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Best clothes for babies: Where I love to shop

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I’m going to miss shopping for a teeny tiny baby. Thankfully I have lots of nieces and nephews on the way {I say on the way like all my siblings are pregnant, which isn’t the case… I’m just hopeful!}. I was very restrained with Luella because I knew that the time passed so quickly and you don’t need that much clothing. Plus I still had lots of hand-me-downs from when I was a nanny and from my friend Stacey to get me through.

But when I shopped, I took great delight in picking the cutest bits and pieces I could. Here’s where I love to shop {in case you want to experience that same wee delight too!}:

Best & Less

My sister got me on to Best & Less. They have some really good gems if you look carefully. Recently I picked up the cutest parker with pink hearts over it. That little bunny beanie is something crazy like $3. >> Check it out here


I’m lucky that there isn’t a Seed store near home, and I mean lucky because I would have dropped a pretty penny there because I just can’t resist it. Yep, the stuff is pricey but it’s quality gear that washes really well. I rarely pay full price and grab stuff of the sales rack when I see it or I head to the sale outlet at Harbour Town. >> Check it out here


I found this brand while in Noosa. The fabrics are really thick and durable, which I like. The prints are too cute too. >> Check it out here


Ah, sweet H&M. Doesn’t everyone else know how cute the kids stuff is from here and failed to tell me? Stacey {same friend as mentioned before} asked me if I wanted anything when she was shopping there one day, and posted up a bagful of goodies. Seriously cute stuff. >> Check it out here

Little X + Y

These guys make the cutest little monogrammed caps for kids. They sent me one for each Lacey and Luella and the cute factor is unbearable. And it’s kinda a miracle to find caps that fit babies, right? >> Check it out here

Coco & Ginger

I’m a sucker for a colourful floral print, and this brand does them by the handful. So, so beautiful. >> Check it out here

Country Road

Again, super quality clothing that, if you plan on having a handful of kids, you can pass down from child to child to child. Shop their outlet store for bargains. >> Check it out here

Alex and Ant

I bought a handful of special onesies when I was pregnant with Luella. They do seem to run on the small side though, so take that into consideration when shopping. >> Check it our here

Eeni Meeni

If you want clothes made to last, then this is the perfect brand. I have a bunch of clothes from when I was a nanny that I passed on to Lacey, and now Luella and they still look almost brand new. >> Check it out here


This brand is a little bit on the pricey side, but I went into a little boutique when Luella was a baby, fell in love with a pair of pants and bought them. Later I found the price tag and couldn’t believe I’d just paid $50 for a pair of pants {tracksuit pants at that}. But they’re so stinkin’ cute and I’ve made her wear them every second day to make up for the splurge. Ha! >> Check it out here

Big W

This is my go-to for basics. You can find comfortable onesies for sleeping, sleeping bags and lots of Bonds goodies too. >> Check it out here

Where’s your favourite place to shop for baby clothes?