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Instagram lovers: What’s your favourite filter?

Fat Mum Slim /

I’m partial to a bit of Nashville, Amaro, Rise and Sierra. What about you?

  • Lo-fi and Hefe have been my favorites lately! 🙂

  • what are the filters for? I haven't used any of the instagram filters, I am new to it and use it just for posting my pics.

    • You use the different filters to change the look of your photo. I'll do a post next week giving a run down on Instagram. x

  • amy

    Amaro and 1977 always seem to be my go to's…I did find these two apps: Instaplus and King Camera that have soooo many fun filters and they feed right into Instagram too! Obsessed!

  • may favorites are sierra and walden…although earlybird looks best on my youngest son 🙂

  • They are also so wonderful, It depends on the pic!

  • Walden and Brannan are favourites of mine.

  • I love 'Rise' and 'Valencia'. I also usually turn off the border 😉

  • I use Rise more than I realize until I look back over all my photos. “Oh, that's Rise… Rise… Rise… Ama- no, Rise…”

  • I used to go for Amaro and Walden almost exclusively. I've found myself using Nashville & Brannan a fair bit recently also

  • I loved Nashville, until one update where they changed it slightly – now RISE is my go to!

  • Early bird and Hudson are my go to filters

  • KAY

    I'm all about Walden, Brennan, Valencia and Sierra!

  • Yeah Rise is my favourite by far

  • I love Rice, Early Bird, Toaster, Nashville & 1977.
    I really just like the way they all make the photos brighter. x

  • brannon and nashville!!

  • Nashville and 1977 for sure!!!!

  • Somehow, “Rise” makes everything look so delicate and awesome.

  • This year I switch between Amaro and Rise as I like that they have no borders, I try to keep it minimal after printing them in a big poster last year, this year I'm going for a cleaner look 🙂

  • my favorites are amaro, toaster, brannan, walden, & nashville.

  • love lo-fi and rise!

  • Amaro, rise, valencia, sometimes kelvin. It was only recently that I discovered (unobservant!) that you could turn the borders off – I like hefe and x-pro II without the borders. What happened to Gotham? I'd like to see some more black and white filters.

  • Ivy

    Love Sierra!

  • Gabi

    Love earlybird and sutro

  • I love quite a few of them, it depends on what my subject is in the photo as to which one I use!

  • I'm still on the old-fashioned 3G, so I am still using the old timey filters. With that said, I enjoy Brannan, Nashville, X-Pro II, and good old Earlybird.

  • Ok, I guess I have to accept it sooner or later…I'm old and not up to date on alot of stuff. What's a instagram and what's a filter?

    • You're so cute. It's just an app for iPhone for taking and sharing photos. It's really cool. And I'm addicted. Ssshh. x

  • Rise and Sierra are my faves!

  • I used to be all about Earlybird but lately I keep using Sierra. I also like a bit of xpro II when I've captured something really bright and colourful.

  • Definitely depends of the subject, but your photos above would make a great pinterest.

  • I usually choose rise or earlybird. Even if I go through every filter I go back to those. 🙂

  • amaro, rise and sometimes valencia or earlybird. love your blog! :::

  • I like earlybird but it depends on the photo and what you want the filter to do. Sometimes the best is no filter!

  • Depends what the photo is. Earlybird is good for a romantic look, X-pro II gives great colour saturation and Brannan is a good all-rounder. It's the tilt-shift functionality that total rocks my world though 😉

  • Quite drawn to Walden. Hefe when I feel hardcore. Amaro for whimsy. Lomo is great for primary colours.

  • It kind of depends on what my photo is of. I try to mix it up a little.

  • I love nashville and earlybird 🙂

  • Yeh, I think it does sometimes depend on the photo.. but i like the ones you mentioned as well as valencia and earlybird. x

  • I tend to be using Rise a lot or Valencia at the moment but it depends on the picture – why don't I have sierra! Off to investigate. L xx

  • Earlybird and sutro fan here

  • My favorite is Valencia, mainly because it isn't so significant. Fun to see that most has commented on the other filters.

  • I seem to always use Valencia and Brannen!

  • Cat

    I'm quite partial to Earlybird, though I have been loving Amaro, Rise and Hudson since they added them. Valencia rounds out my top 5. 😉 Since I've been using IG for over a year I find that I rarely use any other iPhone photo app. I'm an IG addict!

  • Lo-fi for me! Jules x

  • I like x-pro II and earlybird. not sure why. they just always seem to be my go to's to make each photo stick out

  • It all depends on the photo, really. I like to see how the pic looks in every photo. Sometimes, though, if I trick the picture out in other apps first, I don't use a filter. This is usually the case if I use Snapseed first with a grunge filter.

  • Sierra Lo-Fi & Valencia! <3 Sometimes the photo looks better in different ones though 🙂 xx

  • Kat

    Anyone know of instagram actions?? Would love to do this off my phone too to all my pics.

  • me

    I love nashville for it's cool frame and lo-fi + x pro II.

  • I used Amaro heaps when I first started, but have decided that recently I'm a bit X-Pro obsessed myself! I also love Walden and Valencia but I think it depends on the type of photo! I don't think I've ever used Toaster now that I think about it! Thought about it a lot, but I never seem to have the right picture =)

  • 1977 and lo-fi for these choices here.

  • I like Kelvin, Nashville and Earlybird!

  • Amaro and Valencia are my go to filters. I never use Nashville and 1997, they tend to make my photos look CRAZY!

  • For me it depends on the day, but I do really miss one of the old ones that gave your photos a kind of starry quality, its name was something like celestial or something like that…

  • My fav USED to be Apollo, before they got rid of it with Instgram 2.0. What's up with that? 😛

  • Low Fi was always a favourite but Walden has gone under my radar until now I think. It is making itself known now! xxx

  • I love a bit of amaro, valencia, walden and sierra myself. Although there are some photos that just need a bit of lo-fi to make them pop!! xx

  • ALmost always Amaro!!

  • It usually depends on the picture and I tend to flip through all of them before deciding, but my favorites have been hefe, x-pro II, and lo-fi.

  • My Favorite is Amaro x

  • Rise is my usual go-to filter 🙂

  • i'm all about the earlybird. i think my statigram showed 90% earlybird last i looked 🙂

  • I use Hudson quite often.

  • I usually dislike most. After they changed the filters appearance with the last major update they all pretty much suck to me. Sorry about being negative, but I've been using for quite a while and the loss of quality is just too noticeable. Nowadays I process the images with other apps and just use Instagram to share.

  • Hudson and Sierra. I have rubbish light in my current flat so they tend to downplay the orange artificial light

  • Jan

    I think it depends on the picture, but mostly I'm using Rise and Earlybird. Of course I use Inkwell for BW 😉

  • Cherry

    I’m an earlybird lover 🙂