Fun Photos


Photo by: @MsMeowD So, in all my years of blogging {SEVEN YEARS} I don’t believe I’ve ever had so much fun with my little community. This project took fun to a whole new level. A handful of weeks back I gave out 150 little boxes filled with things to get people excited about taking photos, and to encourage them to get a little bit creative. And creative people did get….

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Photo A Day Challenge // Week 28

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Happy Friday! Or Fri-YAY as some like to call it. I hope you’ve had a great week. Today I’m sharing the photo a day list for next week, which has been kindly designed by Siobhan of me-oh-my-mum. Siobhan does awesome prints that are perfect for kids’ rooms. Check them out here. Here’s the list! How to play on Instagram + check out the photo a day list for the daily…

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The idea


I cry every time I watch Toy Story 3, which seems to be a lot lately as the kids are obsessed with it. It’s the bit where Andy grows up and doesn’t need his toys anymore, so he gives them away. Oh man, I’m getting teary even now. I have to be all like, “Oh no, mama’s not crying. I just have something in my… eye.” I’m just not good…

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Who were you in high school?


Social Media definitely makes the world smaller, doesn’t it? I have a friend Jodie. I’ll call her that because that’s her name. We met in preschool, and probably bonded over the fruit bowl. When I was in preschool the fruit bowl was shared and passed around the circle, each kid taking a piece and passing the bowl on. It would be a hygiene-nightmare in today’s world. From memory the bananas…

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Spiced Pear Crumble Cake


Today I have the delightful Erin sharing another of her beautiful recipes. Thank you Erin. To visit her blog, simply click here. I love nothing more in life than baking on a Sunday afternoon. OK a few things more, but you know what I mean. The kettle goes on, the tea comes out and I search through countless cookbooks to choose the perfect recipe. I usually deviate from the recipe…

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The Fat Mum Slim project


Recently when I was away traveling I was sitting at a group experience breakfast. There were three lizards on the table next to me, a lady with a snake to my right, a koala behind me and large birds perched on branches in front of me. There were also 25 other travelers also seated at tables, enjoying the same experience. Our host was an outspoken Aussie-to-the-bone ranger who had no…

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This matters to me


Yesterday as I drove along a big rainbow filled the sky. You know when you see one you often only see part of one, the end or middle is obscured by something… clouds, buildings, anything. This was big, and clear and it spanned across the whole sky. I was driving along to breakfast with my Ma and Sis and the rainbow just kept getting bigger and brighter as we drove….

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Remarkable blogging advice! {from my favourite bloggers}


As a blogger I’ve been part of an agency for two years now, and the agency is The Remarkables Group. So while I work alone for the most part, I am part of a smaller blogging community, which has some pretty inspiring and remarkable {funny that!} bloggers. They’re the people that I go when I have any blogging question or concern. They’re the people that will cheer the loudest when…

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Photo A Day Challenge // Week 27

image copy

Howdy! I’m pretty excited about introducing you to the designer of this week’s list. She’s such a beautiful, talented photographer and just a very nice person. Nice people are good! Meet Mel, and see the beautiful list she created. I strongly suggest following her on Instagram {@melwhittlesea}, because you’ll be inspired. You will. How to play on Instagram + check out the photo a day list for the daily prompt…

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How to get depth of field on your iPhone {so easy!}


ROAR! I want to teach you one tip that you’re going to love with your iPhone. It’s how to achieve Depth of Field. First up, I know some of you are saying… Depth of What? Are we playing baseball? WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT? Hold your horses honey. Let me tell you what depth of field is. Depth of field (DOF) is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects…

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How to help your baby sleep better


Brought to you by Johnson’s. I only have two children, but I wonder if parents with more than one child learn more about how to parent with each child that they have. Like that Duggar lady with all those children, did she get to the 15th one and just totally know what she was doing? Surely, you obtain much more wisdom with the more children you have? Is that how…

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Quick & Easy Mini Sticky Date Puddings with Butterscotch Sauce


Today I have a treat for you. I have a little guest post and delicious treat from Lucy, who is the delectable blogger behind Bake Play Smile. After you’ve finished drooling over this recipe, I think you should pop over and drool over her no-bake Malteser slice. Thanks for popping by and sharing your recipe Lucy. x Hi everyone, it’s so nice to meet you! I have to say that…

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