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Hello you. How are ya?

Every now and again I like to do a post to say hello. Hello to those of you who are new, and those of you who are now part of the furniture. I’m glad you’re here.

I’m Chantelle. I’m 36 {almost thirty-flipping-seven}, but for some reason I’m still stuck at 23. Maybe that’s a good thing.

I have two girls, Lacey and Luella… except don’t dare call Luella that. She prefers Lulu and doesn’t like her real name. I have a pretty freaking awesome husband, who could probably win husband of the year cos he does things like vacuum, cook dinners, laundry and always makes the bed. To be honest though, he does all those good things but we’re very much equals in our relationship and I like that everything is shared. I like that.

I like sunny days {but not too sunny}. I like vegemite on toast, and scones with jam and cream. I love making people smile. I like being organised, but I’m probably more chaotic than organised most of the time. I like laughing so much my stomach hurts {a million times better than crunches, riiiight?}. I like my own company, and crave it like crazy often. I like trying new things, even though they generally scare the bejeezus out of me.

I also like chatting to people, just like you.

So tell me about you. What’s your name, and one thing you like?