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The verge

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This week a new baby will be born into the world. Not just any baby, but a baby in my family. I’ll have a new niece or nephew.

Right now, I feel on the verge. On the verge of new beginnings, new life… life is about to change. Isn’t that a little bit magical?

Last time my sister had a baby, I was only weeks off having a baby myself. And when they were little, I enjoyed my niece, but I was wrapped up in my own sleep-deprived, newborn baby fog that I didn’t get to really soak her up.

I love babies. It’s why I was a nanny for so long. I love them. Love how they smell, how they’re so sweet and little. And particularly after such sad stories in the news lately about sweet, unloved babies {which has made me so sad for so long}… I can’t wait to over-love this baby.

I just can’t wait.

  • We have another baby coming into the family in about 6 months. I also love babies and I don’t think they can ever be over loved. I just wish I got to spend some more time with my niece and with the new arrival when it arrives.

    • Congratulations on the new bub on the way {in your family}. I hope you get to give it lots of cuddles. x

  • Oh, this is awesome.
    There’s nothing more magical than awaiting the birth of a baby in the family.
    So very exciting.
    C x

    • I know. So much anticipation. And he’s here. The first boy in our family. Such joy!

  • Exciting times Auntie Telle!

    • So FREAKING exciting. I love babies. I love them so much!

  • Haley Sheriff

    Waiting for my new niece to be born back in June, was torture. I kept telling my sister in law to stop being so selfish and share the baby with the rest of us. LOL It’s truly magic when the family expands, you love them the moment they arrive. Love my two nieces to bits, and incredibly grateful for the amazing relationship I have with their mum (we are sister in laws).

    • Oh I would love to have a sister-in-law {Hubby is an only child, alas}. I love that that love we have for them is so instant and magical. I can’t even describe it properly. I love him so much I cried, it’s overwhelming.

  • How fantastic 🙂
    My nephew is due in February and I have been clucky as all hell expecting a couple of special babies lately.

    • I hope February arrives very quickly Kez! xx

  • How wonderful !!!!

  • Congratulations on your new nephew! Hope you get cuddles really soon.

  • I love love love babies too. Congratulations x enjoy

  • Congratulations!

    I am waiting for my own baby so I very much know that on the verge feeling.
    It is number two for me and I don’t remember feeling this impatient last time!
    I am not sure if it is the time of year or the fact that I don’t know the sex or even if it is just because I know once labour starts I still have a while before I get the actually meet it…but I can’t wait!

  • I don’t know if you remember but I won your comp for a gift voucher a couple of months ago & gifted it to my sister who was expecting twins. Well the beautiful babies were born yesterday! We were lucky enough to get one of each, gorgeous girlie Olivia Willow & beautiful boy Max Jacob. All well & happy.

    I’m like you, I adore little babies & it makes me sad that they’re all the way in Perth & I’m in the UK. Hope you get your cuddles & sweet smelling baby kisses very soon. x

  • Nawww, this is lovely! Congrats Aunty! x