The story of our sea change


Just over two years ago we packed up a truck and moved from the city to a little suburb on a hill in the country. We lived in a two-storey apartment in Tamarama within walking distance to three beaches {heck, we could SEE the beach from our balcony and dining room – you did have… 

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Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe


Brought to you by Western Star. I’ve learned {from sleepovers and visiting friends} that you’re either a butter family, or a margarine family. We’re in the butter family category. My Grandad was a big butter lover, he’d slather thick slabs of butter on his toast in the morning and I’d watch on in amazement. I’m… 

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October Photo A Day 2014: Laura Blythman designs the list!


Well, I’m equal parts excited and nervous about revealing this October Photo A Day list to you today. Nervous because the prompts are something I’ve never tried before, but something I’ve wanted to do since launching photo a day so many moons ago. And excited because one of my VERY favourite artists has designed the… 

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So, I went to Melbourne and this happened…


Brought to you by Olympus. My heart just feels so full right now. This week I flew down to Melbourne for the last of three lunches with readers {I’d love to do more, but at this stage we don’t have any planned}. When we first talked about having reader lunches, I can’t tell you how… 

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Would you go nude?


A magazine recently got in touch with me and wanted to do a piece on women being inspiring after children. I was intrigued. I think women can be inspiring before and after birthing little people from their bodies, and as a hopeless Oprah devotee I’m all for anything feel-good. So I replied and said I’d… 

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A mermaid tale


On Friday night Lacey came to me with a really serious question. Probably one of the most serious questions she’s ever asked. And I found myself in a bit of a pickle: To lie or to tell the truth. We had just put Luella to sleep, Hubby was on night shift and we were settled… 

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The honest truth


I’ve been really uncomfortable lately. I know it will be a good thing, because often these life lessons are sent to serve us with a little perspective. Life seems to throw us in these uncomfortable positions to stretch us, to test us and to make us grow. It’s not nice when it’s happening. It feels… 

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A fun photography project to try this weekend


I’ve embraced a love of photography since I was old enough to hold a camera. I’m not fancy though. I’m just an everyday photographer giving it a red-hot-go, and I love to encourage others to do the same. It’s a great way to get creative that doesn’t have to cost a lot, and isn’t messy… 

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How I got my baby to sleep through the night


This is one of the questions that I probably get asked most from readers, in person and in email. I’ve kinda avoided sharing the story on the blog because I think every baby is different, and every parent is different… and I just know how disheartening it is to hear someone’s story, try it yourself… 

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