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BLOGversation: This is where I blog, what about you?

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Where I blog | Share where you blog on Instagram | #whereiblog

You know what I love about blogging, it can happen pretty much anywhere. I was talking to a mum from school recently and she’d just taken a trip overseas. She works for herself, and she said, “A holiday is great, but the problem is that if I don’t work, I don’t make the money. So now I have to make up for all the fun.”

Whether you make money as a blogger, or do it for fun {or both!} – the beauty with blogging is that it can go where you go and usually if you’re traveling the content gets better and more exciting/interesting/colourful.

Today I wanted to explore where you do most of your blogging. Is it in bed? On the couch? At the kitchen table? A little cafe? Your home office? Or somewhere else?

Above is where I blog when I’m behaving, or escaping the noise of my family. Otherwise I’ll blog while I’m around everyone, sitting cross-legged on my lounge – like I’m doing right now! My desk usually looks a bit more organised than that. Oh, who am I kidding. Sometimes it does, but mostly it’s chaotic…

You can leave a comment below sharing where you blog, or I thought I’d make it really visual and get bloggers to share a picture of where they blog on Instagram – just snap a photo and add the hashtag #whereiblog. I’ll put together a little gallery of photos here on my blog, with links to each blog so people can get to know you more, so make sure you write your blog link under your photo as well.

I’m looking forward to seeing where you do all your best writing. Share away!