The 7 best beach cabanas to keep you sun safe

Beach Cabanas

Aussies love the beach, it’s where you’ll find many of us on stunning summer days. There’s something about the soft sand, salty water and sunshine. It’s good for the soul. We also know that the sun’s harsh rays can be quite damaging, and it’s important to protect our skin with not only sunscreen, but also a beach cabana when possible.

The SunDoctors state, “Good quality shade can reduce UV exposure by up to 75%, making it one of the easiest ways to protect yourself against the sun” so teaming your beach days with a high SPF sunscreen, hats and a sunshade is a safe way to have fun in the sun.

With so many sun shelter options out there, it can be hard decide which is right for your family. I’ve done a little research to help you find the right cabana for summer, with details to consider such as size, weight, and how easy it is to set up.

Cool Cabanas

Cool Cabanas

Beach Shelter, $189.99

If you’ve ever been to the beach in Australia, you will have seen one, or two (or eleventy billion) of these beach cabanas. They’re popular because they’re easy to put up and down, and they pack away into a carry case for easy storage. To assemble, just erect, and put sand into the corners to weigh it down. The hardest thing is, in a beach full of Cool Cabanas, is figuring out which one is yours!

Size: This shelter is 200cm by 200cm, providing 4m² of shade (but there is a larger 5.8m² option as well).

Weight: 5.3kg

Anchor system: Sand pockets provide 16kgs to keep the cabana on the beach, as well as a sturdy centre pole.


Sunnylife Beach Cabana

Jardin Ocean Beach Cabana, $189.99

A stylish option that you’ll be able to spot on the beach, this cabana is roomy in size and easy to assemble. A happy Sunnylife Cabana customer reviewed, “The best investment , lightweight , easy to assemble!”.

Size: This shelter is 200cm by 200cm, providing 4m² of shade.

Weight: 4kg

Anchor system: Includes 1 pole and 4 fabric legs with sand feet for stability.


Big W Sun Shelter

Life! Classic Beach Cabana, $69

A more affordable option, the Big W cabana is medium-sized with easy set-up, and a UVE95+% sun protection. It features pockets for storage, a classic pattern , and has a drawstring carry bag.

Size: This cabana is 1.73m by 1.73m, providing 3m² of shade.

Weight: 4kg

Anchor system: Sand pockets, sand anchor and pegs for sand or grass installation.

Sunday Supply Co.

Sunday Supply Co Sun Shade

Tallow Beach Cabana, $349

Designed with muted greens to compliment the ocean, the Sunday Supply Co. cabanas are quite a vibe. With UPF50+ protection, and sturdy style and fabric, it will last summer after summer, keeping the family shaded on the beach.

Size: This shelter is 1.85m x 1.85m, providing 3.42m² of shade.

Weight: 5.8kg

Anchor System: Sand bag pocket in each leg section & a FSC centre timber pole.

Business & Pleasure

Business & Pleasure Sun Cabana

Riviera Mimosa Premium Cabana, $399.99

Excuse me, but are cabanas allowed to be this cool? Taking just 2 minutes to set-up, the Business & Pleasure cabana uses a simple pulley system for easier use, meaning no reaching (or awkward beach moments) required! The cabana material is UV, water & mold treated.

Size: This cabana is 1.82m by 1.82m, providing 3.3m² of shade.

Weight: 7kg

Anchor system: Large ground screw for fixing pole & air vent & sand bags in each leg.


Alohra Beach Cabana

Deluxe Beach Cabana, $299

Beautiful and functional, the Alohra cabana features UPF50+ treated canvas, and timber throughout, and has convenient phone and accessories storage pouches.

Size: This cabana is 1.98m x 1.98m in size, providing 4m² of shade.

Weight: 7kg

Anchor system: Extra large sand screw, and four sand pockets.


OzTrail Blue Beach Cabana

Bells Beach Blue Cabana, $299.99

Created with the Aussie sun in mind, the OzTrail Beach Cabana is durable, and sturdy, and also offers UV50+ sun protection for the family. With the sweet tassels its also stylish, and best of all, easy to assemble.

Size: The cabana is 2m by 2m, providing 4m² of shade.

Weight: 9kg

Anchor system: Fillable sand legs, timber centre pole, and built-in ground screw.

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