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Photo-takers: You’re gonna love this!

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Did you know that 78.3% of all Instagram users haven’t printed a single photo that they’ve taken? Did you also know that I just made that statistic up? But I think I’d be about right.

Have you printed a photo recently?

Last year Blurb {creators of photos books and such things} came to me and asked if I’d like to give my lovely readers a free book filled with their Instagram/Facebook photos. I said yes. Free stuff for everyone. Everyone seemed pretty happy with it all, and it was an exciting time. We did have to cover postage ourselves which averaged at about $12 {if I remember correctly} depending on where you lived.

So, the offer is back. If you want a free book, printed with 60 of your own photos – all you have to do is create it and pay for postage. Everyone is welcome to take advantage of the offer {it’s open worldwide}. It will go live on Saturday morning {my time} – I’ll post all the details here. Unlike last time the offer is only open for 24 hours – so I wanted to give you time to start thinking about what photos you want. I’m thinking of making a little book of our trip to Singapore for Lacey.

You can download your photos straight from Instagram or Facebook, or upload from your desktop {whatever works for you}.

So stay tuned. More details to come. x