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I’ve recently lost 10kg. Yes, throw the confetti. Blow up the balloons. But don’t worry about serving up the cake. My husband has also recently lost the same amount. We’re disappearing before our own eyes {well, not quite but I thought that sounded like something I should say}.

But things have changed at our place. Before losing weight might have been about looking good, but that’s only a side effect of losing weight. And to be honest, before it was all about stupid fad diets and unsustainable eating practices. Now we want to live longer. We want to run around with our kids. We want to be healthy and happy. So we got serious about looking after ourselves and being better role models for our beautiful girls. We haven’t done anything earth shattering. It’s all about eating better, making life simpler and moving more.

I have a list of things that I know I can eat. Foods that make me feel good, are good for my body {I have Insulin Resistance, so my body works best when I snack on foods that contain proteins} and that I enjoy. In the mornings I’ll have nuts, cheese and crackers or a piece of fruit and nuts. In the afternoon I’m always looking for that something sweet… so it’s yoghurt and a few nuts.

The new range of yoghurts from Yoplait, Bon Appetit, are a thick and creamy natural Greek yoghurt with real fruit in it. They contain no fat {less than 0.15% fat}, and are high in protein {so it keeps you feeling full for longer} and it feels like a treat when it’s actually good for you. Yoplait conducted some research and 8 out of 10 Aussie get the guilts after eating an unhealthy afternoon snack. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I like knowing that there’s no guilt attached, because food for me has so much emotion attached to it {like lots of people, I imagine} and because I don’t have to prepare anything, it’s ready to grab and go before I go and do the school pick-up.

So that’s what’s worked for me, and is working for me. I wanted to put together a few snacks that are great for on-the-go. Like the Yoplait Bon Appetit Greek Yoghurt with real fruit, you don’t have to think about it. Just grab, enjoy and go. On-the-go snack ideasSNACK IDEAS:

♥ Yoplait Bon Appetit Greek Yoghurt with Raspberries
♥ Carrot sticks with hommus
♥ Low fat cheese and crackers
♥ Strawberries {or any berries}
♥ Salsa {avocado, tomato, red onion, coriander and lime juice} with a few healthy corn chips
♥ 2 squares of dark chocolate and a herbal tea
♥ Air-popped pop-corn
♥ Almonds
♥ Yoplait Bon Appetit Greek Yoghurt with Passionfruit

My beautiful friend Zoë Foster-Blake {mama, wife, author, owner of the amazing Go-To beauty products and so much more} is the ambassador for the new Yoplait range, so I asked her best advice for living a healthy and happy life. Here’s what she said:


“Make a clone. That failing, buy one. THAT failing, make sure you look after yourself. Get enough sleep. Move your body in some way each day. Say no to stuff that depletes you. Put your phone in a no-touch bucket between 6 and 9PM. Eat right. Choose food that actually does something. I want food that tastes good but is also nutritious… which is why I am happy to recommend (and wolf down) Yoplait’s Bon Appetit. That said, treats (a top notch burger and a bottle of wine with the husband, say) are a delightful and important part of my life. But my tip is to make it high quality and worth it. Don’t waste valuable treat points on rubbish.”


I know you’re going to be surprised at how good this yoghurt is, because I was. So I’m giving you the chance to win a generous prize pack filled with Yoplait Bon Appetit, Lorna Jane goodies and much more {pictured above} valued at $200. Simply share your best tip for living a healthy and happy life.


Open to Australian residents only. One entry per person. If the winner lives out of a metro area, a gift voucher will be given so that they can go and buy their Yoplait Bon Appetit {because we need to keep the prize cold for you, and that’s difficult with non-metro areas}. Closes June 10th 2015 at 11:59pm.

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  1. 10kg! That’s awesome and it really shows – you looked ace in your Disneyland photos. I’ve put on more weight than that since my thyroidectomy. That’s a lot of cake bowl licking! My tip for a healthy life is everything live well, laugh often and love much.

  2. Best tip for a healthy and happy life is to start. Just start. Take small steps at first (literally!). But seriously, start small. Swap butter for avocado. Move more. Do squats while you brush your teeth. Little things add up and build confidence, then you can start doing bigger things and soon, soon it’s just habit and then it’s just lifestyle and you forget that there is anything to be other than healthy and happy! xx

  3. As I get older it’s becoming more evident that it’s not about looking good it’s about living! As hard as it is, I’ve started to realise living a healthy and happy life starts with self acceptance. Focus on the good things about you – I am a good mum and wife, I’m kind and caring, I work for a not-for-profit cause I believe it truly makes a difference in people lives and I’m a mean cook (your choc chip Anzac slice has been rocked more times than I can count in my house). So my tip is, be ok with who you are first, then everything else will become apart of a happy, healthy journey.
    P.S congrats on your 10kg loss!

    • Yes! It’s about living for a long time, but quality of life. Having a bad back for a month made me realise how important it is to look after my body. I hated not being able to live how I want to. x

  4. Well done on the 10kg! And the goal of being good role models for your kids is the best incentive. I have 2 girls as well (4 and 18mt) and I want them to grow up with strong bodies, smart heads, and beautiful hearts so my health tip is to never put your body down in front of your children (or at anytime for that matter). Be strong and healthy, eat good food, move your body and enjoy life!

  5. I made the switch to herbal tea after lunch might not seem much but it’s made a big difference in sneaky calories, I also try to use mindfulness techniques while I brew my cup, taking big breathes and concentrating on only what I’m doing – it helps me stay calm(er) throughout the day!
    Congrats on the weight loss and change of lifestyle

  6. My best advice is to exercise early, before you have time to change your mind. You’ll feel better for it.

  7. Well done!!

    Eat well, move more. It’s about the quality of what we eat, as well as the quantity.

  8. Well done on the weight loss! I have lost 8 kilos so far (about 20 more to go) and am feeling fantastic! I love that it all tends to get easier as you lose weight/you want to move more/lose more weight, and everything in life is getting a little easier.
    Top tip is to get out there and not care what others think. This was very hard for me but I am getting better at it. I used to feel as though I couldn’t wear exercise clothes and go out for a walk, that people would think I was too big to do that. Then I realised I needed to set a good example to my daughters, so I just got out there and did it and, honestly, it felt liberating! Best decision ever.

  9. I love this yoghurt – so tasty! My advise would be to make exercise FUN & enjoyable – whether it’s dancing, zumba or walking on the beach! The more you enjoy it the more you’ll want to keep doing it :).
    PS – how awesome is Zoe Foster-Blake! #mumchrush lol

  10. Green Smoothies – I don’t eat enough vegies / day and some days not even enough fruit, so I make up a batch every day or two, and my daughter and I have them for lunch/with lunch everyday. The best bit, is making it however you like and what suits you. Plus Yoga, I have found two to three sessions a week (whether at home or studio) plus walking, aerobics and other exercise is a must. If all else fails, I walk kids to and from school.

  11. I’ve also recently been told I have insulin resistance and this yoghurt is my end of day “treat” when I have stuck to my meal plan! It feels so much like i’m eating something I shouldn’t but i’m not so it’s my way of getting through each day of eating the same thing for every meal! Congratulations on 10kg too! That’s the same as me and I already feel so much better for it and can’t wait to see how I feel with even more!

    • Ah, Jacinta. We’re in the same boat. I know, the yoghurt feels naughty and so nice. It’s so weird to say about something so simple… but when I’ve categorised food into good and bad for so many years, it happens.

  12. Find what works for you and do it. Everybody and every body is different and what works for one person might not work for another. It applies to everything in life

  13. Awesome work losing the 10kgs and being happy and healthy!

    My best tip for living a healthy and happy life – Preparation!
    Late last year I finally did what every health blog, magazine and challenge says we should doβ€”make preparation a priority when it comes to diet. It turns out, as expected, they are very wise in their words. Preparation has helped me gain better control of my diet and eat more nutritious food; instead of reaching for or cooking whatever is convenient.

  14. Top tips?- move regularly, eat better, relax more, love harder, laugh louder = live happier, longer❀️

  15. I find that laughter and practical jokes are the best way to living a happy and healthy life! For instance if your children are misbehaving and you can no longer take it put a medium sized
    garbage bin on the kitchen table and wait for one of them to ask what it’s for. Respond by saying that “Due to the economy we are going to have to let one of you go!” The perplexed look on their face is priceless – then hug them both and tell them you love them, and of course, that no one is going anywhere. Their past behaviour is forgotten because there’s nothing that a big group hug won’t fix!

    Another way is to just escape! Pack the kids and a hairdryer into the car and drive to a street with medium to busy traffic. Sit in your parked car and point the hairdryer at passing cars. See if they slow down! The kids will find it hilarious!

    For pure amusement when you’re next at the bank and the money comes out of the ATM scream “I won!”, “I won!”, “Third time this week!”

    Finally if all else fails, pop some popcorn with the lid off and sit back and relax with a nice cold glass of diet water! Ha, ha!

  16. I think being in touch with things that make you feel good can make the every day happy & healthy. Delicious fresh food, hilariously silly rom-coms, having a big belly laugh and talking with my family, these always put a smile on my dial and make it all worthwhile.

  17. always smile, wake up with a smile and you will feel great. when you feel good you can give anything a go and feel healthy and positive all day

  18. We’re trying to do that here too – go you two! (throws confetti) So we’re trying to cut portion size, normalise fruit and nuts as a snack and say no to most fast food. I’m a fan of almonds, 10 and eat them V.E.R.Y S.L.O.W.L.Y. and they last longer! x

  19. Deep breathing is my compass in life. Opening doors to peaceful days where I nourish my soul with flavours of the mediterranean…Greek yoghurt is my chocolate almond substitute.

  20. Amazing , I just lost weight too after being so depressed and overweighted I joined a 12 week challenge and I keep going this will be amazing to keep me more motivate and continue my healthy lifestyle

  21. Move a little each day. Take the stairs where you can. Eat healthy but don’t skimp on occasional treats – just keep them occasional

  22. Go outside & enjoy nature – a short walk with the dog – even in the rain! Go & do something you love! Lighten up & try something new (food & adventure) Sure makes a difference.
    Anything that makes you feel good πŸ™‚

  23. Spend time with friends and family, find your favourite exercise and get your booty moving, eat real food, shop at your local markets and enjoy the little things like gorgeous sunrises, the smell of freshly cut grass an having a good ole belly laugh.

  24. Keys to a happy, healthy life – smile more, frown less, laugh more, stress less. Eat well, treat yourself, but only in moderation. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

  25. Water, water and more water!!! No matter how healthily I am eating I don’t feel great unless I am drinking lots and lots of water! That and sleep….zzzzzzz….
    P.S. Well done Chantelle! Hubby and I have recently made a conscious effort to be healthier and while he has lost 10kg, I have only managed 3kg (so far).

  26. Oh congrats! My tip is pretty much what you’re doing, eat for health rather than diet! Positive what’s good for you is better than being negative dieter.

  27. I need to try to reign in my naughty snacks and exercise more. That yoghurt looks incredible.

    I’m all about finding foods that make you feel great but also feel like you are spoiling yourself too

    p.s go you!! Well done

  28. Great job! Love the snack ideas too. I think healthy meals are easy, it’s the snacking that gets me! I usually reach for something not-so-healthy πŸ™ I’ll add these to the list!
    My tip for a healthy and happy life is to look after your physical health and your mental health.
    This year I have been on a mental health health-kick…..and I highly recommend…….yoga, meditation, spending time with family & friends, eating healthy, getting lots of sleep and exercising for FUN and not because you feel like you have to πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  29. I’ve recently lost 25kg, and at times get deflated knowing I’m only about halfway through my health journey, but then I remind myself it is a journey. It’s about small steps each day. It’s about accepting yourself and your quirks as a human woman and all that entails. We often do well just to get through a day without going bonkers, don’t apologise for needing that piece of chocolate to unwind on a Friday night, just make sure it’s the good stuff. Quality over quantity. Food isn’t the enemy, self loathing over food is. We can’t escape a relationship with food, so we need to nurture and embrace it.

  30. Grow it yourself… things taste so much better when you grow it yourself, the kids love to eat stuff straight from the garden and we get tonnes of exercise out there. I have frozen mango, dried paw paw, bananas, pineapple, winged beans, beetroot, egg plant, the list is endless, but favourite is the giant pumpkin for the local show… fingers crossed.

  31. The kids and I take the dogs for a walk of an afternoon, stretching our legs, keeping our 4 legged friends happy and time to talk.

  32. Get lots of fresh air, exercise (I bought myself some funky new gym gear that make me feel alive!) eat mostly well and don’t beat yourself up if u have a bad day eating. It’s hard to get a balance especially if you have children and/or work long hours but it’s worth trying for the mental benefit as well. Keep up the good work Chantelle!

  33. My number ONE tip is SILENCE YOUR INNER CRITIC and don’t take life too seriously! Big deal so you didn’t reach your weeks goal, don’t beat yourself up about it, use that as motivation for next time and commend yourself for taking the effort to make a positive change.

  34. Don’t compare yourself (what you look like, what you do, what you have etc..) with anyone else. It will only bring you down.

  35. Be prepared. Set yourself up for success by planning meals and snacks ahead of time so you don’t get hungry and reach for the nearest fatty, sugary snack.

  36. Embrace mindfulness while eating and eat all things in moderation. Sometimes it is better to eat those two squares of chocolate when you first think about it – putting it off turns it into a mind game and you may just end up with the empty packet in front of you three hours later!

  37. I love food! I could never diet so I just make sure I eat good food, I eat 5-6 times a day. My biggest meal of the day is breakfast, which is usually full of the good stuff. 2 eggs, spinach, mushrooms, Greek yogurt, avocado and one slice of multigrain or rye bread. Lunch is usually grilled chicken or basa fillet and veggies and dinner is whatever my husband requests. But I make sure I control my portions. I snack in between each meal; carrot sticks, fruits, yogurt, almonds, etc. I’m not big on excercising but I go for 45 min walks in my area in the afternoon and I find that relaxes and clears my mind. My biggest advice is find what works for YOU! Your stomach will thank you.

    Congratulations to you and your husband on losing the weight.

  38. Stop feeling guilty. Guilt generally leads to feelings of failure which then steamrolls into giving up entirely.
    Just stop the guilt.

  39. Drink plenty of water! And smile more. For a guilt-free treat, pop medjool dates in the freezer. Delicious!

  40. Don’t sweat the small stuff, hug your loved ones long and tight, find activities you love doing and do them often (my favourite is running!) and fuel your body well.

  41. Buy or borrow a dog, walk in the sunshine (with the dog), people with stop and chat with you and the endorphins will kick in and make you happy………have a laugh with a mate doing something that makes you happy!

  42. Be Mindful … everything you eat, every little treat, every move you make, every cake you bake … do they lead to you living a healthy and happy life?

  43. Balance and moderation! Basically, be sensible. You can have an occasional treat as long as the majority of what you eat is healthy.

  44. Walk! Walk everywhere you can, get off the bus one stop early and walk, walk around the block, walk to the store, walk along the beach, just walk!

  45. Wake up with a smile, it’s amazing what being happy and thankful the moment you open your eyes can do for the rest of your day. Say a little prayer and set yourself up for positive vibes throughout the day, which helps in everything you do! Such a small gesture we often forget or underappreciate, but boy, it works.

  46. Ditch the car and try to walk to as many places as you can, and walk at a fast pace, the kids think its lots of fun to speed walk and laughing at the same time makes you feel great!

  47. Do exercise that makes your truly happy! Just do it, don’t listen to the niggling voice in your head (no one looking at you) , don’t be scared, as after you will feel amaze balls.

  48. Be honest with yourself and stop making excuses for poor food choices or reasons you can’t exercise. Make time for yourself

  49. I am finding removing things (or choosing not to engage with!) that make me feel bad/sad/cross is helpful in living a happy life… and keeping food simple, no restrictive rules but keeping in tune with what my body needs is ideal in keeping healthy… not always so simple to do admittedly!

  50. Eat healthy, play safe but always remember life is too short not to enjoy it. If you are being good, eating right, excercising you can have that slice of cake and enjoy it without the guilt – life is about happiness not worrying about one small piece of heaven – as long as it a treat and not a everyday thing then perfectly – life is meant to be balanced.

  51. Congratulations on losing 10kg!!!!
    I always have snacks prepared at the beginning of the week so if I need a nibble the healthy stuff is easy to get to. So bagging up single serves of fruit and nuts, my fridge is full of little containers of cheese and bikkies and I’ve always got fruit in the fruit bowl. And always squeeze in a treat meal and not feel bad about it!

  52. Congrats on the 10kg weight loss!

    My one tip would be: listen to your body. I’ve heard so many diet and weight loss tips but I think it truly comes down to “what does your body need right now?” and “how can I take care of my body best?”

  53. fantastic job.
    I think it is all about everything in moderation, but also not depriving yourself of anything if you want something have it, cause it will most likely stop you from binging on it another time. find a form of exercise that you enjoy.. but also don’t be to hard on yourself we all have bad days, just pick yourself up and start again.. πŸ™‚ also don’t compare yourself to anyone else.. We as females are deftinly way to hard on ourselves.. πŸ™‚

  54. You wouldn’t put the wrong petrol in your car, so fuel you body with fresh food, get out in the fresh air and be present in every moment.

  55. Firstly I love that you are making changes, congrats on the 10kg and ‘how good do you feel?’ My tip is don’t eat anything ‘low fat’, eat healthy whole fats, choose the best quality fruit n veg you can afford, do something for yourself every day, do for others and Pana organic chocolate rocks! X

  56. Enjoy and make the most of every moment you have, smile and laugh and laugh!! Enjoy good quality food in moderation don’t forbid and one food.

  57. Enjoy all things in moderation,snack wisely and don’t eat when you’re bored are my tips!

  58. Make time to do the things you love, sew, play games, run with the kids πŸ™‚

  59. My fitness instructor says that we should allow ourselves exactly one day of “cheat meals” ever week. That way, we are actually rewarding ourselves for being faithful to our nutrition plan (I hate the word “diet”) for the entire week. I mean, everyone deserves a prize for doing so well! But at the same time, cheating shouldn’t spill over the the entire week instead of a single day πŸ˜›
    Works for me. Try that, along with at least some form of physical activity. Although with two kids, I am sure you get enough of that already πŸ˜€

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