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Dinner Made Easy

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I know I should be used to it by now. I mean I’ve been a mum for 8 years, and a person for 36 years. I’m guessing I’ve eaten dinner 99% of the days of my life, and that includes the days I’ve eaten breakfast for dinner. I shouldn’t be surprised that dinner rolls around EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and the kids expect to eat, should I? ?

Dinner time isn’t the easiest part of the day for many parents. Kids can be fussy, and tired at the end of the day, motivation to cook can be low, especially when you have to factor in things like: Will they actually eat it? Is it actually nutritious?

I want to make things easier for you, and selfishly for me too, so I created an eBook. It’s filled with 5 yummy family-friendly recipes that make for healthier dinner choices. They’re easy to make, and really yummy. There are meatballs and nuggets that you can bake in the oven. Lacey made the nuggets herself, I just put them in the oven… and she said they were the BEST nuggets she’s ever eaten {and I’d say she’s taste-tested a fair few!}.

The easy frittatas {pictured above} were so simple, and easy for you to make with things you’ve probably got at home right now. Switch out any of the vegetables in the recipe for those you have in the crisper.

Talking of switching: Bupa’s FoodSwitch App is perfect for using alongside these recipes. It allows you to simply scan the barcode of foods in the supermarket, and find the healthiest choice for that range of foods. Try it for the pasta sauce or cheese, so that you can see how simply and helpful it is. Download if for free here before you head to the supermarket.

I hope you enjoy this eBook. You can download if for free here.

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