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my eBook.

Let me tell you a little bit about it:

  • Something To Blog About is a cute little eBook to give you ideas on what to blog about. If you often get stumped for ideas, and get a little blogger’s block, then Something To Blog About will help you to get your mojo back.
  • It’s fun. It’s pretty. It’s easy to read. Something To Blog About has 40 ideas for you to blog about. Each idea has a small paragraph or two to go with it. I’m pushing you in a certain direction, inspiring you to blog, without holding your hand the whole way.
  • It’s printable. So print it out and keep it near your desk {or blogging spot} and refer to it whenever you feel the need.
  • There are 40 ideas in Something To Blog About but you can make this into many blog posts. You can interpret each concept into blog posts, and your perspective on each will change as time goes on, and you grow. I look forward to seeing how each blogger that purchases it turns into their own little piece of themselves.

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If you have any problems or have any feedback please email me at: [email protected]