March 2024 Photo A day Challenge

Happy (almost) new month. With the structure of alphabet month, we’re moving away and into a more free-flowing March list of prompts.

I always get nervous releasing a new list, so I hope you love this and that there’s something here for everyone to enjoy!

How to play Photo A Day

Playing Photo A Day is super simple, and an easy way to get creative.

📷 Look at the list for the daily prompt.

📷 Take a photo using the prompt as inspiration. For example, if the prompt is ‘The colour yellow’ you’d find something yellow and take a photo of it, like a canary, a banana, a yellow car… you’re really only limited by your imagination!

📷 Once you’ve taken your photo, it’s time to share it! You can share to Instagram, or Facebook (more details below).

📷 Enjoy the community. On both Instagram and Facebook (especially in our private Facebook group), we have a beautiful community. Each day we pick our favourite four photos to put a spotlight on. You can spend time liking and commenting on other people’s photos, and maybe your photos will get picked for the Fab Four!

How to play on Instagram

Simply check out the list for the daily prompt, and then snap a photo using that as inspiration. Share your photo, and be sure to include the hashtag #FMSPAD in your caption so the community can see your photos. We also have a daily hashtag list (see below) so that we can find your daily photos easier.

Follow our @fms.photoaday Instagram account. We love showing off photos from our community. You can look at the #FMSPAD hashtag to see all the great photos from the challenge.

How to play on Facebook

We have a fun, private FMS Photo A Day Facebook Group that you’re welcome to join. It’s a dedicated place to share your daily photos. We also have a beautiful team who selects four photos every day (the Fab Four) from each daily prompt.

You’re also welcome to share to your own personal feed, whatever suits you best.

How to remember the Photo A Day prompts

Remembering the daily prompts can sometimes be a challenge. You can bookmark this blog post to refer to, save the Photo A Day list to your camera roll (or even make it your screensaver), or you’ll find the list at the top of our Facebook Group. We have also added the prompts to our calendar, so you can download for an easy reminder.

For the calendar prompts: You can download the prompts automatically into your phone or PC calendar. For Smartphones & Mac Calendar, click here. For HTML for web viewing, click here.

More details on the February 2024 Photo A Day prompts:

  1. Morning Coffee: Capture the cosy moment of a steaming cup of coffee, the play of sunlight on its surface, or the warmth it brings to your morning routine.
  2. Sunshine: Embrace the golden glow of sunlight, capturing its rays filtering through leaves, dancing on water, or creating patterns on the ground.
  3. Home: Showcase the comfort and familiarity of your home, whether it’s a cozy corner, a favorite piece of furniture, or the welcoming facade.
  4. Self Portrait: Turn the lens on yourself, capturing your personality, mood, or a unique aspect of your identity in a self-portrait.
  5. Architecture: Explore the lines, shapes, and details of architectural elements, whether it’s a grand building, a historic structure, or a modern design.
  6. Good Together: Showcase objects, people, or elements that complement each other and create a harmonious scene – things that simply look “good together.”
  7. Tiny Details: Zoom in on the small, often unnoticed details in your surroundings, capturing the beauty in the little things.
  8. Style: Highlight your personal style or the style of someone or something else, whether it’s in fashion, decor, or a unique artistic expression.
  9. Shadows: Play with the interplay of light and shadows, capturing the dramatic and artistic effects they create in different settings.
  10. On My Fork: Showcase the delicious details of a meal on your fork, whether it’s a vibrant salad, a pasta dish, or a tempting dessert.
  11. Hanging: Capture objects or scenes that are suspended or hanging, whether it’s clothes on a line, decorations, or unique installations.
  12. The Colour Blue: Explore the various shades and moods of the color blue, whether it’s in the sky, the sea, or everyday objects.
  13. Handmade: Showcase the craftsmanship and personal touch in handmade items, whether it’s crafts, art, or homemade goodies.
  14. Symmetry: Capture the balance and harmony in symmetrical scenes, whether it’s in architecture, nature, or everyday objects.
  15. Books: Explore the world of literature, whether it’s a shelf full of books, an open book with interesting typography, or a cozy reading nook.
  16. Order: Capture scenes that embody a sense of order and organization, from neatly arranged objects to symmetrical compositions.
  17. Work in Progress: Showcase the process of creation or construction, whether it’s an artist’s studio, a building site, or someone working on a project.
  18. Street Art: Explore the vibrant and dynamic world of street art, capturing colorful murals, graffiti, or other urban expressions.
  19. An Ugly Food: Challenge perceptions and find beauty in the unconventional – capture the unique and less aesthetically pleasing side of food.
  20. Abandoned Place: Explore the eerie beauty of abandoned spaces, capturing the quiet decay and the stories left behind.
  21. Cloud Formations: Look to the sky and capture the ever-changing shapes and patterns of clouds, from fluffy cumulus to wispy cirrus formations.
  22. Pairs: Showcase the beauty of pairs, whether it’s a couple, matching objects, or a pair of animals in their natural habitat.
  23. Adventure: Capture the spirit of adventure, whether it’s someone embarking on a journey, an outdoor escapade, or a thrilling activity.
  24. Messy: Find beauty in chaos and capture scenes that embrace a sense of messiness, whether it’s a cluttered workspace or a playful, chaotic moment.
  25. Laughter: Freeze the infectious joy of laughter, whether it’s a candid moment, a group of friends, or the pure delight of a child.
  26. Family: Capture the warmth and connection of family moments, whether it’s a family gathering, a candid shot at home, or a special occasion shared with loved ones.