The Real Reality.


I don’t know if you know, but Kate gave birth to the Royal Baby over the weekend. If you don’t know… well I want to live where you’re living, because that must be very nice. And quiet. Anyway, Kate had her royal princess and she’s cute. I welcomed that baby news with open arms, because… 

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When did we get so nosy?

Rabbit Mouth And Nose

I was at the supermarket the other week, by myself. Yep, it can and does happen. I was just doing a quick shop, so placed my basket of purchases on the conveyor belt thing. There was an older couple in front of me debating the merits of Fly Buys, but the husband quickly became distracted… 

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Good news day


Howdy! Today I’m sharing some exciting news that I’ve been sitting on for a while {not literally or that bugger would be mighty squashed}. Last year I was an ambassador for Olympus which meant I got to do some really cool things that involved you guys {lunches up and down the east coast, which were… 

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The things I’d do for a dumpling


I love me some dumplings, maybe even more than I love my husband. {Shane, I joke! I do}. It’s the one thing my life has been void of since moving up North, and I haven’t failed to mention that to anyone that will listen. I MISS THE DUMPLINGS. I was looking on Facebook on the… 

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