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5 ways to make someone’s day

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5 ways to make someone's day

Don’t you love when someone does something that changes your mood from a frown to a smile. Doing something little for someone else is a nice opportunity to embrace that warm, fuzzy feeling and spread it a little further. Here’s 5 ways you can easily make someone’s day today:

One: Be thoughtful
When I was about 12 years of age, we went on a little road trip to visit my Nanna who lived 3 hours north of our home. We all piled into our car {except my Dad who was working} and went on our way. About 2.5 hours into the trip we got a flat tyre. Back then my Dad was a car salesman, so the car was a borrowed one from the yard and it had no spare. We were pretty much stranded. There was one abandoned farm house, a whole heap of sheep and nothing more. No cars stopped. We didn’t have mobile phones. I won’t lie, us kids kinda freaked out. I’m sure Ma was freaking out inside too.

A bike {bicycle not motorbike} rider stopped and asked if we needed help. We told him what had happened and he offered to ride into the nearest town and get us a tyre. I don’t know how on earth he managed it, but on that hot day he made it all the way back and he saved us. He even put the tyre on the car. Ma put a $20 note {all she had} into his helmet, and we all thanked him a million times over.

I’ve never forgotten that guy and his kind gesture. He could have rode {ridden?} past and pretended he didn’t see us like everyone else, but he stopped and went above and beyond to help. I’ve always wanted to do that for other people, surprise them with kindness. All it takes is a little extra thought, and some time. What could you do for someone else today?

Two: Listen
My cousin once did a course for work and part of it covered how to be a good listener to her staff. We had dinner the night after the course, and she said to me, “You know, you’re a really good listener. You can tell because you repeat what people have stated, you nod along…” and a few other things I can’t remember {I promise I was listening!}.

Some people just want to be heard. The other morning at the supermarket a man was talking rather loudly to himself about how the lotto was $20 million that night and he hoped someone won it. Most people turned away, to avoid the uncomfortable, but instead I turned to him, smiled and said, “Wouldn’t that be great?” That’s all he wanted. Sometimes your ears are just enough.

Three: Go above and beyond
I’ve mentioned before that we don’t really do gifts and flowers and fancy stuff. Sometimes I think it would be wonderful, but most of the time I’m happy with our simple ways. A few days after Christmas last year Hubby and Lacey disappeared to run some errands. I savoured the time alone, and the quiet in the house, not expecting anything of it. The surprise was that Hubby came home with earrings for me, because I didn’t really get anything for Christmas and he didn’t like to see me miss out. I was gobsmacked. It never, ever happens – so when it did I sure did appreciate it. They haven’t left my ears since.

It doesn’t have to be earrings. I can be a simple coffee for your workmate when you return from lunch, getting down and playing that painful Princess game with your daughter that really makes no sense, or making your lover’s favourite dinner. The little things really are the big things.

Four: Smile
I mentioned a while back {when I first moved up here to the country} that I’d been smiling at people, and getting nothing in return. In fact people looked at me a little fearful. Somehow we’ve since moved past that, and people are smiling, we’re starting conversations, we’re making each others day. A smile is the best way to get rid of a bad mood, don’t you think?

Five: Give someone chocolate
If someone gives me a small chocolate or even a box, we’re best friends forever. The end.

Have you ever had someone make your day? What happened?

  • Malin

    Wow – I totally agree 🙂 100% – wonderful words, take care!

  • Awesome article. You should check out the Facebook app for Generosity Day. This is exactly what they stand for and are trying to do for Valentines Day. Here is the link:

  • Lisa Aherne

    On our way back to the Sunshine Coast from a road to Adelaide, my man and I stopped at Byron Bay for lunch. We are pensioners. An anonymous benefactor paid our lunch bill. When we went to pay we were told it was taken care of, waitress knew who but would not tell. That gesture is still, several months later, a source of happiness and wonder. Magic.

  • Yes, someone has made my day – you! I adore this post because I’m not into the V day either and am smiling because it’s lovely to see someone else talking about how we could share the love every day of the year. I think we should create and find joy in those small moments that can happen every single day or in unexpected moments like your beautiful earrings. Wishing you a happy day.

  • Totally agree with these especially the smile…it can change your whole day. I always think a compliment is a good one too…saying to someone ‘your hair looks really nice’ or ‘I love your top it looks great on you’ can really make someone’s day; it’s good to make people feel special! : )

  • kforkarli

    Sweet things are the glue of the earth – I have to packets of Freddos on my desk to giveaway to the kids at school today.

    One of my favourite Valentine’s Days was when my mum left us little paper bags of sweets on our beds. What a woman.

  • Tegania’s Thoughts

    Gorgeous post Chantel! Also Lisa, what a lovely gesture! I can’t wait til I get my first ‘real world’ pay check so I can start doing things like that for people! xx

  • Brigid @ The Inspired Notebook

    Really enjoyed reading this post Chantelle! I’m trying to think of a time when someone has made my day, and I know it’s happened many times, but nothing momentuous that I can think of. Just the little things – which, as you say, are really the big things anyway! Smiles, making time to chat…
    Your stories are lovely! I love the way you listened and acknowledged the man in the supermarket. I bet you really did make his day!

  • I love this post! Little things like people leaving a kind comment on my blog (words of affirmation are big for me) make my day. Also friends will occasionally give me a little treat that made them think of me “just because.”

  • Hubby did today – he wrote his own poem for Valentines day. And it was something that I never thought he could do – it was beyond nice, it was fantastic…

    When we lived in Sarina (near Mackay) last year I walked up to a homeless guy that was hanging around town. He is well known in the area, yet everyone walks past him as if he is not there.
    I gave him a Pie from the Bakery for dinner.
    He had tears in his eyes, and couldn’t stop saying thank you.
    It made my day to know that he cared about what someone could do for him.

  • Great post!

  • Sanja

    My day was made twice yesterday.
    1. I received an email from a man I have been ‘seeing’ for a little while. He wrote a Valentines poem. I can tell he composed it as it is not polished or perfect, but it was from the heart. It made my day. Maybe one day he will make my life! (Funny though – he thought it would be ‘Anon’; didn’t realise I would know who it was from by the mail recipient heading! Der!)

    2. My teenage daughter ditched a picnic with her friends to come for a walk with me and the dog … for Valentines Day. We talked and gossiped, a rarity in our lives at this time. This will be a treasured memory.

  • Great advice. 😉

  • this is so sweet and so true. thanks for the reminder! Whenever a stranger returns my smile it simply makes my day!

  • samstone76

    Such a lovely post 🙂
    I think it is the little things….when Hubby sings to me “Have I told you lately that I love you”, it always makes me smile.

  • Hi Chantelle, just getting a lovely email or phone call is enough to make my day. Just when you think your chips are down, BOOM something pops up. I do like to try and create my own good karma by doing small probably unoticed things for know, return the trolley to the right place etc. Imagine how nice the world would be if we all just did these small things?x

  • Josephine

    A great list. Another I’d add is don’t be afraid to compliment someone you don’t know if you think the occasion calls for it. I was in a shop a few years ago and another woman told me I looked fabulous – I felt all glowy for the rest of the day and have never forgotten it!

  • Bee

    Love this post, if only more people did nice things for no reason the world would be a much better place. Where we live people are extremely generous and giving for no reason and it is so inspiring. Friends of ours recently lost there baby girl after spending 7 months in hospital with her being so sick, It truly was amazing to see the local community step up to help them out in those months by cooking meals every night, arranging fruit boxes weekly, free childcare for there other children, petrol vouchers so they could drive the 2 hours to the hospital most days, bedroom makeover , redoing there back yard, paying for the funeral etc…. I love that all these people around me stepped up and did what ever they could to help this family, I know it made a huge difference to this family during a hard time. It sure inspired me to do more nice things…

  • Fantastic post! the world would be a much better place if people could just smile 🙂

  • lorraine

    My neighbour is 83 we have become firm friends even tho there is a large age difference. We often suprise each other with baked goodies and I will take her to the movies or just out for coffee and a cupcake. She is a great friend to my children and grandchildren and when we visit them she always sends baked goods with us for them. I have learnt the value of the older generation and strive to be as generous as she is.

  • Sarah Chamberlain

    I still remember roughly 20 years ago being stranded in a train station in Italy without a penny/cent/euro to my name….the train ticket office refused my bank card….I was en route from a Greek island, where I had been working, to Florence. An older man walking past – never having met him before – asked me if I was OK (at which point I was crying as I did not know what to do). After I briefly explained my situation, uncomfortably at the time, he gave me a significant amount of money totally without expectation/or me asking – he told me he had daughters that were the same age as me and that he would hate to see them in that situation……the money enabled me to buy my ticket, some food and arrive at my destination. He truly was like a guardian angel…..there aren’t many people in the world that would have done the same without expecting anything in return. Looking back, I still can’t believe I was so fortunate to come across someone like that. It could have been a totally different story………….I would like to think I would be able to do something similar one day,,,,