I was so excited to see the no of tagged photos grow exponentionally in such a short time. Love that you are going to keep it going every month x

  9. Hooray! I am so pleased you are going to do this each month. This really has been the highlight of my year so far! Thanks so much and I am so glad it has taken off so hugely. Make sure you take lots of credit for inspiring so many beautiful images. Erica xxx

  10. Thank you for putting this together, have had so much fun already taking the photo each day and checking out everyone else's. So thrilled to hear you are going to continue with it too, I look forward to being a regular participator. Have also loved watching the numbers jump each day, congratulations on creating such a hit.

  11. I asked you about this on Twitter and was going to join in but I'm just all over the place atm. So will look out for your next challenge! Enjoying everyone's photos though 🙂

    Cathy (The Camera Chronicles)

  12. Brilliant Chantelle, just brilliant! I am going to do the month's worth on my blog at the end, but am seriously loving the daily updates on Instagram. I get excited when I head to check out what is in store for the next day.

    So inspiring, thanks again Chantelle for the wonderful idea!

  13. This is a great challenge! Loving it! I added my link but forgot to put my name in and I don't know how to change it now or delete the link and start again. Sorry!

  14. Thank you so much for doing this! So much fun! I hope you are able to create a challenge for each month of 2012, it will def help with inspiration for my 366 project 🙂

  15. i'm having a great time with this challenge via instagram! thanks again so much for setting this up and i hope you don't mind but i am going to borrow your idea and post my weekly photos on a collage on my blog. i will share your challenge with my readers. thanks again!

  16. what a wonderful idea! thank you sooo much for this chantelle. I found out about this on janelle Wind's site. I know we are already the 8th but I am hoping to catch up

  17. Im excited i just happened upon this blog through one of the blogs i subscribe to! I was interested in doing 1 photo a day and am excited to have a list go go on! And am following you on instagram! im also excited to subscribe to your blog!

  18. Hi! Love love loving this photo challenge! Just discovered your list a couple of days ago via a friend on instagram so am starting to use it.
    I am posting my Photos on instagram: cristina7678 and also on my blog at http://cristinas365photos.blogspot.com
    Come check out my blog everybody and feel free to leave me any comments and thoughts!
    Thanks for the list and look forward to more lists!

  19. I am very excited about future monthly challenges – thank you!

    This will hopefully turn into my 365 day project I have been trying to get the guts to start. Thank you so much for the inspiration!!

    Instagram: @ajd287

    AJ ☺

  20. YeeHaaa it's only taken me 11 days to twig there's this group happening while I've been diligently entering every day. Great to be here, happy snapping everyone ;!)

  21. Chantelle,
    I have been participating now for about a week and have noticed something. Well, aside from the blast I am having…

    Your day 13 is my day 12. Would it be alright for me to post a day early?? I notice that people searching for day 13 only find day 12 on my blog. Just thought I'd ask! And I am NOT ready with MY tomorrow (day 13) photo yet anyway! 🙂

  22. I'm late to the party, but decided to participate after being inspired by everyone's amazing photos. Super fun idea! Thanks Chantelle for such a great idea.

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