Crazy cravings: What was yours?


The other night I woke a few times, as I do every night. I think it was about 11pm that I stirred, and suddenly thought, ‘I’d love some baked beans.’ Eventually I went back to sleep.

At about 3:30am Hubby’s alarm went off for work and I lay in bed tossing and turning, and thinking about baked beans. I knew there was one lone tin in the cupboard and for some reason I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. The tin had been in there for about 6 weeks. I saw them every time I went to make dinner, grab a snack or any other adventures I had in the pantry.

After realising that I wasn’t going to be able to get back to sleep, I decided to get up and nurture my baked bean craving. One issue though. They were gone.

I searched that pantry. I moved things, all while trying not to wake Lacey in a nearby room. No baked beans.

I must have imagined them. I almost wanted to cry. Yep, first world pregnancy problem.

That afternoon we went to the supermarket to grab some groceries, the three of us. When we got to the baked bean aisle Hubby grabbed for a 3 pack. I braced myself by placing one hand on the trolley and another on a nearby shelf. In dramatic fashion I quizzed, “Hold up! Did you eat that tin of baked beans this morning?”

“Ah, yes… I took them to work.”

“I. needed. those. baked. beans. I dreamt about them all night and then they were gone.”

And we laughed. Mine was more of an awkward laugh to hide the anger that I felt earlier that morning when I couldn’t satisfy my craving. And then we bought double.

Baked beans is such a so very boring craving to have though, aren’t they? Wouldn’t it be more exciting to be a rare fruit or a rich chocolate sundae with whipped cream and chocolate pieces throughout?

Did you get cravings during pregnancy? What did you LOVE to eat?


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  1. With my first baby, I had no cravings at all other than anything that didn’t make me feel like throwing up….which wasn’t much 😉 With my second, I was mad about beetroot!! I remember I used to buy jars of sliced beetroot on my way to work and keep them in the bottom drawer of my desk….I am laughing just thinking about it 🙂

  2. Boiled eggs and MacIntoshes toffees with my second and with my first I didnt have a craving as such, I totally went off tomato based pasta sauces, they made me want to be sick, the smell the thought was just yuck!

  3. Mine weren’t strange or exotic. I was pregnant through summer and craved green apples and nectarines – both cold from the fridge but the nectarines had to be just ripe with a little but of crunch. Funnily the baby hated apple and, at 11, still isn’t keen.

  4. Strawberry milk with my first and believe it or not, for someone who never touched the stuff …Coffee for the second… Now I am addicted and I can blame it all on my son!!

  5. I couldn’t get enough of the super thick natural yoghurt that collected around the rim of the tub – which is a bit of a difficult craving because you never get a whole tub of that – and you have to wait for it to accumulate again.

  6. Bananas! Oh…banana smooties, banana bread, banoffie pie. Anything and everything with bananas. I could not eat enough of them. Much to my mother-in-laws dismay. Not sure if it a general Chinese superstition or hers. But bananas are meant to be bad for a male baby. The mother should not eat bananas at all when pregnant. Opps I ate several a day. They are now Jarvis’s favourite fruit as well.

  7. Chocolate Milk ,Any Type of Eggs. and Apple and Blackcurrant Juice Especially eggs I was Crazy for them. I had a Boy

  8. With my girl it was Furry Friends milk chocolate…it absolutely had to be thin. Normal Cadburys wouldn’t do! With my boy I couldn’t get enough of Beef Rendang curry with lots of roti bread…carbs all the way!

  9. Ice cubes were my craving with my third pregnancy. I used to eat them by the cup full – couldn’t get enough of them.

  10. With my first it was fried egg sandwiches smeared with strawberry preserves. : Second was ice, morning, noon and night.

  11. Aaaaahhh this brings back fond memories! There were some things I went crazy for which were not so ‘strange’ but oh so necessary that I’d go crazy for days thinking about them and hunting them down. The most memorable being blueberry bagels. Not your ordinary run of the mill blueberry bagel but the sugar topped kind! I drove the length and breadth of my local town to find some (running over two pigeons on my hunt…not intentionally I’ll point out!), and when I did, I cried and then cried when I cremated them in the toaster! Other necessaries where strawberry milkshakes, strawberry jam, sponge cake with jam and cream (are you noticing a trend?!?) which I could never find so resorted to baking my own! Such fun times! My little girl is now 5 months and I wonder if she’ll develop a fondness for strawberry jam and bagels!

  12. With my first, it was potatoes. Anything with potatoes. Second was cheeseburgers. Third I think it was rootbeer and macaroni and cheese. With my last, I don’t remember craving anything really.

  13. With my first it was ham( I don’t even like ham)…Second was jalapenos I couldn’t get enough of them.

  14. With my son it was hot fresh doughnuts (and I couldn’t stop at one!!) and I ate a lot of steak and not much chicken which is usually the other way around. With my daughter it was cornflakes. If I didn’t know what I wanted for dinner it would be a huge bowl of cornflakes (and I don’t like cornflakes much!!).

  15. With my first I knew where all the donut shops were in between my house and work.
    With my second it was Bacon Double Cheese Burgers from McDonalds (they were running their 99 cent special on them during that time too. Score!)
    With my third, mostly eggs and yogurt.

  16. My first was fish – I hated it before that. Second was Curry pies and a lemon after dinner every night. Third was burgers, eaten with a knife and fork cos I couldn’t stand the smell of meat near my face 🙂

  17. My mum craved pizza when she was pregnant with me.. and for some odd reason she craved the smell of shoe rubber when she was pregnant with my brother! I’m interested to know what I’ll crave when I’m pregnant one day (I’m only 21)

  18. My first pregnancy I craved carrots, boring old carrots, which I never liked cooked until then. I have eaten them every day since. I did crave baked beans with cheerio sausages for dinner once and ended up with food poisoning. Didn’t do that again! Oh, and I had to have a piece of chocolate each day, and I’m not even a sweet tooth. And my second pregnancy I craved broccoli. How weird am I? And I’m not a health fanatic or anything! I can’t remember craving anything special with my other pregnancies though.

  19. I had a huge craving for ice cubes with my daughter, i would wake up in the middle of the night and sit on my kitchen floor eating trays of them! Also cold kit kat chunkys, if they were room temperature it would make me feel sick!

  20. I’m not pregnant but I crave stuff all the time – what does this mean?! Ice-cream, burger rings, peanut butter and chocolate……

    • I think it means you’re hungry. 😛

      Some people say that there are meanings behind normal cravings, like you’re deficient in something at that point in time. I’m deficient in chocolate ALL THE TIME. 😛

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