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Win 1 of 20 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Packs

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Brought to you by Sally Hansen Miracle Gel.

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you: You go to the nail salon to get your nails done. Perhaps you’re like me, and your nails aren’t particularly strong so you want something to make them a little bit stronger and you want a nail polish that lasts more than half a day. You get talked into the gel, and before you know it they’re buffing back layers of your nails, and then painting them, popping them under that UV light… and sending you off.

Sometimes it lasts a day, sometimes seven if you’re lucky. You go back and do it again, get layers of your nails buffed off, and before you know it your nails are pretty much ruined.

I know it. I’ve just grown out all the damage that’s been done to my nails at the salon and it took a long time, and a whole lot of love and care to get them back to what they used to be. Netball season is over for me, so I can now grow my nails a little longer, and care for them a little more.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you might know that I’ve been using Sally Hansen’s at home products to get my nails back to what they used to be. My sister and I recently tried out their Miracle Gel to give it the real mum test {cos you know how many times we wash our hands a day, after cleaning up messes and doing all the things we do – and we do ALL THE THINGS!}. Check out this little video we made.


The verdict? It definitely lasted the tests we put it through {life-proof, y’all!}, and it lasted longer than I expected… which I loved. It’s easy to put on and has a really nice shaped brush {which I know sounds weird, but when you’re painting it yourself you want it to be as easy as possible and the brush helps!}. Best of all you don’t have to go to a salon to have it taken off {no soaking in acetone and wearing weird foil on your fingers!}. It comes off with a simple wipe of nail polish remover, so you can do it yourself at home.

I’ve got some goodies for you too. I’m giving away 20 goodie packs of Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel, which includes one of the above Romantic Rendevous colours, and the Miracle Gel top coat. Each pack is valued at $16.95 and available at Priceline, Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse, Target, Coles, Independent Pharmacies and Big W.

To be in the running to win, simply answer the following question: What colour would you like to win? And why?

Competition open to Australian residents only. One entry per person. Competition closes September 30th at 11:59pm.







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  • Sarah

    I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect grey so I would love to win Slate-r Girl.

    • Hey Sarah… you’re a winner! Please let me know your postal address and I’ll get your set to you. x

  • Mrs Macca

    Smartease – it reminds me that Spring is almost here! Sandal weather and cute nail polish!

  • Sue Perry

    Red because it red cars are fastest
    So hopefully red nails will make me faster at all mum duties

  • I’ve been in love with nude nails recently and little peony is a shade that I don’t own yet! I mean, you can never have too many nudes amiright?!?!

  • marypreston

    The Tipsy Gypsy caught my eye. It’s bright and fun. Happy to add a splash of Tipsy Gypsy colour to my day. (Loving the name too.)

  • Micaela

    Little Peony please! I love a nude shade that goes with everything and I’m excited about a polish that survives life with a toddler!

  • joburkey

    Smartease because it’s so light like fairy floss which makes me feel happy

  • Sam

    The Smarttease…not really a pink person but I think being pregnant with a bubba girl has caused a hormone-induced love of pink and girly things! ?

  • Yvonne ‘von’ Ryan

    Boreaux is my favourite colour, coming up to the warmer months l love to have my fingernails and toenails looking bright and colourful

  • Deborah A Moor

    Roses are red
    My nails are like those of a floor mopper
    They would look so glam
    If I won Terra Coppa

  • Beth Streten

    Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel
    My finger nails look like hell
    I’d love to win the smartease
    If you’d be so kind please

  • Alicia Shrimpton

    Oh….little peony looks lovely! I don’t do my nails as I’m a nurse but lately I’ve been thinking my nails need to look pretty for once!
    Thank you for the chance to enter!

  • Meahgan Purdy

    I love the terra coppa. As a mum I don’t do much for myself but have recently decided after going 3mths in between eyebrow grooming that it’s time, I need to start to look after myself & my appearance. And to do my nails at home would be so much more convenient than going to a salon with a 1yr old & 2yr old.

  • Row Parker

    I have given up trying to have nice nail polish because it never lasts the day. Little peony is gorgeous! plus I secretly want to be like you ?

  • Tanya Abd ElJalil

    I love the Terra-Copper, I’ve just bought a top that would match this perfectly.

  • Shannon Coulter

    Little peony = my fav colour and flower

  • mustangmum

    Smartease, it’s the perfect colour to welcome in Spring…

  • Debbie Moody

    Smartease, is just perfect for the warmer weather coming and the colourful outfits I like to wear.

  • Lauren Jeffery

    Little Peony would be on my wish list……this colour will compliment every thing in my wardrobe and is perfect for every day wear at work.

  • Christine Holmes

    They are all wonderful… but little peony as I love soft colours! ?

  • Julie Driscoll

    Bordeaux – I think it will be the closest I get to France for a while!

  • Elita Hooper

    Smartease- as it will brighten my day up and right now I could use with a reminder that sunshine is on the way.

  • Allison Owen

    It’s hard to choose! But if I had to make a decision now it would be Terra Coppa- I love a bit of bling! ?

  • Erica

    I wAs going to say little peony because nail polish just does not stay on my nails for more than 5 minutes without chipping so at least a light colour wouldn’t stand out so bad, but I thought what the heck – you’ve tested it and back it, why not be brave and say V-amplified! Love purples and I think it’s the only tone/colour that doesn’t make my nails and hands look weird.
    Would love to see if it works on my nails, but don’t want to spend the money to find out.

  • Roxy Marshall

    I’d be tickled pink if I was to win a Miracle Set, I might even celebrate with Smartease! I’m a Pink Lady you see!

  • Karen Edwards

    With a house full of sick people including me I’d love to wake up to a pop of color to brighten my day 289 shock wave should do the trick <3

  • Claire

    V-Amplified! I can never get polish to last through life, especially not bold colours like that vampy darling, so the idea of long-wear deep and sultry talons gets me going.

  • Louise

    I would love to win little peony, because who doesnt love a fresh set of painted pretty nails?

  • Anna T

    My tootsy toes are in need of some major revamping! Can’t go past the Slate-r Girl for my neglected digital extremities.

  • Domenica

    Would it be wrong to say smartease because my hubby sometimes says I’m a smartarse? Plus, it’s pretty and pink so my little girls will love it, too 🙂

  • Laurie

    They’re all beautiful, but Terra Coppa really catches my eye as we transition to autumn here in the U.S. – such a lovely, leafy color.

  • Sascha

    Smartease would be my choice – it’s a fun Spring colour and it’s my birthday in a week! ? And my little man turns 2 in a week too. It’s a happy colour to celebrate happy times coming up.

  • Sarah Ashleigh

    A few recent big life changes have turned my nails into a shambles given the anxiety related nail nibbling (bad I know!). This has left me feeling less than my feminine self, therefore I think ‘Smartese’ could give me back some well needed pink power ?????

    • I totally get the nail nibble! I’d love to send you some lovely. Please let me know your best address via email [email protected]

      • Sarah Ashleigh

        Oh my goodness! This is so wonderful! ? thank you ?

  • Nadia Wilmott Morales

    I love the S-later girl colour – definitely my choice.

  • Belinda Williams King

    I’m definately a “red” girl, cause red is faster but I can’t wear it for work. Little Peony is pretty, girly and would hopefully make my nail look pretty, girly and nice, like a lady should be!

  • Adele Smith

    I adore the Terra Copper as it’s I believe the perfect Spring/Summer colour, shining bright and reminding me of Christmas, matching all my copper accessories.

  • Mrs M

    I would love this in Little Peony so I can still look down and see pretty when I’m washing up my thousandth sink full of dishes or worse, wiping yet another bottom! I love my littlies but I cannot wait until they are both toilet trained!! ?

  • Jeri Bee

    I love little Peony as its the most natural colour and I like Subtle. Thanks for the chance. xx

  • Felicity Smith

    Terra Copper – Copper is so cool at the moment and the more I can get the better

  • Alicia

    I would love to try Bordeaux!!! I hardly wear makeup so love a good POP of colour on my fingers & toes. Red is my weakness!!

  • Alicia Wilson

    I would love to try little peony…. as a nurse I need a subtle colour and something that will not ruin my already weak frequently washed nails ?
    Thank you

  • Jillian Ives

    I’d love S-later girl as it would go with most of my wardrobe. I like to have a bold dark colour on my nails. A hard wearing nail polish is something I need to keep up with my mum and work life.

  • Lara Haynes

    Smartease please its a very pretty colour would liven my nails up thats for sure

  • Tessa Tuttle

    V-amplify me!

  • Mika

    Bordeaux cause how sexy!

  • intensual

    Smartease as I could use a little colour in my life.. 🙂

  • Liz W

    I would love Little Peony, as it would be a great first step for someone who never wears nail polish due to constantly putting their hands in all sorts of things found around the kindergaten – paint, play-doh, mud pits.

  • CA Conway

    I love the Terra Coppa, plus it’s a colour that my daughter wouldn’t steal (I hope!) so I could have nail polish that’s all my very own

  • Nikki Burnett

    Little peony! The perfect colour for my poor nails too look amazing for work.

  • Cas

    I would love Smartease. It’s pretty pink. And who doesn’t love pink!

  • Cheree Robinson

    I would love Bordeaux – my friends mum calls colours like that “Whore Red” and only ladies of the night wear it… I’ll show her!

  • CathF

    V- Amplified for me as l love a dark polish on my nails.

  • Bree

    Bordeaux please – to be bold!

  • Sammy Walsh

    Little Peony – it’s shimmery/pearl is easy to apply and looks lovely, subtle without being too bright or bold, love it!

  • Amanda Roberts

    Definitely Bordeaux for me. I love a bold nail colour. I have just grown out the damage from gel so would love to ad some colour to my poor nails.

  • Becky Lofdahl

    Terra Coppa for sure. It’s a new colour I’ve been getting into lately. I love a nice subtle nail and the colour looks earthy to me.

  • Michele

    Little Peony for me… I’d love the more natural colour on my fingers so I can compliment anything I wear!!

  • Mel Murphy

    Little peony for me – not to bold, goes Sth everything whilst bringing a little shimmer to my nails ??

  • Jodie

    Would have to be smatease because it’s bright and bubbly to get me in the mood for spring!

  • meggz79

    Smartease because I love pink and that is the perfect shade, not too light but not too bright either

  • nicole waterson

    V-Amplified so pretty…. xx

  • Tara Mcintosh

    Terra coppa – I do alot of gardening so it seems the right colour.

  • Angela Jones

    S-later girl – this girl would love a change and gorgeous shaded nails would do the trick !

  • Chie Butcher

    Hard to choose just one! Terra Copper would be a nice subtle everyday colour I think

  • Lauren Russo – Love_Live_Loz

    I would love to win a Sally Hansen Miracle Gel pack in S-later Girl! With three kids to run around after I just dont have time to get to a nail salon, and regular polish is a disappointing waste of time and effort! This miracle gel might just be the thing I need to give my tired ‘ol nails a slick of lovely!

  • Bel

    Smartease, coming up to summer I’m definitely not eating any smarties so a cheeky new nail colour should distract me.
    But actually TerraCopper I just couldn’t think of a funny pun for that one.

  • Nicole Murray

    I would love Little Peony. Such a sweet subtle colour. Perfect shade to wear as we enter spring.

  • Carrie Finn

    Ooh! Fish-Teal Braid looks amazing!

  • Genevieve

    Bordeaux because my gorgeous six month old bubba thinks that bright painted nails are the greatest invention ever. It’s an easy distraction technique when I forget his toys when we are out and he is getting grumpy or trying to cause chaos.

  • Ellen

    I would love to win Little Peony. My nails are weak and I’ve just opted to ditch the salon manicured gel, powder, tips treatments and go au naturale. But in doing so I too feel like I need something to strengthen them whilst still looking pretty and manicured.

  • Anna

    I should say Little Peony, its practical and pretty, but this mumma feels like busting things out a big, so bring on the Bordeaux baby!

  • Alana

    I’m going to go bold and say S-later girl – it looks amazing!!

  • Sophie

    Terra Coppa – because it’s quite similar to a favourite of mine that I have just run out of! 🙂

  • Jen Imhoff

    Smartease – so prettifiul!

  • Kelly bennett

    Isn’t love to try the little peony as it’s a neutral colour and will compliment any outfit. So pretty

  • Kara Shears

    I would LOVE to win the colour Little Peony to wear to my Mum’s wedding in October! I have a three month old daughter and my current nail polishes are just not keeping up with my new lifestyle.

  • Bec Jane

    Sally Hansen, I love my Romantic colours = like to pick Bordeaux its beautiful and really reflects my personality, a HOT colour that shine’s.

  • Cassandra Green

    I would love to win the color LIttle Peony, its pretty and polished yet fun and neutral 🙂

  • Leah

    v-amplified! Dark and edgy! Maybe a bit moody, just like me ?

  • Susan

    I would LOVE the v-amplified as I’am a ED nurse with terrible nails from washing them all the time and we can’t wear polish to work so this would inject a bit of glam into my poor sad nails!

  • Jaime Thompson – Keogh

    Smartease because what Mum wouldn’t want to do some self-care at home and look good! My nails definitely need some self-care ?

  • Jo Smith

    v-amplified please 🙂 I don’t usually do my nails as I chip them almost instantly!

  • Karen Anton

    ❤LOVE❤ Bordeaux !
    Red nails, teamed with a red lipstick – you’ll look together even if you’re not!

  • Paula Harris

    Little Peony is my pick. I have too many scars on my hands to draw attention to them with bright colours

  • Claire Fawbert-Ebrahim

    Light soft pink little peony. Just had my first child and i feel like i have never washed so much in my life my hands are definitely going through their paces. A pretty soft colour that is reliable would be awesome.

  • Cat Bensein

    I would love the “Little Peony” I love simple, clean, pretty colours on my fingers, though I’m known to get a little crazy with my toe polish choice ??

  • Carolyn Black

    Love Little Peony….what a sweet name to go with a sweet colour.

  • May

    Little peony because it’s a classic colour that’s elegant and timeless It’s suitable for the office and for nights out. Whether a mani, pedi or both, it compliments any outfit as well as other colours!

  • Ellie L

    I love little peony
    Very simple yet pretty
    The type of colour I wear everyday
    Great for both work and play

  • Melissa

    Terra Coppa because it’s a gorgeous colour that will look great day or night, Winter or Summer!

  • Kodie McMullen

    S-later girl because its modern and will go with most outfits

  • M Christine Batstone

    With Bordeaux on my nails, hubby will be eating out of my hands in no time.

  • Bianca Thomas

    V-amplified, trashy and classy mixed in one!! I could be a little girly whilst doing my not so girly things ? Thanks xx

  • Kellie Bantoft

    Little Peony! Very neutral colour that will go with pretty much everything ???

  • BJ Lee

    Terra Coppa to give to my mother in law who just loves those colours

  • Fi Lech

    Bordeaux ! Because nothing says “yes I can” when everything says “no you can’t” like a bright nail color!

  • Lolo W

    Smartease… cos the name matches my personality – a little bit smart (mouthed), quite easy going, and I can be a tease as well! Oh… and the colour is really pretty and feminine, which would be perfect for those occasions when I have to pretend to be girly!

  • Stacey Maree Watkin

    I would love to win v-amplified please…… But they’re all gorgeous!!

  • Jane Plain

    I would love to win v-amplified because it matchs my skin tone perfectly and wearing it would make me happy

  • Sharon Johnson

    Lusting for ****** Fitting with autumn in the northern hemisphere. I’ll blend in with Butchart gardens. Pure heaven exploring and taking time to breathe.

  • Julia Morton

    smart tease, bright and uplifting and the pop of colour will keep me positive all day long

  • Mel

    I love Bordeaux, I love sexy reds!

  • Sarah

    Can’t go past Pretty Piggy!
    A blend of red and pink matches every outfit and really pops!

  • Louise

    Bordeaux, it’s popping!

  • Therese Stewart

    Smartease! Because there is a little bit of this in all of us, whether we admit it or not!! And that’s OK!!

  • Chantelle Mulkearns

    Little peony! Goes with everything and looks so stylish

  • Leigh Blaikie

    It’s got to be v-amplified because .. you know .. VAMP!

  • Sue Kennedy

    Little Peony calls to me, softly and gently with a sweet soft voice.

  • Kathleen

    Definitely Little Peony 1. LOVE peonies! 2. Lighter colour lasts longer! 3. I own just about every other colour! ?

  • Sharon Waters

    V-Amplified – it may make my old hands feel a little more amplified and younger

  • Una Jane Baldwin

    S-later girl looks like an awesome colour. I’d love to try it cause we all know grey is the shade for all in them Naughty-forty gals ?

  • Leah

    Little Peony ✨

  • Terra Coppa! I’ve seen these polishes before and have come *this close* to purchasing a pack, but I wasn’t sure if they would live up to the hype. Very keen to give it a try though! 🙂

  • Roslyn Kent

    I would like to try s later as i am always saying see you laterrrrrr lol 🙂

  • Oh I’d so love Little Peony! To celebrate my unbiten nails. At the ripe old age of 41 I’ve finally decided to stop biting my nails for good (after a million times trying). I bought some Sally Hansen polish after reading you love it but I am shocking painting my nails!! Is there a knack to it I’m missing?? ? So I’m I’m thinking I’ll get a girlfriend to paint them for me and I’ll bring the wine. Sounds like a GREAT Spring activity!!! ???

  • Marilla Dann

    Mmmm love the terra coppa colour, matches my makeup colours and suits my skin tone. Totes in agreement about not wanting to shed layers of already soft nails to get shellac all the time. And the blue light that sets it isn’t good for your skin either! Will try these for sure.

  • Christine Wagemaker

    Little Peony please, DIY gel nails, this I have to see!

  • Lynda Delaney

    S.later girl, cause I don’t do girly colours 🙂

  • Karina Lee

    Terra Coppa. It’s funky and doesn’t make me look like I have old lady fingers.

  • Dee Margot

    Smartease. I’m a million months pregnant and it would be great to have pretty pink nails and toes to make me feel a bit more girly ?

  • Alex Smale

    V-Amplified for that sophisticated vampy look

  • Rebecca

    I think Smartese would be the perfect colour for Spring nails ?

  • Ros McFarlane

    “Bordeaux – Nice and bright. Just like me. It will be noticed by all and how good they look. Awesome


    Top coat, used alone on naked nails without any colour at all, great for during the week at work, protecting my nails with just enough shine, not needing to be changed each evening in order to coordinate with what I’m going to wear.

  • ERN

    Bordeaux – will look amazing on my wife’s naturally long talons.

  • Tina Hopkinson

    Whether you are chilling at home,work,beach or out on the town Smartease adds a fun,fresh look,yes please.

  • Sarah Belle

    Chantelle and Sally hook me up,
    Let me ooh and ahh while I hold my cup.
    V-Amplified nails, did I wake up like this? Yup!

    (Happy to receive V-Amplified, Bordeaux or Smartease, thanks)

  • Kate Gardoll

    Purple! Because it is my favourite colour and would match my favourite dress and shoes.

  • Blythe

    Tough decision – Little Peony, so could share with my daughter, or S-later Girl. I adore grey! OK – so I’d choose the grey.

  • Rianne

    Smartease or Bordeaux because pink is my favourite colour but red nails are classy and go with anything. You can never go wrong with a good red!

  • I love s-later girl. I’ve seen a few grey nails around the traps and they look surprisingly classy

  • Jane Gardam

    Smartease, could mean so many things, which is a bit like my personality , a little bit of smart and little bit of tease ha ha, oh and I also like pink.

  • Sophie

    I’d love a bottle of V-Amplified so my nails colour coordinate with my glass of wine

  • Kaitlyn

    smartese looks beautiful!

  • Meditation princess

    I love S-later Girl. I think grey nail polish is really classy and I’ve just run out of my grey and have to purchase a new one. Haven’t ever tried these Sally Hansen ones though!

  • Janara Sparke

    I would love to try Little Peony please. Soft and romantic for our 10 year wedding anniversary celebrations this month ? Thankyou for the opportunity.

  • Samara McRae

    V-Amplified. Such a glamorous colour and perfect for day and night. This colour would look good paired with any colour outfit, and is perfect for the winter to spring weather we are having at the moment.

  • Lindsay Reitsema

    I love the Bordeaux! It is so bold and would at that perfect pop of colour to every outfit. Plus it is not just a winter or a summer colour, you can wear it in both 🙂

  • Alannah Scorer

    I love Smartease 😀 pretty in pink – the perfect colour for Spring! I’d love to wear it to the races xx

  • Renae McKenzie

    I’d love to wear the Little Peony! I’m a new mum and am going away for my first weekend away with the girls since having bub and that colour would look lovely with my ‘Yay girls night out secretly looking forward to going home to sleep 8 whole hours’ dress!! 🙂

  • Penny Chivers

    I’ve just peeled my sns nails off, and my nails are dreadful! I only peeled them off as I can’t afford to have them redone, so for me, anything that would help repair them would be awesome! I love all the above colours, but I’d have to say the V-Amplified is my fav, it’s so pretty!

  • Tiffany Tio

    The Bordeaux is so pretty! I would love a red that lasted longer than a day on my nails 🙂

  • Martha Healy

    My hands and nails are suffering badly this winter. Would love to win the Little Peony colour. Thanks

  • Bek Browning

    V-amplified as it would suit my style perfectly.

  • susan

    Smartease is so pretty. I could let my 3 year old help paint my nails and do hers as its not to bright or dark or bold!

  • God I hope this stuff works + is the answer! I’ve had a 3 month nail-bar-break and my nails are looking great BUT I just went back for a dose of SNS because I had a ball to go to and I’m kicking myself!! I needed to buy this instead! Pinks are my jam. Little Peony more than Smartease but that’s a hot colour too!! Send me + save my beds pleeeeeeaaassseee ?

    • Congrats! You’re a winner. Please email me with your postal address and
      I’ll get your prize to you. Email is [email protected]

      • WHAT!!!! THIS IS THE BEST NEWS 🙂 My fingers are typing this with very over grown SNS and they CAN NOT wait to have a Sally mani! Thank you very much xoxoxoxo

  • Samantha Hanton

    Smartese – that pink has got to be a get up, kick butt do the things colour isn’t it!?

  • Heidi

    I love the Little Peony colour, love those light neutrals. And would love to try a nail varnish that will last me more than three days xx

  • Racheal Kamer

    Smartease. It’s a little bit fun and a little bit sensible.

  • Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys)

    What a tough choice! My eye was drawn immediately to terra copper, which I think would glam me up even on those jeans and a tee days. Though I do also like V-amplified as it would match all the colours I regularly wear.

  • Oh definitely v – amplified. That is gorgeous!

  • Janni Gumly Gumly

    Love the V-amplified. After 51 years of biting my nails, I stopped a few years ago & loved having long nails until I also made the mistake of gel nails from the beautician for my sons wedding. They were beautiful but that was back in May and my nails are still splitting and breaking constantly ?

  • V-Amplified as I have olive skin and find that burgundy hues look nice on my nails. I haven’t painted my nails in a long time and it would be great to treat myself.

  • Sharnee

    Terra Coppa couldn’t be hotter…

  • Sarah

    S-later Girl would be perfection. Tough, sparkly and matches almost anything I wear. Then I could say S-later to the other nail polishes that last less than a day on my nails.

  • Sarah Zuchetti

    I think I’d play it safe with Little Peony or Smartease cos then I could leave them on longer and they wouldn’t be as noticeable if I didn’t get them off in time!!

  • Lexi Klaebe

    I think I’d choose Smartease if I were to win. I wish I could go BONKERS and choose something dark but this shade of pink is perfect for summer and HELLO, it’s the same colour as fairy floss. That’s enough for me ;).

    • Hey Lexi! You’re a winner! Let me know your best address and I’ll get it out to you ASAP. x

      • Lexi Klaebe

        HIGH FIVE! Thank you!!!

  • Kelly Taylor

    I would definitely pick Little Peony if I was lucky enough to win. I am not a make up wearer and couldn’t be further from being a girly-girl but do love the subtle, classy look of a french manicure and this colour reminds me of this style. Fingers crossed (without smudging the polish of course)

  • Little peony because I’m a minimalist type of girl. xx


  • Elle Hilyard

    S-later girl. I love me some greys.

  • novemberliss

    Little Peony please! I’m a needle worker and the lighter colours stand out better when I stitch!

  • Kirsty Anne-Nadine

    I like little peony. Nice, simple & discreet incase i don’t get to take it off in time for work. Love painting my nails but can never find a good polish that can handle the house work & kids lol

  • Andieharrie

    Smartease looks great
    On my nails I cant wait
    Pretty pink is in style
    Smartease will make me smile

  • Kellie M

    Gotta love a bright, happy colour on my nails. It’s just gorgeous, I can’t wait to try these out!

  • Fran Graham

    Love Little Peony. Such an elegant colour.

  • Laura Powers

    Love Little Peony , great color for Spring

  • Trudy Spreadborough

    Loving Smartease! Pink is my daughter’s fav colour 🙂

  • Kat Denschel

    S-Later Girl..just to try something i usually would not wear.

  • Ruby

    Smartease – For my sister who is having a crappy time at the moment. I think she would love that colour and it would really cheer her up 🙂

  • Lissy Sinclair

    Love S-later girl
    I like having neutral finger nails and a bright colour on toenails 🙂

  • Michelle Matthews

    V-Amplified would look hot on toes!

  • Alex Harris

    I’d love to win Terra Coppa it looks like it would add the perfect pop of colour without being too bright and could be worn with anything everyday

  • Jweatherill

    Bordeaux for me please. It’s the only one I’m allowed to wear for work and who doesn’t want a little bit of pretty when you go to work!

  • Trish Barnes

    ❤❤ Terra Coppa is my pick of the bunch. Love the fact that it is a different color that would match a lot of my outfits.

  • Kristine Henderson

    V-amplified. Love a darker polish and hate chips. Sally Hansen polish would be perfect

  • Tiffany Anne Fitch

    Just one? How do I choose! Probably Terra Coppa because I can’t resist earthy colours!

  • Meagan Prosser

    S-later girl as I love all shades of grey. Its about as far from pink you can go before black! And I’m so NOT a pink girl!!

  • Andrea Mus

    Bordeaux. Everyone loves a nicely finished red nail. 😉

  • Andreanne

    Definitely Little Peony because it’s subtle and neutral yet lovely. Can easily go from work to home to going out and fit everywhere

  • Joh Ciechan

    S-later girl looks great. The blacker the better

  • Johanna Bahr

    I would love the V-amplified. I just really love the colour.

  • Lisa Scully

    Later Girl – because I always play it safe and wear something like Little Peony because I don’t want to draw attention to my brittle nails. If they were MAD I would wear bold colours!

  • Kate King

    ? Smartease! Such a bright, happy, fun, summery colour! ?

  • Ellie White

    Little Peony would be perfect – my favourite flower and the perfect everyday colour ?

  • CindyC

    Spring it’s here with Sally Hensen Smartease!!
    Thee Sweet pop of pink reminds me of flower to welcome spring &
    Candyfloss pink to be enjoy in Royal Melbourne Show!

  • Amber Cubis

    Love the Little Peony! Subtle but still gorgeous and feminine. Perfect for spring!

  • Lauren Quinn

    Smart tease! It’s pretty and girly! This is the same as colour I get at the salon usually but like you am sick of my nails being weakened, not to mention the $40 every time ?

  • Terri

    Smartease, because I thought it said smartease, and that colour would be made for me!

    • Terri Matthews

      Please disregard this, my phone autocorrected.

  • Terri Matthews

    Smartease because I thought it said smartarse, and that colour would be made for me!

  • Neha Gupta

    Terra Coppa- it looks so beautiful in the bottle and I love shades of orange/ terracotta as they look very pretty on me

  • Marta Zeng

    Little Peony as the spring comes, it will be a lovely light fresh colour to wear on a daily basis. ???

  • Sharon

    My nails definitely need some tlc so I’d love to try this. I’d like to win Terra Coppa. I can’t resist a little sparkle!

  • Luana Gec

    Smartease, perfect colour for spring now ?

  • Emma Craig

    I would absolutely go for Bordeaux!! I need this product in my life, I used to paint my nails and get them done ALL THE TIME but I’m working as a Barista and chef again, AND NOTHING SURVIVES ???I need sexy luscious nails for spring & summer!

  • Chloe

    Little peony would be perfect to keep my nails strong why I’m at collage as I have to wear a light colour

  • Karen Ryan

    Smart tease because everyone needs a little teasing pink in their life

  • Leigh Amoraal

    Little peony. Ive just stopped biting my nails and this is a gorgeous soft pink. Nothing too bright that would catch my attention and lead to a relapse. Perfect.

  • Karen Thomas

    S-later Girl because it my head I would look oh so trendy!!

  • J Anne Lang

    Terra Coppa…gorgeous burst of colour while still taming it back just enough to be an everyday part of my wardrobe! Love it!

  • Renee Grayson

    I’d have to pick 754 PRINCE CHAR-MINT cute colour and cute name!

    My baby has so much mint coloured clothing as its my fave colour….my nails could match him!

  • Samoti Mazumdar

    Little Peony: People should notice what I do so I want my actions to be loud and my nail paint to be subtle. 🙂

  • xanthe

    S-later Girl – this shade is my absolute favourite for shorter nails. So funky. It’s my go-to without a doubt

  • Tyler

    Bordeaux because it is a gorgeous colour pinky-red (my absolute favourite colour) and after reading this review, this nail polish sounds amazing!! Even if I don’t win one I will definitely go buy some! I have always had trouble with my extremely thin nails and the constant chipping that comes with nail polish ? I feel like this nail polish will be perfect for me!

  • Renee Sercombe

    I would love little peony!

  • Sarah

    Little Peony because it’s the colour I’ve been thinking about getting for an upcoming wedding but I really hate getting salon gel nails done for all the reasons you’ve mentioned so would love to try this!

  • Stacey Navarro

    S-later girl. It looks like an awesome color that would brighten up my dull nails. Also the name is quite catching.

  • Lauren Bryant

    I would love to win Little Peony as it is a delicate and pretty pastel to wear – and with that name, perfect for spring 🙂

  • Kate Nally

    I’d love S-later girl ❤ such a unique colour & I’ve never gone that bold with my nails

  • Vyky Beattie

    Terra Coppa! Oh my what a gorgeous colour! I don’t have anything close to that in my collection and now I’m drooling PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!

  • Wendy Christidis

    Smart Tease – pretty and light for sumer!

  • Shirley McCoy

    I’d love to be a little bit adventurous but not too obvious with my little wee short soft nails, so smartease for me please! X

  • Melissa Kagie

    The pretty and lovely Little Peony.

  • Krystie Gledhill

    Bordeaux because like a good red, I get better with age ?

  • Karen Butterfield

    Wine stock. It’s bold and not my normal choice but it reminds me of drinking wine ? so it has to be good

  • Rebecca

    Smartease please, i love my pinks and i currently don’t have this kind and i think I’m in-love!

  • Charl Lowther

    Bordeaux- bold and bright! Love a good red!

  • Marisa R.

    I’d love to try Terra coppa. Gorgeous colour with a little sparkly. Just started a new job & beautiful looking nails ? would complete my look ?

  • Anna

    I would love to win V-amplified,
    My sass needs to be magnified!
    With Sally Hansen, I can conquer anything,
    Especially if my nails have a little bling!

  • Sandra Azzopardi

    V-Amplified I love that beautiful, deep burgundy colour. So sexy and sophisticated

  • Nata Glavan

    Little Peony mill make my nails looks and feel nothing less than radiant every day, like I’ve stepped out of a nail salon.

  • Sarah

    S-later Girl. I’m returning to work soon and this colour will match anything I wear and look smart and professional on fingers and toes!

  • Kate Messenger

    I love Sally Hansen products and cannot wait to try all the Miracle Gel colours but first would be the beautifully subtle Little Peony.

  • Fiona

    Bordeaux ! It screams let’s get the party started! (hubby….mind the kids!) 🙂

  • S-later girl, because sometimes a girls needs more muted nails to get that rock look down pat

  • Renee Smoothy

    V-Amplified because I’m loving the wine coloured tones lately and it lets me hold on to winter weather/colour pallettes a littke bit longer

  • Claire Smith

    I’m a mother of boys and am surrounded by alot of blue. So I would like to win smartease as it is a pretty pink colour, will make me feel girly.

  • Ayla

    I loved reading your review! I have had much the same problem as you for quite some time now (mum hands ?) and I feel like this polish would be great for me. I will be going to buy the s-later girl when I get the chance. I like how it is neutral and goes with pretty much anything

  • Barbara

    Smartease is such a beautiful colour and it reminds me of myself: a smartarse (haha). I find these bottles to be so pretty! I love getting my nails done but like you said, I struggle to keep them on for a day but unlike you, mine only last around 3 days ? Miracle gel that stays on longer than the $40 polish at the salon? SOUNDS AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • Ronnie

    TERRA COPPA LOOKS SO PRETTY! I would really like to win this because I find this colour to be so unique and something beautiful to add to my collection ❤️

  • Tabatha Voss

    Little Pony, because I have always wished someone would buy me a pony

  • gr82do

    Little Peony because this I have made myself a promise to care for my nails this summer. They’ll like I’ve stepped out of a nail salon when painted LIttle Peony. It makes me smile to think of it.

  • Lesleigh

    Smartease is such a pretty feminine colour. Definitely a favourite of mine.

  • Smartease would be my pick. Soft and pretty for spring/summer. How I would love to have pretty nails.

  • Heather Hopley

    Pretty, feminine and perfect for spring, I’d live to wear the Smartease.

  • Janice Hammill

    Mummy and Miss Ruby 2.5 love to have matching fingernails and Smartease is a beautiful girly colour for us both to wear.

  • Tess Howard

    Little Peony. Its a natural colour that I can enjoy and if I’m honest, my teen daughter can use too (because its a guaranteed she’s gonna snake this!)

  • Sarah Masson

    Terra Coppa please

  • Whitney

    Oh my! How does a girl choose?! I think I would have to say Smartease! It looks perfect for Spring!

  • Mara

    Smartease, pink is my favourite colour and it is light enough to wear at work but bold enough to wear on a night out.

  • Sacha Pech

    Terra Coppa is just the shade I’m looking for this spring!

  • Michelle Wang

    Little peony a subtle, yet elegant colour that can be worn everyday for a polished look.

  • Maria

    The Christmas season is fast approaching and I think Bordeaux would be perfect for partying!

  • Ingrid

    Little peony please. It’s so pretty and i should share with my girls.

  • Sally Hanzikourti

    I would love to win the “Little Peony” nail polish pair and forever stop going to the nail bar for costly (and damaging) Shellac nails! ???

  • Doreen Lees

    Little Peony, my nails are so bad and embarassing to look at, so I feel the lighter colour will make my grotty nails less conspicuous.

  • Irena

    Smartease, because I would love to give it to my grandma!

  • Peta-Lee Bartlett

    Terra Coppa, I think it would look smashing on me

    • I think so too! Please email me with your postal address and I’ll get your polishes to you. 🙂

  • Ash9au

    I’d like to win V-Amplified as it’s my signature colour.

  • Jennah Wardrope

    Little Peony – the perfect little accessory for any average day

  • Donna Bennett

    Bordeaux is nice and bright,
    perfect shade for day or night.
    I love how vibrant it shines,
    this nail polish is divine!

  • Kate M

    love the Little Peony because I love pinks and nudes and this is a good mix of both

  • Judith Senese

    Terra Coppa please

  • Karinna Lucey

    Ooh the Smartease is my favourite colour to win, because it really would go well with my outifits!

  • daniela barbaro

    S-later girl, sometimes you just feel you need to be dark

  • Madison Ryan

    V-amplified, is such a stunning colour!

  • Amanda

    Little Peony, it’s a lovely subtle shade.

  • Ashley Beech

    I’d love the Smartease, I’m not one for bright and bold, this one is right up my alley!

  • Vera

    Terra Coppa is perfect for my very short nails to go with everything and give me a little polish so that I don’t look like the hot mess I really am.

  • Linda C

    V-Amplified is beautiful and looks really sexy.

  • Kay Gerritsen- Blaney

    terra copper looks amazing. good transition from winter into spring

  • Julia Mason

    I’d love to try out the Bordeaux because I’ve never worn red, I wanna try this hot pop colour!

  • Ali Hillier

    I love Bordeaux because I love to have my nails on show!

  • Liz Martins

    s-later girl because it looks classy, simple and elegant.
    It would go with any outfit, and suit any occasion.

  • Rachel amanatidis

    Smart tease , it’s happy colour and Easy on the eyes, perfect to wear on any occasion , I really PINK I’m in love with this colour

  • tracywed

    Smartese please

  • Alicia Bardsley

    V-Amplified – I love the plum/burgundy shades

  • Bella Ri

    Terra copper! The perfect warm tone to be able to enjoy in the warmer weather, whilst being able to wear any outfit that complements the colour of my nails!

  • Natalie Stoute

    Terra Coppa. Now this is a metallic I can wear! Anything shiny just makes me look like an oldie trying to look young and hip (which isn’t too far from the truth actually…), but I can rock some pretty sparkly toes 🙂

  • Dianne

    Terra Coppa – looks great with my skin tone and gives my nails an added boost! Thanks.

    • Hey! You’re a winner! Please email me at [email protected] with your address so I can get your polish to you!

      • Dianne

        Thank you so much Chantelle, this is so exciting, you can’t see from this however thanks to you there is a huge grin on my face and I have just email you my address – yeah, I’m going to have gorgeous nails!!!!! Commiserations for everyone who didn’t win, keep entering and you will be a lucky winner sooner or later too! Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you!

  • Mikaela Cowan

    Little Peony perfect for Spring!

  • Sonya Nolan

    Bordeaux, it just looks like a fun colour and romantic.

  • Michelle

    Love the earthy Terra Coppa colour.

  • Charlotte

    Bordeaux – it looks like a gorgeous colour for Christmas which is the most wonderful time of the year!!!