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Instagram Interview / @carolyn_mara

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Check out this Interview with @carolyn_mara where she shares her tips, tricks and secrets on achieving beautiful photos, including her favourite Apps for editing {which totally changed my life! For real!} Read it now!

Hello to you. Today I am bringing you another brilliant photographer in my Instagram Interview series. I love how generous everyone is with their sharing, it makes me so happy. Carolyn has been an inspiration to me since the very early days. Her photos have this beautiful subtle joy, and quirkiness, and just make me want more from her. I can’t wait to see what Carolyn posts next!

Instagram Interview / @carolyn_mara
Tell us a little about you.

Hi! I am Carolyn Mara Borlenghi, an artist, photographer, art educator and creative spirit guide. I believe that everyone has a creative bone in their body, it just takes nurturing that inner artist to allow it to shine. I live in Miami, Florida, USA where I am a mama to two boys, a wife to a man who puts up with my crazy artistic shenanigans and I am working on several personal photography projects. I teaching a few classes at The DEFINE School as well as offering mentoring. One of the things I always tell my students when they are getting started is to be disciplined with their “creative exercise” and do something every single day, which is why I have always suggested joining FMS photo-a-day challenge!

Instagram Interview / @carolyn_mara

How did you get into photography or photo-taking? When did it all begin for you?

I always remember my mother having a camera in her hand when I was young, and she had a darkroom in our attic where she would develop her own film. I guess I was around it so much that by the time I was 13 and able to sign up for a black and white processing class at school I jumped at the opportunity. At that time my parents gave me a Canon slr and I loved it so much; I never stopped taking pictures. I was raised in a family where creativity was encouraged and I am thankful every day for that encouragement, striving to do the same for my children.

Instagram Interview / @carolyn_mara

What do you love taking photos of most?

I love photographing people – my friends, my children, myself. I see a beautiful scenic spot or a stream of light coming into the corner of a room and I want to put a person there, it is the emotion the person brings that finishes the image for me. Photography, and art in general, has always been a means of expression for me. Whether it is expressing excitement or some deep rooted pain, I love creating an image around my mood and emotional state because throwing all the energy into it, especially when I am feeling pain, gives me the release I need to move forward.

Instagram Interview / @carolyn_mara

What are your favourite Apps for editing?

My go-to app is VSCO, I love that I can move my favorite few filters to the front so when I open an image I can easily add my touches, then I go straighten or fix the perspective and it is ready to go. Also I use TouchRetouch to remove any scuffs on the wall or leaves on the ground I don’t want in the image.

Instagram Interview / @carolyn_mara

Can you share a recent favourite photo of yours – and take us through how you edited it?

Instagram Interview / @carolyn_mara

I shoot all my Instagram images with my iPhone 6s and I shoot horizontally and square later, I like to have the option of how exactly I want to square it after the fact. I removed the round metal piece at the bottom of the pool (meant to put an umbrella in since this is a shallow pad) with TouchRetouch and then I brought it into VSCO where I squared it, rotated and straightened and then added filter S1 at +8.

Instagram Interview / @carolyn_mara

Thanks for sharing your story Carolyn. If you’d like to see more, and be continually inspired by her brilliance, follow Carolyn on Instagram here.

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