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Hello you. How are ya?

Every now and again I like to do a post to say hello. Hello to those of you who are new, and those of you who are now part of the furniture. I’m glad you’re here.

I’m Chantelle. I’m 36 {almost thirty-flipping-seven}, but for some reason I’m still stuck at 23. Maybe that’s a good thing.

I have two girls, Lacey and Luella… except don’t dare call Luella that. She prefers Lulu and doesn’t like her real name. I have a pretty freaking awesome husband, who could probably win husband of the year cos he does things like vacuum, cook dinners, laundry and always makes the bed. To be honest though, he does all those good things but we’re very much equals in our relationship and I like that everything is shared. I like that.

I like sunny days {but not too sunny}. I like vegemite on toast, and scones with jam and cream. I love making people smile. I like being organised, but I’m probably more chaotic than organised most of the time. I like laughing so much my stomach hurts {a million times better than crunches, riiiight?}. I like my own company, and crave it like crazy often. I like trying new things, even though they generally scare the bejeezus out of me.

I also like chatting to people, just like you.

So tell me about you. What’s your name, and one thing you like?


  • Pat68

    I’m Pat Pope and I live in the U.S. Like you, I like my own company too and crave it like crazy. Fortunately, after caring for my mother for 3.5 years, I now have the time and space that I crave and it’s been so refreshing and invigorating.

  • Erin Strike

    The thing about Lulu’s name cracks me up! My daughters name is Genevieve but most of the time she gets Evie. When I was signing her up for preschool I asked her which name she would prefer to be called, her response “Sparkly Unicorn!” In saying that though as a kid I desperately wanted to be called Punky!

    • Well, now I want to be called Sparkly Unicorn too. I can imagine it on business cards and everything!

  • Cat Harper

    Hi Chantelle…you already “know” me but what you may not have caught on in the past year is that I now have an amazing job in an art museum! How perfect for an artist, right? What is better is that I now run the Museum Store and am encouraged to have my OWN work IN the store for sale! Ah-Mazing. So that’s my teeny update. Sending much love your way all the way from Monterey, California!

  • KK

    I live in Texas & I have followed you on FB for a few years. I love your posts & I did the “photo a month” challenge for awhile and still enjoy it!
    I just had to share a big “thank you” to for sharing your blog “Not So Invisible”! I promise you reading that changed my life. I never thought anyone else felt the same way I did, and you put all those thoughts & feelings into such realistic words. I think of that blog pretty much daily, I re-read it often and have shared it with people close to me. It has made a big difference & I appreciate you being so transparent & real. ❤️

  • Hello! We have “hello’d” online before! LOVING the new look blog! A new thing you may not know about me – I finished my nursing degree (after three long years of FT study!), and got a Graduate year at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital! i LOVE it – more than I could ever imagine! xx

  • Sarah

    Hello, I am Sarah a 34 year old mum to a beautiful 14 (almost 15) year old daughter. I work with special needs children in a mainstream middle/high school and love the challenges I can face on any given day. One of my two favorite pass times is to cook lots of food and read fantasy novels.

  • Kaye Sayer-Mayers

    Hello, I’m Kaye from Hastings, UK. I’m 54 and a mature student studying a Photography Degree at University of Brighton – I’m just about to finish my second year. It’s never too late to learn if you didn’t do it the first time around. My girls are Amber 20 and Cleo 17.

  • budgetjan

    Hi, My name is Jan (it’s not short for anything). I love travel blogging and the interaction it brings with readers and other bloggers. 🙂

  • Heidi D

    Hi, I’m Heidi, I’m 48 & have been married 25 years. I have been a foster mum for 21 years. I have a 14 year old daughter that joined our family when she was 6 months old, lots of other children have been a part of our family for varying amounts of time over the years. I love the beach, chocolate & pigs ?

  • Tabitha Moses

    Hello, I’m Tabitha (pronounced with a long i). I’m 43 and have been married to my hottie husband for nearly 20 years. We have 3 cool kids who keep us on our toes. Our current situation is in Whispering Pines, North Carolina, USA. Being a military family we move frequently. I LOVE pineapples! They are the universal sign of hospitality. I love people and spending time with friends which is why I love pineapples! Just a bonus that they happen to be delicious?.

    • Denise Blust Vermillion

      I love pineapples too! Everyone always looks at me funny when I tell them about the welcome. I found a pretty gold pineapple container with a candle for my daughter when she moved out recently and told her about pineapples – she loves it!

      • Tabitha Moses

        Hi, Denise! Nice to find a kindred spirit! My home is full of pineapples! My kids’ friends come in and try to find and count them all? I used to buy unusual ones myself but my fondness for them Is well known so my pineapples come from friends now. Which I love even more because when I see them it brings the giver to mind. I’m sure your daughter will think of you each time she sees your gift?

  • Felicity Smith

    Hi I’m Felicity, I’m 43 (but feel 27). I am originally from Wellington NZ but spent many years in Scotland where I met my hubby. Back in Napier in New Zealand now for a slower pace of life.

  • naenazy

    Hi Chantelle, I am Renae and we used to socialise occasionally many moons we have mutual friend Belinda. I think the last time you gave me a lift and that was about 10 years ago! i have 3 children 9,8, and am a social Newcastle… love to read..

  • Denise Blust Vermillion

    I’m Denise, I am 52 and live in San Diego, CA. I found you on Blog Lovin’ a couple of years ago I think. I like to travel, love it in fact! I own my own company as well, but I’m looking to retire in the next few years and do something else, and much more fun, with my life.

  • alexandra lopes

    Hi Girl 😉 I’m Alexandra from Portugal. I enjoy so much your photo challenge.I like to cook, and now i’m searching new vegan raw recipes , it’s incredible how different and very taste healthy food can be :). I live near atlantic ocean, so I go swiming very often in beach. Love you

  • I’m 36 too. My name is Stacia, sounded out like stay-sha. I live in San Diego, CA with my family. My baby girl is 9months old and my son is 16. Living the #fitmomlife. I love sunny places also but not too hot. But hot enough to jump in the ocean.