Good news day

Howdy! Today I’m sharing some exciting news that I’ve been sitting on for a while {not literally or that bugger would be mighty squashed}. Last year I was an ambassador for Olympus which meant I got to do some really cool things that involved you guys {lunches up and down the east coast, which were… 

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The things I’d do for a dumpling

I love me some dumplings, maybe even more than I love my husband. {Shane, I joke! I do}. It’s the one thing my life has been void of since moving up North, and I haven’t failed to mention that to anyone that will listen. I MISS THE DUMPLINGS. I was looking on Facebook on the… 

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Photography lesson: Fill the frame!

Hello you. So if you’re playing Photo A Day you might have noticed that the prompt is Fill The Frame. It’s a photography lesson prompt so that you can learn, stretch and grow, and try new things with your photography. Plus it’s fun to try new things. This is such an easy, and cool technique… 

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Fun Play: Learning colours & Win a DUPLO

Brought to you by LEGO DUPLO. When was the last time you went to the bathroom without an audience? I actually can’t remember. One time I tried to use the bathroom with the door locked and the kids started sliding drawings underneath, and then screamed as they tried to slide their own bodies under too… 

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The best chewy choc-chip cookies EVER

We all know there are two types of people in the world: the chewys and the crunchies. I happen to sit on the chewy side. Give me slightly undercooked and deliciously soft any day. I don’t not like crunchies. They’re perfectly fine people. They just don’t know what they’re missing out on. Like really. With… 

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The little girl who knew what she wanted

The afternoons have been beautiful since summer finished. This one afternoon we were out the front, playing before night fell. The sky was filled with pinks, oranges, blue and purples as the sun set. “That is the most beautiful sun set ever,” I said to no one in particular. Moments later Lulu waddled up to… 

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Photo A Day Challenge: Let’s do week

Good morning sunshines! {Or afternoon if that’s what time it is where you are}. Today I’m bringing you the list for week 17. Can you believe we’re already SEVENTEEN weeks into 2015? Weren’t we just celebrating the New Year? Time flies when you’re taking photos. The list this week is fun in design and in… 

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The best camera bags {well, my favourites!}

It’s no secret that my camera is one of my prized possessions, so it only makes sense that I should house it something equally as special. Today I’m sharing a few of my favourite camera bags from around the world. They have room for the camera, and the various lenses and other bits and bobs…. 

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20 things about me

I’ve been asked to do this a lot on Instagram, and I thought I’d do it here instead. What? You’re calling me lazy for not wanting to type it all out on a teeny little phone keyboard. Ok, you got me. Lazy I am. 1. I actually hate typing on the phone. So text messages,… 

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Win an InviteMe Party Pack valued at over

Isn’t this the kind of store you could get lost in? I love these stores, there’s always something to look at or touch or be inspired by or to buy. I love it. And usually so much paper too. I love paper! This shop is called Invite Me, and it’s located in Melbourne, but it’s… 

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Anzac slice recipe with choc-chips

I’m a lover of Anzac biscuits. I’ve made them a trillion times before {maybe not a trillion, but you know what I mean}. These ones are the business if you want to try a standard recipe. This year I tried something new, and I’m oh-so-glad I did. This is an Anzac slice recipe with choc-chips…. 

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Easy hair, yeah yeah

My family wasn’t blessed with the best of hair. We’ve got frizzy, nothingness hair. I am sorry family, but someone had to say it. It’s just not that cool. My siblings have brown hair, and I’m the only blonde. My two sisters have curly hair, and I have frizzy. Blessed are we. My little sister… 

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everyday beauty

Shop the supermarket: Budget-friendly beauty

Brought to you by Coles. I’m not the sort of person that likes to hang out in the beauty department, or spend hours searching for the perfect foundation, or spend a gazillion dollars on a face cream. I love beauty and beauty products, but like everything I do… I like to do it quick and… 

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