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You know what I love about blogging, it can happen pretty much anywhere. I was talking to a mum from school recently and she’d just taken a trip overseas. She works for herself, and she said, “A holiday is great, but the problem is that if I don’t work, I don’t make the money. So now I have to make up for all the fun.”

Whether you make money as a blogger, or do it for fun {or both!} – the beauty with blogging is that it can go where you go and usually if you’re traveling the content gets better and more exciting/interesting/colourful.

Today I wanted to explore where you do most of your blogging. Is it in bed? On the couch? At the kitchen table? A little cafe? Your home office? Or somewhere else?

Above is where I blog when I’m behaving, or escaping the noise of my family. Otherwise I’ll blog while I’m around everyone, sitting cross-legged on my lounge – like I’m doing right now! My desk usually looks a bit more organised than that. Oh, who am I kidding. Sometimes it does, but mostly it’s chaotic…

You can leave a comment below sharing where you blog, or I thought I’d make it really visual and get bloggers to share a picture of where they blog on Instagram – just snap a photo and add the hashtag #whereiblog. I’ll put together a little gallery of photos here on my blog, with links to each blog so people can get to know you more, so make sure you write your blog link under your photo as well.

I’m looking forward to seeing where you do all your best writing. Share away!



  1. Pip says

    I blog on my phone (sending an email to my WordPress), my iPad with keyboard or computer. I blog wherever I feel the need to unload, de-stress and process. Most of what I blog is personal and my battle with depression and where a depressed brain might take me in family and work interactions.

  2. Michelle says

    I posted my pic on Instagram too (I am @mamapyjama)
    Here is where I blog…. at my old desk (been in the family for ages), surrounded by plants, piles of paper and always with chocolate on hand! Often with the baby beside me, or on my lap feeding :-D
    I’m loving all these blogversations! Thanks Chantelle.

  3. says

    I normally blog on my teeny tiny desk, you know the old school ones little kids use that has a moveable top and you can keep stuff underneath? Yeah that. I miss my proper desk which is in storage. *sigh* But when it gets really chilly, I end up blogging from the bed, with my laptop and coffee on a lap-tray.

  4. says

    Your space looks like one that would inspire creativity.

    I’m like you: in my office if I’m being good, but more often on the sofa in our den. Which is where I am now :)

  5. Manola Rimbert says

    hello Chantelle!!!

    je suis Manola, et j’habite la Savoie en
    France depuis 22 ans.. ….mais je suis Néo Calédonienne, et j’aime
    bloguer.. je blogue depuis un petit bureau, ou quelque fois le chat de
    ma fille aime s’y lover, près de la chaleur de ce PC…et prend ma
    place.. lol!!! ainsi je peux le photographier dans sa sieste …

    mon blog: j’en ai 2 : et pour le plaisir : je suis passionnée de photos..;-)

    Manola and I live in the Savoie in France for 22 years .. But …. I’m
    New Caledonian, and I love blogging .. I blog from a small office, or
    sometimes the cat my daughter likes to curl up near the heat of the PC
    … and take my place .. lol! so I can photograph in his nap … my
    blog: I have two: and for fun:
    I am passionate about photos ..

  6. Naomi Fenton says

    At the moment I blog either at my kitchen table or in a chair in the lounge room. I moved (aaaages ago in March) and I still haven’t set up my workspace. I’ve got a little room that’s just off the main lounge room and in the next school holidays I plan (hope) to get it organised. I can’t wait until I can sort it out into somewhere nice to sit and create!

  7. says

    Normally I’m staring out from my upstairs window in Dubai looking out onto waving palm fronds, or curled up on my favourite sofa. At present away from Dubai, the usual location #whereiblog
    to the UK. Everyone I know here has a good wireless connection, even my Mum
    and Mother-in-law. It’s nice and peaceful in my Mum’s conservatory and,
    as it’s raining, may even get some blogging done today :)

  8. Kate @ Framed Cooks says

    I have a little teeny desk in my kitchen where I blog…since I write a cooking blog, that is not only convenient as I am always bouncing up and down to check something, but it also feels, well, right! My desk faces a window and almost once a day I am distracted by deer walking by (this time of year with the mamas and their babies), and my faithful hound dog is always curled up on the rag rug by my feet. I blog on my MacBook Air though, so sometimes I put it under my arm and take it outside – or upstairs under the covers! Love this idea – thanks for asking!

  9. says

    I usually blog from my laptop on the couch. Since ive had my baby 11 days ago I do a lot from my phone because its easier to use while breastfeeding. I haven’t got as much time to blog these days though. I added my photo to instagram :)

  10. Kierstyn Salinas says

    My set up is a bit similar to yours, but you have so much more color!
    Your blogging desk is a definite inspiration to mine – I love color so why don’t I have more of it!

  11. Home with Charlie says

    After seeing some lovely photos on here I’m WAAAAAAYY too embarrassed to show where I blog from….my desk is such a mess!! I’m in the process of re-organising and it seems that I’m creating more mess than I am de-cluttering. There will be a post about the office transformation soon over on

  12. BlondieInk says

    At the moment I blog from my couch, laptop balanced on my knees. I have a spare room I’m converting to an office but it’s a slow process as we save up for quality pieces!

  13. says

    I also posted mine on Instagram.

    I have a room at home for my ‘home office’ which I absolutely love. I recently bought all new furniture for it in white. Now it’s bright as well as inspiring.

  14. Grit & Glamour™ says

    I blog at my dining table…it’s my favorite place because it is full of light. I don’t like being sequestered in a room, although sometimes when you’re writing, interruptions are not welcome. ;)

  15. says

    I posted mine on Instagram and you inspired me to write a post about it!

    I blog from my sofa. Setting myself up one big desk with all my stuff proved too difficult because the only place it would fit was in a place I didn’t want to work – facing a wall and upstairs away from the windows and garden (and to be honest, the TV somedays!).

    So now I have a little shelf table tucked in beside the sofa and a little occasional table repurposed as an In Station, and I cleared out a shelf on the bookcase for all my reference books for my fledgling styling business, and my client files and reference material for my Mary Kay business.

    It’s not standard but it works beautifully for me – and doesn’t take over the whole house!

  16. Yvonne Rhinehart says

    Currently it usually happens from my bed. It should be happening for a better spot, but I live in a cramped spot.

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