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Fun, Fresh Printable Daily Planner {A Guest Post By Patchwork Cactus}

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Hey guys,

Babs here from Patchwork Cactus blog.

I just wanted to drop by my favourite blog ever* to share my latest printable – because I thought you guys would really like it.

This daily planner is inspired by all of the reading (and writing) I do on happiness, organisation and self-care. I actually made it for my own use – I wasn’t really intending on sharing it. But then I was like, oh… other people may actually want this.

What’s my story?

I have been a mum now for 7 years and for that entire time I have been writing and blogging about motherhood and creativity in a bunch of different online and print places.

I have thought LONG and hard about all things parenting, but in the past few years I have zeroed in on what sort of stuff we (as mums) should be doing to look after ourselves. And I have become a tad obsessed.

Any time I meet a new mum I just want to tell her this one thing. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO SET YOURSELF ON FIRE TO KEEP OTHER PEOPLE WARM.

But I don’t because that would be presuming that a) she doesn’t already know that and b) she wants advice from the creeper who is doe-eying her belly.

But, I digress. I really wanted to create a daily planner that could remind me to be aware of my moods and also, to go hard, but in a sustainable way.

I wanted it to encourage myself to consciously set my intentions and actually pay attention to how I was moving through my day (stomping or strutting?) so I could choose ‘happier.’ (Not to be confused with choosing ‘happy’ which is a MUCH bigger thang.) I also wanted a space in my planner where I could note what I didn’t want to do today. (spend time on Facebook, be cranky with the kids, go to bed with a messy house etc).

So with all of that said, I hope you enjoy this cute printable planner. There are two sizes – A3 and whatever half of A3 is called.

I like the little one because it fits in my diary but you can use either.

Click here to download them BIG or SMALL.

Thanks so much for having me Chantelle.

*Actually, my blog is my fave, but this one is my 2nd fave.