34 thoughts on “10 on 10: life as I see it”

  1. What a gorgeous post. Love it! My favourite time of day is first thing in the morning when I have the whole day ahead of me, full of promise and new energy.

  2. My favourite part of the day is when my boys just wake up..all confused warm and fuzzy and just wanting to be cuddled by me..I wait for it..bliss

  3. Looks like a perfect day. Love this idea! Will set a reminder for 10/11 and participate too!

  4. I enjoy different parts of the day, but I am NOT a morning person! i wish with all my heart I was, but my brain just doesnt wake up! I am a serious night peron! I love the quiet of my nights, I get a lot done, and i can do it without interruption! Hubby goes to bed earlier and wakes for kidlets and I work till about 1am..well actually its been 2am lately cos of the dailight savings change! i also love when i can see my babies wake up! whatever time of the day(or night) it is! they wake so happy and so excited to see my face, I LOVE that time! I dont see it often first thing as my husband does the first wake up call! but through the day after naps i LOVE!

  5. I still cannot go too long without using my DSLR. Love using my iPhone, but, the photos just don’t compare to the real thing.

  6. beautiful photos! so fun to see you participating this month! this project was actually started in 2008 by Rebekah Gough at A Bit of Sunshine :: rebekahgough.blogspot.com. She’s been doing a fabulous job hosting and inspiring her readers with this project for the past five years!

  7. Love your pics!!!
    Just had to add that the 10 on 10 project began with Rebekah Gough from A Bit of Sunshine blog… just wanted to make sure proper credit was given for the link up:)

  8. Gorgeous photo’s. I love that someone else’s desk is as messy as mine!
    Me, I love early mornings too. I get to exercise and a bit of blog catch up time x

  9. These are great photo’s, Chantelle. I forgot to do it yesterday, so decided I would do 11 on 11 today!! It has been fun.

  10. Oh what a lovely idea. I was very good with the August photo a day until life happened and scuppered it in the middle! I didn’t bother to try again because realistically I don’t think I can manage it. But 10 on 10 sounds like a lovely idea. Or something like that 🙂 Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing!

  11. Somewhere in between, well actually dinner time. I live alone so I take my time cooking something good and nice so I just sit and enjoy it, oh and also if I’m to share the recipe I’ll take a pic (I’m collaborating for a local newspaper in Orlando, Florida).

  12. No need to have practiced your speech for Problogger’s #pbevent. There are 150 people in this audience rapped that you have sooooo much to teach us. Big cheer from the audience!

  13. oh yay for taking the real camera out for one whole day! i adore that photo of lacey on the couch… so pretty and grown up!

  14. LOVE that you have a messy desk and LOVE that you love to dance after school! 10 on 10 is a great project!

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