The first day of motherhood {share yours to win Hoyts tickets)

Brought to you by Children's Panadol. I love babies, which is probably the reason I was a nanny for 13 years. I love kids too. They’re fun. But there are times when it’s not so much fun, when the little people aren’t well, and just plain … {read more}


Letter to Lacey: Six years old

Dear Lacey, It's been a while between letters, and how much you've grown in that time. You're six? You're SIX. I'm going to talk about the olden days for a moment, which is back when I used to be a nanny. Back in those days I used to specialise in babies. In other words I preferred to look … {read more}


Eight delightfully non-chocolate Easter goodies. You like?

You might as well nickname me Cheese because I'm a sucker for all the celebrating and holidays that happen throughout the year. Oh yes it's cheesy, and it's commercial, and it's so Hallmark-y... but I like it. I've totally bought what they're selling. I'm not officially religious but I've … {read more}


8 ever-so-rad outfits for your iPhone

My iPhone has been naked for the past few months. My case broke and I haven't bothered {well, really had time or brain-space} to get a replacement. So, it's been naked. Then over the weekend it decided to die, and I got a new phone. After the week I've had technology-wise, I've decided to nurture … {read more}


Lemon sour cream cake

I have an update on the Tinkerbell/Laptop situation. I took it to the local Computer Doctor {those guys are so serious, aren't they?} and he said he'd look at it. He said that it could cost anywhere between $90 and $2000 {eek!}. Thankfully I got a call yesterday afternoon and the hard drive is … {read more}


Playing it safe by the water

Brought to you by Play It Safe By The Water. Do you remember your first not-so-great incident in water? I do. I was at the beach with my family, and my cousins and we hit the surf. It was stupid really. I had no experience with waves, and I went out with just me and my cousin. We were both 7. … {read more}


The day Tinkerbell broke me

See this Tinkerbell cup above? In a moment you're going to understand what on earth it has to do with blog post. Until then, there's this... I like Oprah. I have ever since I was young enough to feign sickness and take the day off school, witnessing my Ma and her daily ritual of watching Oprah … {read more}


Earning your sleep

When Lacey was little all I seemed to write about was sleep, or the lack of it. I'd get one night of good sleep, write about it and then it all seemed to go to... crap. She still isn't the best sleeper. And now sweet Luella isn't either. This is how the dance of sleep goes in our house most … {read more}

APRIL photo-a-day1

April 2014 Photo A Day List: Challenge yourself to some fun

Hello there. How the heck are you? I'm good, thanks asking {you did ask right?}. Here's the list. THE April list. Marika from My Messy Room created this list. She also gave my blog a funky makeover {if you're reading from your phone you won't be able to see all the cool stuff so pop over when … {read more}

luella 7 months

Letter to Luella: 7 {freaking} months

Dear Luella, I wanted to write this one letter without remarking about how quickly the time is flying, or how I want time to slow down, but I just can't. Because, please remember this, when people tell you that the time flies when your children are babies... believe them. It feels like you've … {read more}


Get in your belly: Chocolate Cloud Cake

Have you ever heard a cake called something more enticing? Cakes & clouds, oh yeah... I'm in. Sold. Cake week {the week when everyone in my family seemed to be born at once} finished for us a week and a bit ago. To be honest, I was so caked out that I just sliced them up, put them on a … {read more}


Dear lady in seat 24D…

Dear Lady in seat 24D, You may not remember me. Heck, who am I kidding, you'll remember me. I'm the girl lady who sat near to you early Saturday morning on a flight to Sydney. I had a baby {I mean with me, not that I gave birth on the plane}. And a mother who sat beside me. We had the audacity to … {read more}


Win a set of Scatter Love cards

Have I told you about Scatter Love yet? If you're a regular reader you're probably nodding your head and saying "YES YOU HAVE". If you're new around here then let me give you the quickest of run downs. Emma and I connected about a year ago and wanted to cook something up together. We're both huge … {read more}

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 9.09.14 pm

On the topic of happy

Image by Lisa Congdon The last two mornings I've woken in the crappiest of moods. Poor Lacey has woken to me getting my cranky on, and it ain't pretty. I'm usually pretty easy going, or at least I like to think so, but not these last two mornings. I was stressed with money things, I'm sick of … {read more}


Photo A Day: What ‘cropped’ means

Each month in the Photo A Day list there has been a photography-type prompt. We've had lighting, negative space, macro and lots of other prompts that have stretched us and made us think outside the box. This month I included the prompt 'cropped'. There's really not too much to the cropped prompt. … {read more}


The first night

On Saturday Hubby turned a year older, and his one wish was a dinner with just the two of us. I was partly excited because I haven't eaten my dinner with two hands, or in one sitting for over six months now and a lot excited about just having time with the two of us. I was also a lot nervous at the … {read more}

pregnancy copy

Pregnancy essentials: 7 things I couldn’t have lived without

Brought to you by Blackmores. I love being pregnant, except when I'm pregnant. Oh that's an exaggeration, I think being pregnant is pretty magical, you know growing a little human and all, but there's also the aches, and the carrying of the belly, and not being able to eat sushi and that … {read more}


Festival of birthdays: Hummingbird cake

This week every year has always been a festival of birthdays for my family, otherwise known as cake week. It seems like 90% of my family was born at this time of year. We have 9 {yes, NINE} birthdays in just over 9 days. That's a whole lot of celebrating {and a good handful of nice Pisces people. As … {read more}


How to rock the working-from-home & parenting gig

Brought to you by Office 365. Being a mama is a super juggling act. If I had told my pre-mama self what I was going to have on my plate when I had kids, I would have taken a nice long holiday and entered into fierce denial that it was ever going to happen. What - me juggle all that? Never. But … {read more}


I have this condition…

Bitchy Resting Face is a thing. I didn't know it existed until I read about it on my friend Stacey's Facebook page. It's just as it sounds, and people all over the world are suffering from it. It's when people look particularly sad or angry for no reason at all. They just look like that. As I … {read more}