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IMG_7176Over dinner last night Hubby and I were talking about how quickly these past {almost} 6 months have passed. One minute we had a newborn and we were walking out of the hospital, and the next we’ve got a grown, wriggly baby on our hands. The times has really flown. I know I talk about this a lot, but the speed at which children grow makes me slightly anxious. I wish I had a pause button. I really do.

I’ve wanted to write a post for a while, about a little horn-tooting. From the very beginning I’ve shared how much I wanted to breastfeed, and how difficult it is for me. I will admit, there were times I almost gave up. I’ve had so many people close to me tell me to give in, that it’s too hard on me and that I should just stop breastfeeding {it came from a good place}. In the early days I’d have regular midwife appointments, I pumped a lot, I even took up to 24 tablets and vitamins {yes, I think I rattled when I walked!} to make my supply increase enough, and of course I supplement formula fed as well. But here I am, 6 months later, still breastfeeding Luella. I’m proud that I did it. For me, it was worth all that effort.

And now we’ve moved onto another food source; real food. I love this stage. All that mess, the little face she makes when she tries a new food, the way the food goes in and comes straight back out, her enthusiasm when she really likes something {rice cereal and apple = winning}.


Tommee Tippee has been with me before Luella arrived, supported me through my breastfeeding journey and again now as we move onto solids. I’m not gonna lie, I love these guys. Of course the products, because they just work and make sense, but the people behind the brand as well, because they’re really good people.

Myself and Tommee Tippee wanted to do something a little fun to celebrate this milestone in my parenting {and Luella’s life too!} so we thought a sweet photo competition would be a great way to do it. You might remember the one we ran in the past {see it here}, this time we’re going to go a little bigger, and that means MORE prizes. Yahooo!

TT-COMP-final 2

All you have to do is share a photo each day {or just once, up to you} according to the prompt. So starting today you’d share a photo of fun, and then tomorrow you’d share something you do everyday, and so on.

Each day there is a Tommee Tippee prize pack up for grabs, filled with goodies perfect for bub. It includes:

♥ Tommee Tippee® Food Processor
♥ Tommee Tippee® discovera® Trainer Beaker
♥ Tommee Tippee® discovera® Training Cup
♥ Tommee Tippee® discovera® Two-Stage Drinker
♥ Tommee Tippee® Heat Sensor Weaning Spoons 4pk
♥ Tommee Tippee® Stickee Bowl
♥ Tommee Tippee® Roll ”n” Go Bib 2pk

So grab your phone/camera and start taking photos. Share them to Instagram {or here in the comments if you don’t have Instagram} and add the hashtag #TommeeTippeeMamaMoment to be in the running.

I’ll announce the winners back here each morning, so pop back and check.

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Open to Australian residents only.
Share as many photos per day as you please.
Competition closes at the end of each day at midnight.


Day 1:


Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6:

Day 7:

Congratulations everyone! x

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  • Charlotte Cornes

    Sounds great. I adore tommee tippee products, particularly there sippy cups. 🙂

  • sapna

    I posted two photographs on instagram for today’s prompt….. do we have to post only one per day??

  • Bel

    No Instagram account here…
    FUN – Here’s my boy bouncing up and down on Brutus the bull whilst tapping over his mouth making noises like he’s an Indian!

  • Engaging Women

    Funny, was talking about a “pause button” just today. I’m new to all this (obviously been living under a rock) but look forward to giving it a go.

  • JessieV123

    Can’t wait to see the winning picture for day 2! Loving the shots! 🙂

  • JessieV123

    Is there a winner for day 2 yet?? 🙂

  • Sarah S

    #mess #TommeeTippeeMamaMoment

  • Belinda

    Friday – Fruit …. My daughter enjoying her banana…. 🙂 #TommeeTippeeMamaMoment

  • Rebecca Swadling

    My girls were disappointed I wouldnt let them eat chillies from poppies garden after I told them they are fruit and not vegetables

    • Are they fruit, are they? {I guess, because of the seeds?}. x

      • Rebecca Swadling

        Botanically any structure formed from the ovary of a flower containing seeds of a plant is a fruit but I guess its prob more known as a veg

  • ClaireChev

    This is so much fun! Thanks for this photo a day list… It makes me appreciate all my photos looking back 🙂
    Can’t wait to see more winners!

  • Kell Kelly

    Thank you so much for choosing my daughter as the winner of ‘mess’! She loves making mess almost as much as she loves her food!