BLOGversation: What’s your blogging style? Wham-bam? Or slow & steady?


Having been to a few getaways with bloggers, it’s interesting to see the way people blog. We’d have days filled with activities {i.e. no time to blog} and then at night we’d head off to our rooms to get ready for dinner. Some bloggers can whip up a blog in the time it can take others to shower and dress, while others carefully craft their posts over time.

I’m a wham-bam kinda blogger. I dream up blog posts in my head, often jotting ideas on paper when I know my brain won’t remember them, and then I write and set them free. This often means typos and sentences that don’t make sense. Yeah, sorry about that.

In my head they totally make sense.

So, what’s your blogging style? Do you vomit out the words and let them free? Or do you write and write and edit and write and edit some more?


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  1. I become inspired quickly by something that has happened and usually tap it out and hit post. This may or may not be a good thing. The grammar police are probably disgusted.

  2. Write fast, publish quickly then wish I had thought about it more and developed the ideas better and done some EDITING!

  3. I used to Wham Bam but because of the typos and sentences that only made sense in my head (much like yourself, lol) I turned in a write edit, write, edit some more and somehow don’t post until days later…I want to get better at wham bam where I can get it out making

  4. I think I am in between the two. I also almost never have a post up in the morning. It’s either late afternoon/early evening before I get a new post up! Something I’m working on.

  5. It all depends on what I am writing about, the time of the day, my mindset and if I am happy for mistakes to be picked up on!!! I love blogging, so I get my words out there fast, but sometimes I don’t set it live to after I have checked over many times 🙂
    When I write about our personal family journeys then that comes from the heart, and if it doesn’t make sense then so be it 🙂

  6. I loved Darrens post over at pro-blogger the other day about slow-blogging. I think I am trying to do that more often, give my readers a little more quantity.

  7. seat of my pants and like it fresh which is also why there are often mistake and errors, but that’s why I like blogging – real people on the other side of the screen 🙂

  8. I agree with you – wham bam – I want to read the persons thoughts in the moment, not something that has been crafted and edited and stewed over… real people, real content.

  9. I think it definitely depends on what I am writing. But being a teacher too, I do tend to re-read and edit a few times.

  10. It really depends on the post I am writing. Some of them are very quick to write – especially if I’m using pictures I have taken. If I have to search for clothes or put outfits together it takes me a lot longer. My background is in teaching and media liaison so I am a big editor!

  11. I tend to spend a bit of time on my posts, but that is probably mainly because they are mostly consisting of photos and I’m forever trying to find that “perfect” sequence to put them in!
    Hahaha, we’re always our own worst critics aren’t we?!

  12. LOL I am also a Wham Bam jot ideas on paper then sit down and bang it out! Typos and all (sometimes i go back to correct) But hey that’s who i am mistakes and all! 🙂

  13. It takes more time to get my pictures the way I want them but it doesn’t take me long to write a post. I only write about travel and travel related items which comes second nature to me so I don’t have to spend lots of time writing, it just flows out of me. I write a blog post everyday but I do my best to have no spelling or grammatical errors in my posts.

  14. When I first started my blog, I experienced what I can only describe as word tsunamis. I often have my best blog-spiration when I’m running but promptly forget all my good ideas by the time the run is done.So, these days I just pop up posts at random, it’s the photo editing which takes the most time. I’m so much better with words than pictures.

  15. I tend to think about it in my head and once I have a clear image I only start writing then. If I start writing immediately I tend to get confused and then end up spending too much time on it.
    I wish I could do the wham bam style, but it just doesn’t suit me!

  16. OMG I write totally awesome blogs in my head……
    but….then when I start typing there are constant interruptions or kids to pick up or dinners to cook etc… so I end up typing quickly and pressing ‘publish’ to get something out there.
    It never reads as well as it did in my head!
    Then the next day I think ‘oh it would have been better if I’d written this….’
    Oh well !!!!!

  17. It depends. When the subject is personnal, I re-write all the time but when it’s just about things I discovered on the web, it’s easier.
    Maybe I should write like you and plan more cause I procrastinate too much instead of writing ^^

  18. I vomit it all out to begin and then I walk away for a while as I find more thoughts randomly enter my head to enrich the message once I have sketched it out. I wrote one blog post recently in half an hour and love it. I do hope that happens again it was exhilerating

  19. Definitely ad hoc, here it is, the state of my head, whoops sorry did I say that, blah blah blah, is what it is, there you go, good night As in life. x

  20. As a teacher, a little voice in my head keeps saying ‘proofread, proofread, proofread’ … but no matter how many times I do, I still publish posts with ridiculous typos. Once I typed ‘not’ instead of ‘now’ (which completely changed the meaning of the sentence of course :p ) a few days later, I’ll get an email from my sister or a friend alerting me to them … but I don’t mind – at least it means someone is reading my blog!

  21. I take my time & think up post & sometimes I totally forget until days later to write about it, then other times I’m filled with typos & I have to go & fix everything again days later. In short I’m an all over the place type blogger which sadly is how my life is ahahaha

  22. I’m like you… I just blurt! But it stays open for half a day because a little person requires so much of my attention it never get’s written in one hit!

  23. I must be a wham bam kinda blogger too. It’s always funny reading back my post when I’ve published them.

  24. I usually plan about what I’m going to post. I read something. I get inspired. I thought pf something to write. Plans it. Do something else. Forget about it. I know it sucks. That’s why my posts usually are from out of nowhere.

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