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How Pinterest can make you happier

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Do you Pinterest? I think it’s hard to be sad when you’re pinning everything under sun, but in case you needed further reason as to why Pinterest makes you happy, then here’s a handful of reasons why.

Pinterest will make you happy because…

1. You’ll be inspired to actually cook dinner
I am so over cooking dinner. Actually it’s not so much the cooking of dinner, it’s deciding what to cook. Meal planning is getting me down. We seem to rotate between meat & three vege, spaghetti bolognaise and more meat with three vege.
Sigh. Enter Pinterest. I can spend minutes being inspired by things like baked potato soup, spinach, mushroom & pesto lasagna and stuffed zucchini boats. Just try not to get distracted by the sweet treats like Nutella pudding.

2. You can travel anywhere, without spending a cent
Ever have the day from hell and just want to runaway? I have. Sometimes I want to run to bed and other days I want to run to Paris, or the Maldives but mostly Disney World. You can take a mini-break while you munch on your cheese sandwich over lunch by browsing beautiful places on Pinterest. If today goes downhill, I’ll escape to Cancun.

3. You can make something from scratch, and actually finish them
I’m not a big DIYer. I like to try, but I rarely see things through to the end. I mostly end up gluing my fingers together {yes, I have seriously done this in a bad way}, and getting overwhelmed by the task. I’ve discovered the easiest {glue-free!} DIYs on Pinterest: paint dipped wooden utensils, heart-shaped eggs and cherry blossom art.

4. You can score free {fab} stationery
Are you a fellow stationery lover? Is your personal motto – ‘if it’s for free, it’s for me’? OK, that’s Hubby’s line but let’s steal it. I love collecting free printables and adding them to my board, more than I should probably admit. Some people are so talented and so sharing. Grab your freebies here.

5. You can pick yourself up with some quick-fix inspiration
I’m a crazed lover of quotes and inspirational words. Almost annoyingly addicted to them, actually. Pinterest is a mecca for words that makes me smile. And really it’s hard to be unhappy when you’re so inspired, right?

What are your favourite things to pin? Feel free to leave a link to your boards in the comments. You can see mine here.