Instax-obsessed: What I’m using, and a treat for you to win too!

Brought to you in partnership with Fujifilm.

Hello you. Today I want to talk about instant film, and tell you about the cameras I’m loving and why I’m loving them. I have been obsessed with instant film for a long time. I’ve written about it before, so I feel like I’m repeating myself {sorry if I am!}. In my 20s I had my walls covered in photos, and I now have those in albums. My fridge is covered in instant photos from my Fujifilm Instax cameras, all pegged to the doors.

I know normal people might have one camera, and that would be it. But me, well I don’t care for shoes, handbags or jewellery, but I love photography. There’s nothing that makes me happy than seeing my cameras on my desk, and being able to choose one to go snapping with. Each one has a different purpose for me.

A friend, who I’ve snapped many times, has decided she wants to get an Instax camera too – and she’s asked me a few times which one she should get. So this blog post is for her, and for anyone else that is wondering which one would suit them. Or you could be like me and just collect them!

An important tip I have, is that I always buy my film in bulk on eBay. If you were going to buy a camera and printer, then I would choose two that use the same film so that you weren’t having to buy two sizes of film. I guess that makes sense.

Now, onto the cameras. Here’s what I’ve got in my collection and why I love each of them.


This camera is the one that started my love affair with instant film. I have albums and albums filled with photos using this camera, and they are one of my best possessions. The Instax Mini 9 comes in a range of colours; light blue, pink, green, smokey white and dark blue. It’s got a selfie mirror on the front, so you can make sure you’re in the shot, and has an attachable close-up lens so you can shoot as close as 35cm. You can also adjust to whatever light situation you’re shooting in – inside, outside in full sun or even on an overcast day.

Who would love it? Well, anyone really. It’s perfect for kids, or if you’re just starting out using Instant Films. My kids also have one of these cameras, and they love them.


This is the newest camera to the Fujifilm family, and I am so in love with it. It’s taken the lead from Instagram’s little squares, and delivers a stylish, square film. The Instax SQ-6 is a smart camera – it has a bunch of really cool modes; selfie, landscape, close-up, lighten, darken, and even double exposure {for the creative types}. It comes with three coloured light covers, so that you can change the look of your picture by adding colour. Annnnnd, who can go past the retro look?

Who would love it? Of course anyone, especially stylish types. It’s perfect if you’re creative and like to explore a little bit of different functionality.


I gifted myself this for Christmas last year, and it was my loyal companion over the summer. I snapped days at the beach, Christmas celebrations and even used it to bring in the New Year. The Instax Wide lets you lighten and darken before shooting, and even has a socket to sit it on the tripod.

Who would love it? If you want something that’s a bit chunkier, and allows you to cram more stuff into a shot, this is your camera. I think it takes the most beautiful, clear shots. My fridge is covered in them, and the colours are so bright and beautiful. #obsessed


This camera is so modern. SO modern. I love the Fujifilm Instax camera range, because you take a shot, capture a memory and it’s in your hands instantly. I love that I get to take a chance on a photo, and sometimes it’s perfection, sometimes a little less so {someone has their eyes closed, or whatever} but they’re all keepers… which makes it even more fun. With this Instax SQ-10 though, you have the ability to take the photo, and check it out on the digital screen at the back, and then if it gets your approval… hit the print button. There are 10 filters to use and select from before you hit print, a macro functionality, and an option to print 4 or 9 photos onto the one film with the thumbnail print functionality. I have so much more exploring to do with this camera.

This is the back of the SQ-10.

Who would love it? The nervous Instax-er. If you don’t trust your ability to shoot and get the right shot, this takes the pressure off. But also it’s for anyone who is creative, and likes to really get into their photography. It’s a beauty!

And then there’s this little baby…


This is a favourite, and I have put it to use over the past few months. This is a little smart phone printer, which prints your photos straight from your phone on to a square Instax film. I love it because I can edit a photo in my phone {make it brighter, make it black and white or manipulate it any which way I like} and then print it.

The good news is that I have one of these babies to giveaway. One lucky person will win the Instax Share SP-3 Smart Phone Printer {valued at $299}, film {valued at $105} and accessories. It’s a HUUUUUGE prize pack. Huge. Big. And you’re going to love it.

To be in the running, I want to hear what moment in life you’d love to capture and print using the Instax Share SP-3? Leave your answer in the comment section below.

Boring bits: One entry per household. Open to Australian residents only. Competition closes on August 22nd, 2018 at midnight AEST. This is a competition based on skill, and chance plays no part in the judging process.