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17 Plus-Size Instagram Accounts I’m Loving {a lot!}

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Instagram serves a few purposes for me. I love finding inspiration in photography, but also with quotes and stuff {yep, I’m one of those people that loves that stuff} but most the thing I do most on Instagram is stalk fashion accounts. I love seeing what people are wearing, and getting excited about adding bits and pieces to my own wardrobe. I’ve gathered my favourite 17 accounts that I love to follow, in hopes that you might enjoy them too.

17 Plus-Size Instagram Accounts To Follow

@everythingcurvyandchic / Chanté Burkett

I love her clothing choices, but I also really love the way Chanté blogs too. Definitely pop over for a read {it’s more than just fashion!}.

17 Plus-Size Instagram Accounts To Follow

@daniellevanier / Danielle Vanier

Oh man, I love the clothes Danie wears, and I swear she makes things sell out just by wearing them. Danie also cracks me up on Instagram Stories {definitely worth following!}.

17 Plus-Size Instagram Accounts To Follow

@calliethorpe / Callie Thorpe

Another of my favourites to follow, you have to check out Callie’s recent wedding photos. They make me want to get married again.

17 Plus-Size Instagram Accounts To Follow

@stylemecurvy / Louise O’Reilly

Her wardrobe will make you go ga-ga, and her polished photos may make you get pangs of envy, but she’s so stylish, and beautiful it’s hard not fall in love with Louise.

17 Plus-Size Instagram Accounts To Follow

@hayet.rida / Hayet Rida

Hayet’s Instagram feed is a little bit dangerous for my budget. I’ve seen a few things that she’s worn and had to buy them immediately. She’s also super honest, very inspiring and deliciously stylish.

17 Plus-Size Instagram Accounts To Follow

@twistofcait / Caitlin Davis

Oh, how I love Cait. She’s who I want to be when I grow up .. younger. She’s so beautiful, has my favourite style of all, and I like her outlook on life too. Yay for Cait.

17 Plus-Size Instagram Accounts To Follow

@stylingcurvy / Jenni Eyles

Another Instagrammer that is bad for the old budget {but good for the wardrobe!} is Jenni. She’s a good friend of mine, super fun and great to be around, but also has amazing style. Usually if she’s wearing it, I want it!

17 Plus-Size Instagram Accounts To Follow

@iambeauticurve / Rochelle Johnson

Rochelle is a brand new mama {like brand-spanking new!} and has the most beautiful style, and takes the most beautiful photos. I can’t wait to see how her style evolves as a mama now.

17 Plus-Size Instagram Accounts To Follow

@curvysam / Sam

Sam is an Australian model, who lives on the coast in beautiful Far North Queensland. I always love her fashion posts, but also seeing where her travels take her.

17 Plus-Size Instagram Accounts To Follow

@danimezza / Danielle Melnyczenko

Although Dani is a little quieter on the fashion front of late, she’s still the O.G. when it comes to plus size fashion blogging to me. I love that I discovered a whole new passion for fashion through her, discovered so many online stores, but also that I have someone to trade clothes with when I have events or things that call for it.

17 Plus-Size Instagram Accounts To Follow

@taneshaawasthi / Tanesha Awasthi

Girl with Curves was one of the first blogs I ever started reading, and I love that so many years on I’m still reading, and loving Tanesha’s style. Tanesha even has her own clothing line which you can find on her blog.

17 Plus-Size Instagram Accounts To Follow

@gabifresh / Gabi Gregg

This list would not be right if it didn’t include Gabi. Oh man, I love her style, her sass and her confidence. She’s such an inspiration. You MUST follow her too {if you don’t already!}.

17 Plus-Size Instagram Accounts To Follow

@fluvialacerda / Fluvia Lacerda

One of my favourite plus-size models is definitely one to watch on Instagram. Her style is beautiful, and her life is inspiring too.

17 Plus-Size Instagram Accounts To Follow

@loeybug / Loey Lane

Loey is stunning, don’t you agree? She’s super popular on Instagram, and perhaps even more popular on You Tube, which you can check out here.

17 Plus-Size Instagram Accounts To Follow

@nicolettemason / Nicolette Mason

Another of my early favourites, who has remained at the top of my faves for many years, is Nicolette Mason. She’s super stylish, is a beautiful writer and well worth following.


@candicehuffine / Candice Huffine

Candice is the newest addition to my following list, and one that I love. She has a fun style, is great at sharing her life as a model and as an everyday person, plus she also shares lots of fitness stuff too.

17 Plus-Size Instagram Accounts To Follow

@garnerstyle / Chastity Garner Valentine

Last, but definitely not least is another of my very favourites, Chastity. I love her style… as I do with everyone on the list, and often find pieces she wears arriving at my doorstep. I must have slipped and fell and bought them, or something!


Do you have a favourite fashionista on Instagram to watch? Share below, I’d love to stalk them too.

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  • Definitely Melissa from Suger Coat It. I’m pretty sure she is the first plus sized blogger I followed and I know it increased my confidence to try things I would have previously thought was off limits for me (starting with stripes!).
    I love her body confidence at all sizes message too, and that she works with lots of Aussie plus sized brands. Bad for my wallet, good for my wardrobe!

    • Oh my GOD!!! Melissa is my favourite. I’ve had a total brain fart and forgotten her. She’ll be on the list as soon as I get back to my laptop.

  • Jessica Frost

    Jasmine from @quirkyandcurvy is awesome and her clothes are incredible!

  • Ahhhh I’m so happy to be included in your list Chantelle! Thank you, what a lovely thing to say! And just between us, I’m a bit of a fan of yours too!

  • Lauren Farnham

    Tess Holliday should be on that list too!

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    You are amazing, thanks for including me in your list friend xxx