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How To Get Winter-Ready

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Over the weekend I noticed that the mornings were a little chillier than normal, meaning that I wasn’t breaking a sweat by 8am like I normally am because HUMIDITY… and I got completely prematurely excited and wore jeans. I’ve been dying to wear jeans because this past summer has been a particularly harsh, and frizzy-haired one {again, HUMIDITY}, and the lure of winter has excited me, very much so.

As I mentioned it was totally premature, I jumped the gun, and had stripped them off by noon and was back wearing a light-weight dress like every other day of summer. Oh, how I want winter to be here. I crave winter each summer, and then when it arrives I remember that a) the cold actually isn’t that much fun, and b) with winter comes all those nasty flus and bugs and things. Ugh. But still, I’m excited about a cooler change, jeans and no humidity. I am.



Well, I’m sure they know how to cough, but there’s a proper way to cough and it’s worth knowing. Instead of coughing into their hands, like it feels natural to do and is the best way to spread ALL the germs. Get them to cough into their elbow instead. Try it yourself too.


Sadly around 3500 Australians die every year from the flu. It’s too many people, and it’s devastating. It’s important for people, especially the elderly, pregnant women, kids with respiratory problems, get the shot. Here’s more info over on the Bupa Blue Room on the flu shot and who needs it.


I’m guilty of this one. As soon as the weather cools down, I’ve got my jeans on, or maybe even my tracksuit pants and I’m all about the chillout, and cosy up. Winter is perfect for doing nothing. Not this year – I’ve paid for my yearly gym membership and I’m committed. Create your own plan to keep moving through the cooler months.


Veggies keep you healthy, and you might want to swap from salads to more warm, delicious options. Think soups, roast veggie salads and even bakes. Yum.


Get a good sleep is part of being healthy, and staying healthy. Here’s 5 ways you can sleep better tonight.


I have an equal love for jeans and soup, so this is another one I get a little bit excited about. There’s nothing like lunchtime rolling around, and knowing that you’ve got a bowl of soup waiting for you to tuck into. I’m not fussy when it comes to which soup I like best, but this slow cooker chicken one is awesome, and this potato and leek one is pretty brilliant too. Have a Sunday soup-making session. Stock up the freezer and get ready for the soup season.


This one is totally frivilous and unecessary, but a must-do all the same. Buy the boots. Nab some winter boots, because you can. I’m going for these ones.

What’s the Make Life Good Challenge? It’s a collaboration between Fat Mum Slim and Bupa to make life better, healthier and happier. Over the year we’ll tackle 52 easy challenges to make life more awesome. Read more about the challenge here, and join us on Facebook here {we’ve got an amazing, inspiring and supportive group!}.

  • Laura

    I taught kindergarten, and we called the coughing into the elbow “the Dracula” because it looked like a vampire pulling his/her cape over his/her face. The kids loved it! 🙂

  • I love winter – beanie wearing weather, chicken soup making weather and boots buying weather! Plus, it’s so cool, I don’t have to wake up at silly o’clock to beat the heat and run outside!

  • Barb N

    .. I love the cooler weather as we go into Autumn and head towards winter …. but I do hate the bone-chilling cold and the wet, dingy,dampness of full on winter…. definitely beanies, soup, heaters and scarf time .. xxxxxx
    I like your check list… we always get a flu shot … and we all LOVE soup ….
    ….. Barb xxxxx

    • Yes, true. I know when winter comes I’ll be crying for summer… but right now, I wanna be cold for a little while! 😉

  • Jo Alexander-Wynne

    I love love love winter!!! Scarves and boots and cute beanies… love it all!!