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A very eclectic Christmas: How I styled our Chrissy lunch

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Brought to you by Coles.


I take Christmas very, VERY seriously. Well, actually seriously probably isn’t the right word, I take it very enthusiastically. I’m all about the planning and the dreaming and the food {because you do know it has no calories around Christmas time, riiiiight?}

I mentioned last month that we did Christmas a little early this year, because new babies were a-coming {yay!} and it’s nice to take a moment to celebrate in the calm before the chaos of Christmas begins. Oh, and Coles asked me to celebrate on them this year, so celebrate on them we did.

Today I’m going to share how I styled it up for Christmas 2014.

I think of Christmas as the ideal opportunity to be all fancy and stuff {I pretend that I’m Oprah. I don’t know. Perhaps because I’m obsessed and a little bit not-normal}. I pick a theme and I go hard. My theme was eclectic and white. I don’t like my dinner plates to match, and I certainly don’t want my cutlery to either. I think that’s more fun.

If you venture into your local Coles you’ll see that they have an array of Christmas-y decorations. I grabbed three of the ceramic reindeers {they also come in silver}, filled little vases with white flowers from my favourite florist up the coast, grabbed the fancy crackers {the ones with the good toys}, a few Christmas plates from Freedom, and sweet little tree lights from Coles as well {I took all that was left at my local Coles, so if you want them I’d go now and grab them. Not right now. Finish reading the post first}. There are more decorations than you can poke a stick at, including Advent calendars {fancy ones!}, stylish wooden Christmas trees, wooden blocks that say peace… I could go on and on, but just pop in for a look-see next time you’re near a Coles.

We also have a tradition at Christmas time. For each table setting we put a little jar of each person’s favourite chocolate or lolly. My brother-in-law loves white chocolate, so this was his place. The little jars were $1 at my local bargain shop.


The lightbox is from Typo. My Ma and Lacey had a little tiff over what to write. I think Ma won. The reindeer is the same as mentioned above.


And after much deliberation, and asking everyone on Facebook we decided not to do a big Christmas tree this year, as a certain little person {ahem, Lulu} likes to grab and pull and I just know that she would drive me batty by the time the New Year rolled around. I let Lacey pick all the decorations {all from Coles}. I was watching Instagram over that weekend and noticed that Billy Law was decorating with the same stuff as me. Twins.


And that is how Christmas went down. Fancy! I’ll be writing a post on all the details of the food in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


Coles are giving one lucky person $1000 to spend in store. You can splurge on decorations, or groceries or whatever you please {we won’t check up on you}. All you have to do is head over to Instagram or Facebook and upload a photo of what you want more of this Christmas {I’m thinking swimming, kicking back with a glass of wine, play with the kids, sleeping…}, and add the hashtag #ColesMoreChristmas and tag me as well, @fatmumslim. Alternatively if you don’t use Instagram, just share a photo on my Facebook wall with the hashtag #ColesMoreChristmas. The competition closes on December 20 at midnight, and there is only one entry per person. Get snapping!

  • So beautiful! I haven’t had a turn at hosting Christmas yet…how wrong is that? One day soon hopefully it’ll be mine turn and it’s going to be the biggest Christmas EVER! Yay!!!

  • What great decorations! I love those plates and the mis-matched cutlery looks great! Those white reindeer are too cute! Great job!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  • Perfectly beautiful! Adore the eat, drink and be merry plates. x

  • I love what you’ve done – really like the Eat, Drink & Be Merry plates!

  • I love your decorating, so me. I have to get into Coles pronto 🙂

  • I love the little tree lights, I’m going to have to keep my eye out for them at Coles. Hopefully someone hasn’t cleaned them out at my local one. We went for a small tree this year too because we also have a toddler who loves to pull stuff over

  • Done! Need SO badly. Fingers crossed!!! <3

  • Oh this just oozes Christmas and makes me wish you would adopt me! It all looks magical. So pray do tell, what candy did you have in your jar?

  • Looks very eclectic and perfect for an Australian Christmas meal Chantelle. You certainly achieved your objective. I’m sure your dinner plates enjoyed their role in the beautiful place settings you created. Thoughtful idea to provide personal favourite treats for each person. Coles are very generous sponsors of this prize, one which will make a difference to one family.

  • Good idea not to stress yourself out about a tree! Can’t wait to enter this – I could do with a cool grand x

  • Those reindeer, plates & cups are gorgeous!

  • Looove it!!! And those reindeers 🙂 are so cute!

  • Gorgeous! I wish my OCD would let me mix and match like that! It looks great! Love those plates, I bought the teal ones for our Xmas Eve dinner but am scared someone will break one!

  • I actually had no idea coles had such cute Christmas decor! x