19 thoughts on “How to use Pinterest: a beginner’s guide to getting your pin on”

  1. I am on Pinterest and I love it. Especially quotes and breathtaking photos. It´s just so much fun! I figured it out myself back than but thanks for sharing. Can you do a “Twitter for dummies” tutorial as well?! I might need that. Does hashtags are getting the best of me! 🙂

  2. I love Pinterest. It’s like my visual notepad. I always click through to make sure I pin from the direct source, because I often use it to link back to tutorials or recipes so I prefer to actually click straight through to what I enjoyed reading and want to refer back to on a blog.

    One thing about Pinterest is though, that I wish they would have a feed that is from your own boards and then one that is from the people you follow. I find it really confusing to see other pins in amongst pins that I have pinned and it’s a complete visual overload that I can’t handle! As a consequence, I unfollowed everyone and I pin from blogs direct. I follow your blog and not your boards for that reason. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same way as me?

  3. I signed up on Pinterest a couple months ago, but have yet to learn how to use it! So this post is perfect for me, maybe now I’ll make time to actually get to know how it all works and start pinning! Thank you! 🙂

  4. Can you see who has pinned things from your site even if you’re not on Pinterest? I’d like to know (besides the few who click through, usually to images that aren’t mine but that I have credited on my blog), but I don’t think I should have to join Pinterest to do that.

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