Ssssh! The 6 blogging secrets I’d only tell my BFF


Imagine we’re besties. Imagine I’ve cooked the most delicious chocolate cake, and made the best tea there is and I’ve invited you over for a little girly chat session. Is your tummy rumbling for cake now too? Imagine I tell you the best blogging secrets reserved only for real BFFs. This is what I would… 

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The Hawaii List


Hurrah. It’s no more sleeps. Today we get off to Hawaii. I couldn’t be more excited {and more nervous about the flight, hello baby that doesn’t like to sit still for more than 3.47 seconds}. It’s happening. I got soooo many great recommendations after I wrote this post, so I’m putting them all in once… 

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Why don’t you do something good?


The other day I was at the local shopping centre, and it wasn’t very busy. I had a trolley full of groceries and was headed for the escalators down to the carpark. At the same time there was a woman coming up the escalator, and a man walking past us. Just the three of us…. 

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How to out-gift the gift king


I am the gift queen. I love to make people feel good, and I make an effort to get just the right present. I’m hit a home run a few times. Yeah, I’m talking myself up, what about it. Ha! And then my brother-in-law came along. And boom. I was out. He knocked me down,… 

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Being a grown up sucks. Here’s why.


Brought to you by Holiday Inn. Do you remember being a kid and someone asking what you wanted to be when you grew up? And you were just excited to be an adult, because no bedtimes! Eat what you want! Watch M-rated movies! Huzzah. Being an adult was going to be the BEST THING EVER?… 

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Head space


Do you meditate? My mind runs at a million miles an hour and when I’ve tried to meditate in the past, it’s gone something like this. Me: Think of nothing. Try and think of nothing. Me: Oh, something! Me: You’re supposed to be thinking of nothing. Be all zen, lady! Me: Nothing, nothing, nothing, I’m… 

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Trick or treat: How to make Halloween gifts


Brought to you by Allen’s Lollies. I know when it comes to Halloween, some people are into it and some people aren’t. I guess because we live in Australia and it’s not as widely celebrated as other parts of the world, it hasn’t quite taken off. Our little neighbourhood is a hive of activity on… 

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