The deal breaker


Brought to you by Nissan X-TRAIL. My husband had a favourite Chinese restaurant when we lived in Bondi. It was one of those places that looks like it’s been there forever, that you could have walked past a million times and never noticed it, but as soon as you get a hankering for a short… 

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Food as gifts: Choc chip shortbread


Over this past month I’ve been sharing a few different recipes for food to make as gifts, because who doesn’t love to indulge in good food this time of year? This recipe is easy to make. Super easy. Just throw it all in the food processor or Thermomix and you’re almost done! Ingredients 220g chilled… 

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The menu


Brought to you by Coles. Last week I showed you all the fancy decorations for our Christmas lunch, and now onto the most important stuff, THE FOOD. I mentioned that my style with decorating is eclectic. My style with cooking is, getting stuff done, leaving a big mess and hoping that someone else will clean… 

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A very eclectic Christmas: How I styled our Chrissy lunch


Brought to you by Coles. I take Christmas very, VERY seriously. Well, actually seriously probably isn’t the right word, I take it very enthusiastically. I’m all about the planning and the dreaming and the food {because you do know it has no calories around Christmas time, riiiiight?} I mentioned last month that we did Christmas… 

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Tim Tam Cheesecake Balls


There’s something about Tim Tams that brings people together and gets them excited. To be brutally honest, I didn’t really like those suckers until recently… but now I’m kinda enjoying them {HIPS SAY NO}. This is a super easy recipe, and one that the kids can help with. I just threw everything into my Thermomix,… 

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24 photos you need to snap this summer


Brought to you by Olympus OM-D E-M10. Summer is the perfect time to get snap-happy. The light is beautiful. Everyone is happier. It’s time to flood your Instagram feed my friend. Here’s 24 fun ideas. ONE: SUNRISE I know you don’t want to get up early. I get it. But just try it for one… 

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The verge


This week a new baby will be born into the world. Not just any baby, but a baby in my family. I’ll have a new niece or nephew. Right now, I feel on the verge. On the verge of new beginnings, new life… life is about to change. Isn’t that a little bit magical? Last… 

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Sunday morning drive


I live in the country. I know when I’ve written about that before some people have been up in arms that it actually ISN’T the country. I don’t know what the definition of country is, but I think if I can hear cows mooing as I type this… then that’s pretty much country. But perhaps… 

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