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The Gift Of A Sister

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Brought to you by My Little Pony.

As we drove along, mum at the wheel, my sisters and I fought. I’m sure it was like any other family around Australia. It didn’t matter how long the trip was, it could be just to the corner store, or the regular three hour trip we made to Sydney to visit my Nanna. The radio played, the wind in our hair {because air conditioning was a luxury in cars back then}, us four kids all packed in together.

“You’re on my side!” one of us would bellow when the other had crept a little too far into the other’s territory. “You touched me!” the other would scream in retaliation. It was the usual sibling stuff.

My girls have suddenly reached that beautiful age where they’ve started to do the same, and I’m that mum at the steering wheel trying to referee the petty arguments in the back seat. The disagreements are fleeting, but all consuming. You know you’ve reached your peak parenting moment when you’ve got one child complaining, “She looked at me!” and the next thing is you’re begging both children to not look at each other for at least two minutes, PLEASE.

Those moments are fleeting though, and the good outweighs those little speed-humps. For me, there’s no greater gift than the gift of a sister. When I was pregnant with Lulu people often told me that they hoped it was a boy I was carrying, so that I could have the perfect pigeon pair. I just hoped for a healthy baby, and secretly knew it would be a girl, and was excited that Lacey would be given that great gift of a little sister, and a friend for life.

I loved having sisters {and my brother too, of course!} growing up. It was awesome always having someone to play with, to create with, and to make up silly dances with too, of course. I love that we got to make all the silly memories together, unaware that we’d be laughing about them and reliving them so many decades later.

I love knowing that my daughters will always have a very special bond. Theyโ€™ll make their own little friends in life, but theyโ€™ll always come back to each other. They’ll be each others protectors, confidants, nurturers, carers and truth-tellers {because there is no one better to tell you how it really is than a sister, right?}.

I feel lucky. Lucky to have two of my own beautiful sisters who I adore and call my best friends. Lucky to also be a mum to my own two girls. I feel like I got the best of both worlds.

Looking back to all of those car rides we took as kids, arguing about sides and sitting too close to each other, I know that it was all true. My sisters are on my side, and they have touched my heart… and I am grateful for that. Always. There’s nothing better than the gift of a sister.

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What’s your special bond with your sister?





  • Ashley

    I’m an only child and watching my 2 daughters grow up together is very special. They also have a great bond with their brothers but there is something about sisters that is really magical ๐Ÿ’—

  • I have two older brothers so as the youngest unfortunately didn’t get to have a big or little sister to play and grow up with. Brothers are a different kettle of fish! They liked to stir, and pick on me.

    Now that I am older, and a Mother of two girls, I wish I had a sister growing up. My eldest (8.5) whinges about her little sister, and often says “stop looking at me”, or “stop annoying me” to her younger sister. I often remind them that they are lucky to have each other, and that they are each other’s best friends (which my eldest of course replies “I’m not her best friend”), maybe that ‘ll change in years to come. I can only hope that they’ll have a close relationship with each other, and will be there for each other later in life. At this moment I love watching them play together, especially when they play with my youngests my little ponies. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Samantha

    I have two daughters 2 years apart and its an absolute blessing. They are exactly like described above fighting and egging each other on over silly things, but the bond that they have with each other is so strong. Sometimes i find one daughter who has snuck into the other sister’s bed and their in bed asleep cuddling. Other times they are making performances for my husband and i to watch. All these beautiful memories their making โค Sister bond is unbreakable. I cannot wait to see their relationship blossom more as they grow ๐Ÿ˜Š