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Brought to you by Olay.

Somebody got a little bit of a facelift, and it ain’t me {I promise!}. Olay, a brand I’ve been working with over the years, has had a little nip and tuck and it looks rather special with the launch of its new packaging and formulation.

Olay did a whole lot of research, surveying and analysing over 2500 women to answer the question: Do some people just age better than others, and can we blame bad DNA for our less than favourable ageing?
The results? Well, ten percent of people are exceptional agers… meaning they can be lucky enough to look 10 years younger than they are, totally breaking the rules when it comes to skin ageing. Then there’s the rest of us. 😩

Olay took all the information they gathered, and jam-packed the reformulated products with scientifically proven ingredients (AKA all the good stuff) to help make us look younger, firmer, and plumper in just 28 days. So it’s not bad news for those of us who don’t have exceptional DNA, we just need to ensure we take care of our skin. For the majority of the population it truly matters how you treat your skin, and it’s never too late to start caring.

Olay have added Carob fruit extract into the new Olay Regenerist formulation which provides hydration and helps skin cell renewal, and ‘turbo-boosts’ the effectiveness of the products. I have the whole entire Regenerist range for one lucky reader to try out for 28 days and see what a difference it makes. Cos we all want to look a bit younger, don’t we? Well, maybe except if you’re in that 10% and still getting asked for ID even though you’re pushing 35.

The range includes the following:

To be in the running to win this beautiful prize pack, I’d love for you to answer the following question in the comments below: If you could turn the clock back ten years, what would you do? What would you change?

Competition details: Open to Australian residents only. One entry per person. Closes on October 31st at midnight AEDST.




  • Virginia aka Wirg Hampson

    10 years? I’d say I’d have given up my public servant job sooner than I did. All those years walking in the blazing sun in summer to get to the office. Having to have an umbrella up because there was no shade to shelter under. It through me into full blown lupus. Fortunately, I’ve only yesterday been told I don’t look my age at all. Staying out of the sun really helps but so does Olay. It’s one very good piece of advice my dearly departed mother told me. If you have nothing else in your skin care collection, get Olay!

  • Mel

    If I could turn back the clock ten years, I would enjoy my kids a bit more, and make sure I was in more photos with them! Now that they are teenagers, and I am older, it is hard to take a family snap shot.

  • Becky Lofdahl

    If I could turn the clock back ten years I’d be kinder to myself and care less of what people think, get in a sh*t load more photos and I’d take more time for me and enjoy life more.

  • Kat

    I would have been kinder to myself and others and stopped worrying so much. Life is to be enjoyed!

  • Tara

    If I could turn the clock back 10 years I’d travel more…and wear more sunscreen!

  • Vyky Beattie

    If I could turn back the clock ten years I would have invested in me while building my family – took more photos, went back to uni, prioritised exercise because I love my life and the choices we made as a family except where it left my health, happiness and my career.

  • Elita Hooper

    If I could turn the clock back 10 yrs I would spend more time with my mum as she has been gone 10yrs now and maybe have my children earlier so she could of meet them.

    • Congratulations. You’re the winner of this competition. I’ll be in touch. xx

      • Elita Hooper

        Thank you so much…..can not believe I won.

  • Mellisa Counsell

    If I could turn the clock back ten years I would have found my husband a little bit earlier so I could love him a little bit longer

  • sue sinko

    If I could turn the clock back ten years, I’d thoroughly appreciate and savour being 46 years old and feeling great and looking relatively fresh and youthful. I’d focus on the positive aspects of being my age rather than nitpicking the flaws. I’d value being me.

  • Sally S Qld

    I wouldn’t change a thing….life is too short, so enjoy the now, all you love and all you have now and embrace being 47!

  • Kieren Miller

    I’d turn it back even further and slather my teenage self in suncream, slap on that hat, shirt, sunglasses, anything that is available to protect myself from sun damage. Attempting to tan as a fair skinned girl was just plain stupid. I wish I knew then what I knew now.

  • marypreston

    I’d tell myself not to sweat the small stuff so much. In ten years time I wouldn’t even remember it because it was not important.

  • Racquel Wilson

    If I could turn back time I wish I never smoked and spent more time on my self like eating health, running/exercising and finally concentrating on my skin. It’s hard work at 43yr to get fit, reverse the signs of aging and being a working mother!!

  • PetraCorcoran

    I would exercise more and actually get into the habit if daily care routine for my skin.

  • Mrs Macca

    I would have accepted myself more. I have always battled with my self image when there was no reason to. With age comes more acceptance of the things that matter. I would have worried a lot less back then about what other people thought of me.

  • Laura Powers

    I would invest more time into my home business and really have made a better go at it

  • Adele Pasquini

    I would put myself first and not let myself go. Things will always get done but having time for yourself is important

  • I would tell myself that sometimes it’s okay to put yourself first, that I can be a complete person on my own and that being single can be very rewarding. That it’s okay to be scared but you can overcome your fears.

  • Tara Mcintosh

    I would put my needs before those of my employer and work in a way that suits my needs.

  • bree smith

    Hey, I’m you from the future!
    Take better care of your teeth
    Break some of the rules
    Go for it
    Apple stock.
    Google stock.
    Lift regularly.
    don’t be a socially awkward 😛

  • amytriesagain

    I’d still get my teeth whitened cheaply in Malaysia – but I definitely wouldn’t let the dentist talk me into the root canal that turned out to have been completely unnecessary.

  • Jade o

    If I could turn back time 10 years I would have taken a gap year before starting uni. I would have loved to have seen the world before I settled down

  • Jeri Bee

    Not get fat. The biggest mistake of my life is letting myself go crazy when I fell pregnant with my son. I’ve been struggling since, and another two babies, up and down, like a yo-yo. 10 years later and not even sure where the time has flown too. All I know is I’ve been consumed with the same curse year after year. If only……..

  • Melissa

    Not spend a week’s wages on a pair of shoes, actually finish my degree, travel the world, and have more fun!

  • Danya Breman

    It’s simple for me – I wish with all my heart I had my lifechanging gastric stomach surgery 10 years ago! I have my life back, I am a fully functional member of our family and I feel blessed to have this chance to enjoy my children in full! I’ve wasted so much time/life/experiences/opportunities but I refuse to look back, only forwards!! Plus I’m an old mum with a toddler and I need all the help I can get haha! Thank you.

  • Judith

    I’d keep put of the sun much more (or at least used sunscreen more often! )to avoid skin cancer!!

  • Kate Slack

    I would have emigrated to Australia sooner and not been so worried and hesitant as it is the best thing we ever did!

  • Jo Johnson

    Three words!
    Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

  • Maryam Naeem

    I had beautiful skin. People complemented me for that and I felt that I dont need to take care of my skin. And I forgot that skin needs care. After 10 years, my skin doesn’t feel that fresh and glowing like it used to be.It feels aged and dull. One thing that I would like to change if I could turn the clock back ten years is to take care of my skin in the best possible way I can. Not that I am waiting for it to happen but I have already become anxious and take precautions about my skin since my husband belongs to the 10% people having that never aging DNA. He seems to never age and at 35, he looks 25. I better take care of my skin as they say Its never too late.

  • May

    I would tell myself several things:
    1) Dont stress so much! Things will fall into place
    2) Don’t care so much about what others think of you. Live your life the way you want to
    3) Be open to change and different experiences. Some of the best things occur when you’re not in your comfort zone
    4) Trust your gut
    5) Enjoy life and live in the moment

  • Veronica

    As I now suffer from a chronic illness, going back 10 years I would travel more, whilst I still can

  • Yani Tupani

    If I could tell my 24-year-old self, I would tell her to get married asap.

  • sesbill

    If I could rewind ten years I’d tell myself that anxiety and depression don’t need to be everything in your life, find and do what makes you happy and you’ll be happy.

  • Jane Gardam

    I would of worn a hat and put on sunscreen , skin damage is very hard to reverse, and I would of listened to my mother not to rush into everything because much to our belief at the time, teenagers do not know everything!

  • Tweeti

    I’d spend less time worrying over the small things,
    Life goes too fast –
    I’d tell my family how much I love them
    Now that my husband has passed…

  • Karina Lee

    I wish I bought property back then, because the prices are crazy high now compared to 10 years ago!

  • Ryan

    We’d have kids then as opposed to just recently having our first child.

  • Gabriella

    Apply a lot more sunscreen, cover up more and apply lots more moisteriser.

  • Charlotte

    Drink more water and less alcohol and run as often as i do now.

  • Cumbrian

    I would eat more healthily and would have happily used your products .

  • Sonya Jackson

    I would worry less about everything and I would spend more time with my two beautiful girls who are growing up way too fast!

  • Sann

    I would stop the clock at 37!

  • BJ Lee

    I’d love to be less worried about money and just enjoyed what I wanted to do.

  • joburkey

    I would tell myself not to worry, eat healthily, be happy and enjoy life

  • Anthea Cornish

    I would use SPF on my face every day instead of “sometimes” and also use your incredible products daily to accentuate my “beauty”.

  • sarah

    I always regret not learning how to apply makeup correctly. Having four daughters, I will be gifting them a make up course each for their 16th birthdays, so they can learn make up techniques and skin care treatments that compliment their unique faces.

  • Lorna M

    I would have taken more risk to make a change with my job, eating healthier and making better lifestyle choices.

  • Kasey Evans

    I’d deal with my anxiety head on and relax a lot more on being a mother, enjoying every moment as kids grow up way too fast.

  • Michelle Dickson

    If i could turn the clock back 10 years i would have used moisturizer i have only recently started using it and my skin now feels and looks amazing i feel if i had have started 10 years ago i wouldnt have as many wrinkles

  • Kim

    The past 10 years have taught me that I need to put myself first. If I had that time again I would have let my family work out how to do the chores without me while I had a bit of fun instead.

  • disqus_KCqPfUtyyf

    If I could change anything I would tell myself to stop listening to others opinions about my body and just love and appreciate it the way it is. It’s an amazing body and is fitter and healthier than people assume. Go out there, get active, and love life!

  • Jenny Holland

    If I could turn back time, I’d give Cher a heads up and let her know that see-through black leotards weren’t going to age well. I’d also drink more water and use more eye cream.

  • Madison Ryan

    I would tell myself to worry less everything’s going to turn out fine, eat healthier and wear more sunscreen.

  • austhome

    I’d be spending more time with my daughter as a few years later she marries and lives with her husband and baby. I didn’t spend nearly enough time with her before she left home.

  • Lauren Anastasiou

    I would not gain back on all the weight that I put so much effort into losing.

  • Jaimi

    If I could go back 10 years, I wouldn’t change the choices I had made because they’ve led me to where I am today. However, I’d love to take enough wisdom back to let my younger self know that it’s ok to go with that gut instinct, to trust more, to spread positivity and to learn to love myself ❤️ I think it takes too long in life to feel comfortable with ones self and in ones own skin. To have that is not only priceless, it’s life changing!

  • Samara McRae

    I would take better care of my skin earlier so I don’t have the problems I have now.

  • Cassy26

    I would have studied Naturopathy.

  • Deb Flood-Warren

    I would of made sure I always had a spare Olay Total effects 7 as I ran out when building our house and paid dearly for it with sun spots and Bcc.Once removed I have never ran out again. I made a point of telling the kids to put hats and sunscreen on ,now they don’t let me outside without it. I would definitely have looked after my face and skin a lot better.

  • Kate Upton

    This time 10 years ago I was in the grips of PND with the first child … If I could go back I would simply try to be kinder to myself and lower my expectations.

  • Fiona Grant

    I would spend more time with my children, they have grown up way too fast ❤️

  • Kate Nally

    I would travel, before having our two children

  • julia

    I would have continued losing weight instead of giving up and gaining it all back and then some.

  • Therese

    I wish that 10 years ago I had the wisdom and confidence I do today – to know that I can’t wait for anyone else to make me happy, I have to find that in my own way in myself, to know that I am OK as I am (or was 10 years ago) and stop striving to be someone I am not just to please others and to know to stress a whole lot less

  • I’d tell myself not to take everything so seriously. I’d stop stressing about friends, boys, career. You’ll find your path, always.

  • Lisa Abejja

    I would not take a trip to Sydney that year. My mum suffered with emphysema for many years and I never went far from her side until I took 2 weeks to visit with friends and it was the day before I was due home she died suddenly. It hurts as much today as it did the day it happened. I aged dramatically from the grief of her loss.

  • Anna M

    If I could go back with the knowledge I have now I would visit my Doctor and ask for those xrays and ultrasounds. If that had happened 10 years ago I could have been mostly pain free and able to walk without issue for the past 10 years.
    I would have given up other things to make sure I could visit my Mum more often.
    I would have spent more time laughing, smiling at strangers and just generally being happy. I cant really remember the times I was angry over the past 10 years but I do remember the times I was super happy. So more of those times would be wonderful.
    Bottom line….laugh and smile more. Smile lines are far prettier then frown lines 🙂

  • Julesv

    Wow if I could turn the clock back 10 years what would I do differently Such a provocative question. I’m not much for regrets but as my dad died last year and I wasn’t there as I live overseas, I’d have flown to be there sooner as I had a flight scheduled for just 10 days after he passed. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with my life choices 🙂

  • Tara Mcintosh

    I would not change much because the twists and turns took me to a place where I had great support and access to information when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had now gotten through that, so am grateful for being well.

  • Elizabeth-Anne Connell

    Ten years ago I so wished I had more interest and desire to Exercise as much as I do today,being healthy in both mind and body is so important !

  • Nicola Frances

    I’d spend more time with my mum, wear more sun screen and just generally stop sweating the small stuff!

  • Lisa Robertson

    I would have let my mum mind my son more!! I was adamant with him (first child!) that he would only be breastfed with no comp feeds. She only minded him for a few hours without me (he was a 2-3 hour feeder in those early days!!), when he was about 13 months old (I fed him till then). Unfortunately, she passed away suddenly from an aneurysm when he was 15 months old. All she had wanted was to be a grandma and she only got that short time. If I knew time was ticking, I would change that for sure.

  • Angela Tennent

    10 years followed my instincts and not let people constantly use me.

  • Carmen

    I wouldn’t change a thing as everything that has happened before has led me up to this point in life. I think I needed to experience the lows in my life to fully appreciate the highs in my life. I nowvhave a loving family with healthy children, a stable job and a roof over our heads. That’s all I could ask for.

  • Ange Robertson Dawe

    I would take better care of myself. 10 yrs on and i feel old at 36. 10 yrs ago i still felt like a teenager but all those unhealthy habits has caught up 😳

  • Kerry Anne Allen

    I wouldn’t change a thing! Life is too short for regrets. Learn from mistakes, look forward, and keep smiling 🙂

  • Andieharrie

    The last 10 years have been full of growth and fun
    We got married under the Queensland sun
    The only thing that I would change from this time
    Would be to have even more laughter with family and friends of mine

  • Matilda Scioscia

    Choose more wisely and not go for bad men. Lol also look after my skin more

  • turtlebee

    I would be nicer to my Mom. I would have spent more time with my Grandma before she passed. I would’ve gotten help and diagnosed my Bipolar disorder earlier.

  • Amanda P

    I would have had my colours done.
    I have a friend who’s had hers done and I’d love to do it too. It would make clothes shopping do much easier. I hate clothes shopping.
    I was living in Sydney 10 years ago but now living in remote outback NSW it’s not so easy to do it.

  • Maria

    The only thing I would change is to join a gym. I joined a gym about 2 years ago now and feel fantastic! I’ve lost weight and have so much more energy. I wish that would have happened 10 years ago!

  • Bella Ri

    I’d go back to restore my skin,
    I’d grab that hat and it would be a win!
    Wrinkles now, before I met my man,
    To back to wrinkle-free, I wish I can!

  • Michael S

    I would give blood and begin volunteer work. Life is about giving to others and I have only just started to realise that.

  • Michele Crawley

    I would make the effort to look after my skin better – always easy in hindsight

  • Eva Kiraly

    If I could turn the years back, I’d start taking off my makeup, use moisturiser every night as well as every day!

  • Dianne

    10 years, well I’d wear hats and keep my back strong as nothing ages me more than constant pain and the Australian sun! A strong back and great skin make me a happy little Australian vegemite, lol!

    Btw the new Olay packaging looks great!

  • Nassep

    To be honest nothing. Every decision I have made has led me here. Who knows the outcome of changing one thing to the bigger picture .. but if I had to choose one thing it would to spend more time with my dad before he died – because nothing else but family matters

  • Jessica

    Buy a house in Footscray and watch it appreciate by a billion percent. Instead I ate smashed avo on toast for 10 years. Ha!

  • Rachel McNamara

    If i could go back 10 years , i would try and be more confident in my skin