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7 things I’ve learned this month {and it’s not even over yet}

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Sometimes things don’t always go as we want them to. My star signs promised that I had an amazing month ahead of me. I think they lied. Otherwise these last few days of the month have a little bit to deliver.

In all seriousness though, it hasn’t been that bad. But I’ve learned a thing or seven in February. Thankyouverymuch.

1. Silent isn’t always pleasant. The other day everything was oddly quiet in the house. As a parent, I knew that something was wrong, but there was something inside me that said, ‘Enjoy it for a moment longer. Go on…’ So I did. And then I went and checked where everyone was. Everyone being Lacey and the dog. Lacey had taken all the washing powder and generously applied it to Bronte’s coat. And the laundry floor. {Since then she’s also fed her lolly snakes and put sun cream all over the garage floor}.

Lesson: Don’t enjoy it for a moment longer. Get up immediately.

2. Working from home is hard. See point above.

Lesson: Figure something out. ASAP.

3. Ikea is not where you want to be on a Sunday morning. Yesterday Hubby and I took some precious child-free time to visit Ikea. Every man and his kids, and their friends, and their neighbours were there.

Lesson: Nobody needs Ikea stuff that bad. Buy online.

4. Suddenly you’ve been tasked with the job of doing all the thinking for everyone. What’s for dinner? Why didn’t someone buy more toilet paper? Why is there no milk? Should we buy X? Did anyone pay the electricity bill? Every single thought is your responsibility, or that’s what it feels like.

Lesson: Offload some thinking. But first think about how that might work.

5. People who send their sick kids to swimming lessons/school/activities are truly frustrating, unless you’re actually that person. We’ve been fighting a nasty strain of the flu for the past week and it’s the pits.

Lesson: Haven’t quite figured this one out yet. Still harbouring cranky thoughts at those frustrating parents.

6. If you make hollandaise sauce and then try and reheat it in the microwave, it turns into scrambled eggs.

Lesson: Who makes hollandaise sauce anyhow? Eat breakfast out for once.

7. If one writes a ranty cranky post, it definitely makes one feel better.

Lesson: Stop referring to yourself as ‘one’ and put your happy pants back on.

Have you got something you want to get off your chest? Leave a comment below {misery loves company!}.

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  • Kate

    Love it!!! Find those happy pants. Hope you’re feeling better and the rain has stopped 🙂

    • They’re on the line. Almost ready to wear. x

      • charmaine

        awesome, im glad. Its awful having a sucky time. Hope the rest of the month is smooth sailing.

        In regards to the thinking for everyone else stuff,,,it was brought to my attention that i don’t listen to my daughter enough…..apparently asking me something while i have a scowly face on and have 101 things going through my brain, whats for tea, do i need to get their washing, i’ve gotta feed the animals, when am i working next, what day is it, when is she working next, when am i going to do what I want for a change, when can i go for a run, oh no cant go cause i gotta help him with block work, pick fruit, cook tea, do washing, mop floors ect ect ect. Is not condusive to her getting the answer she wants 🙂

        Then she has the hide to say, i did ask you didn’t hear me!

        Yes Zoe i am partially deaf but im not stupid, you know you need to get my attention to get the answer you require,,,or bugger it, lets just catch mum at a blond moment and blame her deafness LOL Cheeky kid!

        Nah seriously i’m all good but i must say …..Oh i hear you 🙂 And PS i DETEST people that need to move into MY space at IKEA or the supermarket or the op shop or the mall or wherever,,,makes my hubby laugh:) Too many people freak me out!
        Have a GREAT day!

  • Victoria

    I love the ‘live what you love’ print – where did you get that? Great post, as always!

  • I’ve been reading your posts in my email so popping onto your blog was a surprise. I love the colours you’re using right now! And I have something to add: I have learned this month when you start talking about your goals, some people react in funny ways. Especially those that think they will be missing out when you reach those goals and will try to sabotage you, whether they mean to or not. Lesson: Be picky with who you choose to share your goals and dreams with.

    • We don’t need “foofers” in our lives Tina … Foofers are people who “foof” out other people’s dreams. Learned this valuable lesson through amazing speaker, Amanda Gore.

      • Ah, so that’s what they are called. I seem to have a few foofers at the moment. Thanks Nikki x

    • Thanks Tina. Still tinkering with it. 🙂

      For the most part I keep my dreams to myself. I always listened to the dream-stompers too much. Chase those dreams. xxx

      • Yep, I’m learning to keep my mouth shut and just go for it x

  • You made me giggle. I’m going to refrain from unloading on your blog. I tend to get soap boxy when I talk about the things that irk me. I will say the parents who take their kids out to any kind of lesson is a sticky one. Being a teacher I know that sometimes it just has to happen, but I also know the consequences of it happening too much. I think we all are still trying to figure that one out. I know I am and mine are 13 and 11. 😉

    Of course if you really wanna know my latest pout, I’d be very honored if you could read my Valentine’s Post on my blog.

  • I find a crowded day at ikea makes one quite ranty and partial to calling oneself one too 🙂

    • Ikea will do that to you. And we spent $107 on things we never knew we didn’t need. Napkins in bulk anyone?

  • Helen McA

    That sounds like something that Miss E would do to our dogs. She often just wraps them in toilet paper though.

    The main think irking me at the moment is what is suspected as a form of dementia affecting a close family member. Everyone is working to get it diagnosed. Except her, she says there is nothing wrong with her brain. She is driving us all a bit insane. Sounds horrible, but is a really big thing to deal with. The person we knew and loved has been replaced with someone different.

    • My Nanna had dementia and it’s horrible. It’s really hard to deal with. I hope they accept that they’re not 100% well soon. xx

      • fiona

        hi, my nana also had dementia and wouldn’t accept it, in fact argued against it. we found that if we gave her heaps of water when she was with us, she was more with it and like her old self. She also thought we had given up trying to tell her there was something wrong!

  • Sophie German

    This has been the longest short month ever! We had a blizzard last weekend that resulted in two snow days, then another storm this weekend, so two weekends in a row now of the boys trapped in the house turning into caged wild monkeys. It is enough to make a person want to throw a mom fit.

    • I say go ahead and throw the mom fit. I did yesterday. Called a friend, added the disclaimer that I was going to sound like a total whinger and then let it rip.

      It’s been non-stop rain here for a while and I think we have cabin fever too.

  • Cael + Tonne of Honey + Carpet = I feel your pain.

    Go Suck-a-runny February. A big fat one.

    • Oh NOOOOOOO! Honey? How on earth does one get that out?

      No, seriously what on earth did you do?

      • Everything.
        I am pretty certain that, apart from a bringing back to life some breed of large honey eating dinosaur, I have tried everything at my disposal. Time to bring a profesh me thinks.

        • Christy Franklin

          Have you tried the Norwex Carpet cleaner?? It’s miraculous.

  • Even in your crankiness you’re delightful. 🙂

  • Here is my rant: I wish we could just cut the bull and says things how they are, rather than beating around the bush or being passive agressive. Can you tell I am having a bad day? P.S I totally relate to point #4. There is only so much of my brain power to go round. I don’t want to share mine!

    • Oh yes. I have such low tolerance for bullshit. Say what you mean and say it now.

      Hope today got better for you. x

    • Christy Franklin

      I cut to the bull nine times out of ten… it’s a quality I wish I didn’t have. It often means people don’t like you and can be isolating! I think there’s a happy medium with this and we struggle to find the happy medium.

  • Annie Harrell

    Oh, I completely agree with needing to do all the thinking for everyone. I don’t know either! UGH!

  • Caroline Camp

    My roommate’s boyfriend hurled all over my carpet and my bathroom at 1:47 in the morning. Lesson: Appreciate your well mannered boyfriend who brought you breakfast and laundered your towels.

  • Ashley

    It’s refreshing to know it’s been a rough February for other people too. A tough lesson infiltrated my group of friends this year and it has taught me to appreciate every moment and cherish what I have. BIG ONE!!! I know. It definitely deserves a breakfast out xx

    • WITH hollandaise you didn’t make yourself.

      Sorry you had to endure a tough lesson. Hope it’s better on the other side. x

  • Holly

    Ha! great post Chantelle….. I for one love wearing my “Fancy Pants” as well as my “Happy Pants” xxx Bring on March ma lady!

  • Doesn’t it sometimes feel that the forces of the universe are against us? Still, sometimes it’s good to get into one’s rant pants, before changing into one’s happy pants, feeling really rather refreshed. It doesn’t matter what pants you’re wearing, because you and your blog are always in the business of being awesome! And you know what they say about a problems shared…

  • Gloria

    February has been a giant steaming bowl of suck for me as well. Mid-Jan this year, I returned to work after 2 years of maternity and compassionate leave to find that I am now a “rotating asset”, meaning I am to go where I am needed. 5 weeks and 4 different roles later, I am feeling a bit like a shuttlecock. I now have 3 teams fighting over my services, and while I should be pleased that so many people value me, I just want to feel settled at work, and not like I’m being shuffled around because I’m merely a part timer and my professional development counts for nothing. Oh, yes, did I mention that I work part time, 3 days a week, 21 hours in total, and not incur any overtime? In 5 weeks, over 15 days of work, I’ve managed to rack up 14 hours of overtime.

    Yeah, February, thanks for the giant steaming bowl of suck.

    • charmaine

      no overtime…..hmmmph id be saying something about that…..seriously, im sorry they are shuffling you around after being away so long you do need to feel settled …good luck…maybe this warrants asking for overtime because you are a value asset to them or just going home at the end of your shift?? Not an easy decision…good luck

    • That doesn’t seem fair at all. Have you talked to your boss?

  • Love the look! The colours are so cheery!
    I’ve learnt not to take my husband at his word when he swears he will watch our daughter on the weekend so I can take on an extra job before bub arrives. After designing an entire brochure with my daughter sitting on my lap yesterday, I am extremely nervous about hitting the ‘send’ button to the client today!

  • Cath

    I had a quiet moment once…and I too enjoyed the quietness and then discovered my 3yr old had smothered my 1yr olds head/hair in Vicks vapour rub!!!
    Lesson learnt!!!

    Hope the rest of Feb improves for you!

    • Oh gosh. That doesn’t sound like fun at all. I’m pretty sure that would be hard to wash out too… fun times!

  • I hate the thinking for everyone thing. I reckon that is the number one thing that does my head in about being a mum and running a house!

    • Oh I tell you. My brain is fried.

      I am thinking it kinda never ends either. Oh, to be a man. {ssshh}

  • I love it! And I am so glad writing a cranky post made you feel better! I totally understand number 4, that’s exactly how I feel sometimes (read: all of the time). Thanks for sharing and making me feel less alone. 🙂

  • It looks so pretty here! Dammit, it always looks pretty here. Thanks for just being rad. Even if it does mean washing powder everywhere.

  • Renee

    True, true and true. I particularly relate to number 4… I could rant all day abou that one – I won’t, but I am just really glad you did.

  • Tiia

    Oh, I hear you! Last week was definitely one of those weeks when everything seems to be going downhill.. my iPhone went totally bonkers (on Monday, quite a start to the week!), our dishwasher broke, and over the weekend we learned that the football match in England hubby got tickets to for his birthday has been moved, and as a result we need to book NEW flights (no refunds) and get two days off from work, which won’t be easy for me, instead of the planned lovely weekend hop-over..

    Let’s hope this week and the rest of the month improves for the both of us! I’m definitely wearing my rock’n’roll pants now, so maybe that’ll help 😉

    • Oh no! How do they move a match like that? That’s annoying. 🙁

      • Tiia

        it was something to do with tv-airing times apparently. and everything might still change the other way around, if the team wins another game in two weeks which will then affect on the match dates of the later season.. it’s all a bit silly, really. why can’t they just make the schedules and leave a couple days in between for the extra matches in case they advance in the other cup as well..?

  • I’ve learned that I have got to stop letting what people say about me bother me. I know the truth and if i’m making mistakes, well there mine, and I will learn from them. I’m judged alot by people who dont know me , just because they dont like me, and I’m learning that I cant let those things get me down because theres too much good going on in my life for all that. I’ve also learned that as long as im putting my faith in God everything will be ok. I’ve been very , truly blessed lately and i’m so thankful for that.

    • That’s one thing I’ve learned in blogging – people will always say ‘stuff’. Just remember, “What other people think of you is none of your business.”

      And how great can their lives be anyway, if they’re spending their time judging you? Really?

  • Perfect day for me to read this!. I just cooked tea and put veggies on to steam and wondered why 30 minutes later they were still hard…..I didn’t put water in the bottom of the pot!.
    Feb has been quick but somewhat the same as yours. It’s been so hot and stuffy here (and this canadian blooded australian resident doesn’t cope with the heat) and I’ve been a tad on the cranky side due to the heat that the other night, I couldn’t even stand the sound of my partner eating a banana!. I told him he was annoying the s**t out of me and he just gave me a dirty look and said “wow, you are stroppy!”
    Really loving the new colours!

  • Elizabeth Paton

    Here’s my rant: it’s too bloody hot. The baby’s room is 29 degrees and we’re all tired and gritty eyed and cranky.

    • Christy Franklin

      I hear you…

  • Amelia Kumar

    Nice post..very gave me a good laugh 🙂

  • Christy Franklin

    We have been trying to get a new rental for months. We live in, and have been living in the same area for 15 years. All of a sudden the rest of the country has realised that it doesn’t flood here when it rains a buttload, so now every man and his dog wants to move here making it impossible for the people who have ALWAYS lived here to get a freakin house. So over trying to find a house and then going along to inspections with half of Brisbane which means we get knock back after knock back.

  • Sherry

    I feel your pain, my dear. This has been the worst two months of illness for us and I cannot take one more minute of quarantine!!! After 6 weeks of no more than 3 healthy days in a row, a happy mom of a happy preschooler becomes a crazy lady tending to a wild animal.

  • Silvia Azzolina

    What you said in point 4, that truly makes me furious, especially because if I end UP missing out something, it is something that mattered to me…
    Why do we always come last in the list (our own list!!) of the thinking?
    1. Kids
    2. Dog (if any)
    3. House
    4. Husband
    5. Myself

    Sometimes it just feels so overwhelming I wish I could run away….

    Brand new FMS fan from Italy 🙂

  • 1 quiet minute = hours of cleaning.
    My daughter once decided to ‘help’ me by cleaning the entire laundry floor with hand soap……I was mopping up soapy bubbles for days.

  • points one and two….absolutely, for the year or so i worked from home the silence drived me crazy and I can’t concentrate when have music on. Point 4, I am so glad that I am not the only person that feels that way…my brain gets so fatigued from all the thinking and remembering stuff. Hope that you week is fabulous xx

  • Kym Piez

    Haha! Such a funny post! Oh how I’ve missed popping in here. Seems like I’ve missed a lot. Oh, and a secret: If you visit Ikea on a Tuesday night, I can guarantee that you almost have the place to yourself! xx

  • photosbyjaana

    I learned yesterday that IKEA is not where you want to be on any weekend or holiday! OY!!! I walked in, took a few steps and turned myself right back around.

  • First off, I love the new look! Secondly, I totally feel your pain. I have had so many small things go wrong this month. I’m a total stress case. Maybe I should do my own cranky post to get it off my chest!

  • Lea

    gahhh I loathe parents that send sick kids anywhere! As a parent with a child who has a chronic illness, someones sniffle has a HUGE impact on our daughter. That’s my rant. People should be more thoughtful of others. Swimming, preschool whatever is no fun when youre a sickie anyway. Sickies need snuggles and rest.

    • YES. I’d hate to think of Lacey by herself at preschool feeling icky and miserable, struggling. I’d rather her be able to get the love and care she needs, as well as the rest.