Eat: Lemonade Scones

I’ve made scones with same recipe ever since I left home. I make it up as I go along. A few cups of self-raising flour, some icing sugar and some cream. I took the leap recently and made lemonade scones, and it paid off. These were delicious. Fluffy. Warm. Lovely. Delicious. I asked Hubby to pass me the recipe so I could write up this post and as he did he said, “This one’s a keeper!”

And it is. Even little Lacey approved. We won’t be going back to my old faithful recipe. These are a winner. x



30 thoughts on “Eat: Lemonade Scones”

  1. My friend Vonny makes these on her way to visit us, so I have never made them, only eaten them…..they are good. (And I love the way you have the recipe over the photos. Lovely.)

  2. Very, very similar to my recipe… YUM! Thanks for sharing your 'secret' recipe (and for your motherhood article over at Maxabella Loves…) Gorgeous! xx

  3. Yummm! I'm saving this recipe. Whenever I bake scones, I use a boring, basic recipe and they always turn out a little dry. This sounds delish xx

  4. You are wonderful- I was just thinking today that I want to make scones!
    I have lost my Nans old recipe- but I believe it was very similar to this with the lemonade- yay!

  5. I love these. They are my m-i-l's specialty. How do you do such clever things with your photos?

    Great guest post over at Maxabella loves today. I left you a comment there too 🙂

  6. is that measuring spoon from Matchbox? I bought a set for a gift because they were just so gorgeous and I love them. I keep forgetting to buy some for myself.

  7. These sound so interesting. Can you just clarify for me by lemonade you mean? fizzy came to mind but i know you can't mean that?

    Thickened cream, as in whipped cream?Other than that once i know what's what i might give them a go. I love to bake 🙂

  8. You can also make these with other flavoured soft drinks (soda). Orange works quite well as does creaming soda.

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