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I am imperfect

Fat Mum Slim /

I am imperfect.
My hair is too blonde + neglected.
I never make my bed {unless someone is coming to visit, or Hubby does it}.
I prefer soft white bread over grainy good-for-you stuff.
I also like bacon with my eggs.
I don’t get enough sleep.
I’m hopeless with grammar.
I get super cranky for a week every month {go figure}.
I haven’t vacuumed for over a week {okay, and a half}.
I haven’t worn my wedding rings since Lacey was born. They don’t fit.
Instead I wear a $7 one I got on eBay.
My car has an odd smell.
I can’t park our car in our tiny garage.
I like to juggle twenty balls at once.
I get distracted easily. Very easily.
Sometimes I pretend I’m listening. But I’m not.
My inbox currently has 14813 unread emails.
I had my eyebrows done at a cheap salon near home.
I’ve been growing them out ever since.
I often lose my patience. Sometimes I cry.
I let the F word slip, sometimes. Okay, more than that.

I am imperfect. And that’s okay. I like myself all the same.

To all the women out there, happy International Women’s Day. Celebrate being you.

What makes you imperfect?