Photo-takers: You’re gonna love this!

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Did you know that 78.3% of all Instagram users haven’t printed a single photo that they’ve taken? Did you also know that I just made that statistic up? But I think I’d be about right.

Have you printed a photo recently?

Last year Blurb {creators of photos books and such things} came to me and asked if I’d like to give my lovely readers a free book filled with their Instagram/Facebook photos. I said yes. Free stuff for everyone. Everyone seemed pretty happy with it all, and it was an exciting time. We did have to cover postage ourselves which averaged at about $12 {if I remember correctly} depending on where you lived.

So, the offer is back. If you want a free book, printed with 60 of your own photos – all you have to do is create it and pay for postage. Everyone is welcome to take advantage of the offer {it’s open worldwide}. It will go live on Saturday morning {my time} – I’ll post all the details here. Unlike last time the offer is only open for 24 hours – so I wanted to give you time to start thinking about what photos you want. I’m thinking of making a little book of our trip to Singapore for Lacey.

You can download your photos straight from Instagram or Facebook, or upload from your desktop {whatever works for you}.

So stay tuned. More details to come. x


  1. says

    Yay!! I must’ve done something wrong last time as my postage came up as $30 and I ended up deciding against it, but a friend down the road got one and only payed about $12 and hers was amazing so I’m definitely going to make sure I do it right this time!! Thanks Chantelle :)

  2. Holly says

    LoL you will be happy to know I have my two *cough cough* very proud moment fab four happy snaps from Jan FRAMED and UP on the wall!!

    I love them to bits ♥ and very well should take a photo to show you Ha!!

    This sounds like an fabulous offer …. bring on Saturday :-D

  3. @bonegus says

    FYI – the pictures will be higher resolution if you upload the originals from your photo library instead of pulling from Facebook or Instagram. I have a Blurb book that I pulled straight from IG and not all the images are the quality I was hoping for! Thanks Chantelle and Blurb for the offer!

  4. Ann Harvey says

    wow that is such a great offer thank you so much will have to get to thinking of what photos ….so many to choose from going to have to put the thinking cap on:)

    • Garry says

      It will be Blurb’s small square format Instagram book. But you will have to create the book via the FMS/Blurb landing page. Link to this page will be announce Saturday, Sydney local time.

  5. says

    This is perfect! My house got broken into last week and all of my electronics stolen :( The only pictures I have of my three month old daughter are the ones on Facebook/Instagram and my blog. Now I can get some of them in a book and at least have them that way!

  6. michelle says

    YAY! Your blog makes me so happy! Have you ever had chicken-n-dumplins (its a southern thing here in the US) there my favorite dumplins! :) Michelle

  7. Cat says

    Do we have more information on how to obtain the discount? My book is all ready to go, just waiting to get the discount code for check-out.

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