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The verge

Fat Mum Slim /


This week a new baby will be born into the world. Not just any baby, but a baby in my family. I’ll have a new niece or nephew.

Right now, I feel on the verge. On the verge of new beginnings, new life… life is about to change. Isn’t that a little bit magical?

Last time my sister had a baby, I was only weeks off having a baby myself. And when they were little, I enjoyed my niece, but I was wrapped up in my own sleep-deprived, newborn baby fog that I didn’t get to really soak her up.

I love babies. It’s why I was a nanny for so long. I love them. Love how they smell, how they’re so sweet and little. And particularly after such sad stories in the news lately about sweet, unloved babies {which has made me so sad for so long}… I can’t wait to over-love this baby.

I just can’t wait.