Instagram products: 5 ways to create goodies from the millions of photos you’ve snapped

My name is Chantelle, and I’m a TOTAL Instagram addict. You knew that though, I’ve mentioned it a gazillion times before. And I have the 1588 photos on my Instagram account to prove it. Eeek.

A while back {when I’d only taken a measly 600 photos in Instagram} I wrote a post about products you could make with the photos you’ve taken. And now, just over a year on, it’s time to look at what’s new on the market and what else we can get crafty creating with our photos. Because it seems such a waste not to do something, right?

Instagram products: Origrami


For a while now we’ve been able to get posters, t-shirts, books, mugs etc made from our Instagram photos, but what was really missing was just plain old prints. Sure, we could head down to the local camera place and fashion up some sort of printing deal, cropping them into squares… but that always seemed like such hard work to me. I can’t cut straight. Sorry. So now I’m seeing more Instagram printing services pop up, and REJOICE! HURRAY!

Meet Origrami. A printing service that delivers style. How cute is that box? And travelers will love this, if you’ve geotagged a photo, it will print a map on the back to show where you were when you took the photo. It must be love. It will also print, on the back, the date it was taken and the number of likes it received. Shipping is free worldwide. 36 photos cost AUS$19.95. Visit Origrami here.

Note: I haven’t tried this service, but will be. From the pictures it looks amazing. I’ll report back.

Instagram products: PosterCandy


This is a fun and easy way to display all {or some} of your photos in one big impact, by creating a poster with your pictures. I wrote a post on how to create a poster a while back, read it here, and unfortunately I found it really hard to get a frame to fit the print. I chopped and cropped and tried, with no success. PosterCandy posters are made to fit into standard-sized frames, particularly ones that you can pick up for cheap at Ikea. It’s an Australian company {so unfortunately they only ship to Australia and New Zealand at the moment, but they’re working on the rest of the world as we speak/type/read}. You can choose from a range of sizes, the number of photos you want to include in your poster and the background colour too {black or white}. Check them out here.

Note: I created two posters to review {courtesy of PosterCandy} and the quality is beautiful. Now to just get myself to Ikea for some frames.

Instagram products: Printstagram


Again, another simple printing service to get our lovely photos printed. These are affordable {48 small prints for $12, or a little bigger in size – 24 for $12}. Printstagram have kinda pioneered a lot of the new of the new Instagram products from the beginning. They’ve created mini books, calendars {great to create a photo a day memory at the end of the year}, framed prints, posters, miniprints and lots more. It’s exciting to see them constantly evolving their products and sites under their portfolio. Click over to visit Printstagram.

Note: I purchased a set of the small prints, and because I love having something tangible from my constant photo-taking, it was lovely to flick through my pictures with Lacey. The quality is beautiful and thick.

 photo POSTRGRAM_zpsd2774f3c.jpg


By far one of my most favourite pieces at home, is the poster that I was given by Robin of Postrgram. Last year he made a beautiful poster from all of my Instagram photos. I picked one of Lacey at the beach to be the main pictures, and then he crafted the masterpiece that now hangs in my living area. Everyone always comments on it, and can’t get over how magical it is. It’s huge. The poster itself is 44″ squared, and then I had it framed in a chunky black frame so it’s over 1 metre squared, easy. You don’t need to have taken over 1000 photos like me, you just need to have 50. Or you could even make a collage from a popular hashtag {like #FMSphotoaday} and create something that way. Prices start from $39.95. Visit Postrgram here.

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-22at81335AM_zpse84b187e.png


Now for something a little bit crafty. Print out your favourite Instagram photo at home {don’t worry the team at Instasparkle let you know what size} and insert it into your beautiful necklace. Change the photo as often as you like. They also do rings too! Visit their site here.

Do any of these products tickle your fancy? If you’re on Instagram how many photos have you taken? Addicted yet?

36 thoughts on “Instagram products: 5 ways to create goodies from the millions of photos you’ve snapped”

  1. They all look great! I already have plans in place to try Poster Candy after my Daughters wedding and have been thinking about the type of shots I want to take for that

    • Hi Donna,
      You could establish hashtags in your Instagram account so that you can easily sort and find your pictures by category.

      Here’s a suggestion for gathering and organising your daughter’s wedding photos (or any event), a lot of our customers are setting up event specific Instagram accounts where you provide the login in details with trusted family and friends. This way you can include those trusted people in gathering special images of the day. Simply change the password after the event, if you choose, so only you have access.

  2. All great ideas, though I particularly like the Postrgram. A friend recently recommended Stickygram, where you can use your photos for small soft magnets (9/sheet). Next job is to do my annual clean up of the fridge door so I can use some of them!

  3. All these products “tickle my fancy”! I’m not exactly computer savvy ( my friends will vouch for that!) but, I’m going to try them all! Wish me luck…..
    If anyone else uses any of these, I’d love to see the finished product !!

  4. I’ve been on Instagram since the day it was released for Android (slightly more than a year ago and have 896 photos. You are the inspiration for at least 365+ of them!

  5. I LOVE taking instagram photos, and all your ideas for them. I always make an effort print them out and display them, mainly on my fridge and desk at work (square frames are becoming more accessible which helps). BigW & Harveys both do the square prints and very cheap too – so I have no excuses to not constant update my walls (funnily enough theyre always photos of food).

    Life without instagram wouldnt be so pretty lol

  6. I love the Postrgram one, it just looks gorgeous! I’m getting close to 1000 photos on there now, when I get there, I’m thinking of celebrating with one of these!!

  7. I got a postgram made up as advertising of all my sock monkeys and other softies I sell at the markets – I mounted it on some thick core board and attach it to the front of an old wooden laundry trolley that I fill with my monkeys – the kids love the poster they can see all the monkeys, elephants, ponies and other softies! One little girl stood at my stall for over an hour naming all the characters in the poster – a pseudo baby sitter – her mum was able to wander off to shop without the little ‘I want’ – me on the other hand had a little helper!! IG is totally addictive & FMS photos day is the best most inspiring part of the day!
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  8. So eager to try out some of these – especially Postgram…in fact after here I’m heading straight over there!! A few months ago I purchased a box of prints from Origrami…delivery was prompt, the presentation and quality of the prints and storage box are totally cool and they have pride of place on my coffee table where they are always a great conversation piece. I too love (am obsessed) with Instagram so thanks for the recommendations Chantelle 😀

  9. Thanks for a great post Chantelle! Love the look of the postegram! I printed off a heap and did the cropping thing – with a paper slicer mind you!!! Decorated my fridge with them and made a book during the last promotion with Blurb.

  10. 16 months and 745 instagrams later? yeah, I think I’m addicted. and most of those photos are taken because of photo a day 🙂 the calendar and stickers on printstagram look so cool, a calendar from previous year’s photo a day photos would be great for next year!

  11. Hey, Printicular is another Instagram Printing app that allows you to print Instagram photos in 4×4 or 8×8 and you can even get canvas prints! 🙂

  12. Guys, here is one more service –
    This is a handy and fun service for turning your Instagram’s photos into printed pictures. All you need to do is to take a picture on your mobile, upload it into Instagram and send it to a printer with your current location hashtag.

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