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Food with friends: Easy spinach cob dip

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Easy spinach cob dip

I’m a creature of habit. When friends come around I prefer to go the easy route over fancy, because most of the time friends are over to enjoy my {exquisite, ha!} company and not-so-much the food. So usually I’ll go with things I’ve made before, or uncomplicated recipes that aren’t likely to flop on the big night.

I’ve made this cob dip a heap of times before. I got the recipe from a friend when I was about 18. I’ve been making it the same way for all these years until I went to that friend’s house recently and they made it… and it turned out that I’d been making it wrong. Wrong or right, they’re both delicious. I’ll share the right way today, because it’s the easiest… and in the notes below I’ll put the wrong way in case you want to make it like I have for oh, you know, the past decade and a bit!

Easy spinach cob dip


One cob loaf
1 tub of light sour cream {500g}
1 packet of chopped frozen spinach, thawed {around 250g}
1 packet of Spring Vegetable soup {I use this one}


♥ Cut the top off the cob loaf. Usually it’ll be about a third of the cob, but use your own judgement. You just want to make sure there’s enough of the cob left in the bottom to fill with dip. Scoop out the insides and break into chunks. Do the same with the lid.
♥ In a jug or bowl mix the sour cream, spinach and soup mix. Pour into the cob. Serve on a platter, and eat by dunking the bits of bread into the dip. No double-dipping allowed.

Note: So, for the past however-many years I’ve been serving this as a warm dip. I used to put all the dip ingredients into a small pot and mix to combine. Then I’d put into the cob, cover with grated cheese and place in the oven. It’s nice like this for winter, but does take a little longer. Maybe try both…

When is the last time you had friends over for a bite to eat? What did you make? Just quietly I bought some quiches from the bakery and made some salads, and a cake. You?