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Top 5: My fave plus-size maternity pieces {+ where to shop if you’re curvy & expecting}

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When I was pregnant with Lacey I really didn’t know what to buy or where to buy it when it came to maternity wear. It was all about survival and not much about feeling or looking good at all. I bought a few things on eBay, many that didn’t suit or fit or that ended up being just plain ugly.

This pregnancy I knew I didn’t have to buy much at all, and because I prefer loose, flowy style clothing I’ve been able to wear things that I currently own anyway. Here’s 5 things that have helped me get through pregnancy this time.

1. Forever 21 Summer Nights Maxi Dress

This isn’t a maternity dress, but flowy enough to go through the stage of trying to hide the bump {before the 12 week mark} to ‘look at me all bumpy and stuff’. The perk is that this will last me after the bub is here too {and at only $US27.80 it’s a bargain!}. See it here.

2. Motherhood Straight Leg Crop Jeans

A good pair of maternity jeans are handy to have. I loved these. I wore them almost every second day through winter, and don’t tell anyone but I’ll probably wear them once the baby is here too. I kinda love them. A lot. I found these to be on the bigger side, so definitely check the size chart before buying. See them here.

3. Kiyonna Charlize Maxi Dress

This is my all-time favourite dress, before and during pregnancy. It’s a perfect basic dress that you can wear everyday or dress it up a little for night {if you have a social life}. I recently bought a second one because I know I’d be devastated if they ever discontinued them and I didn’t have a spare. It’s a bit revealing in the neckline so I have taken mine to a local lady who puts a few stitches in so I’m not always tugging and making sure I’m not falling out. See it here.

4. Old Navy Basic Tank/Singlet

These are cheap and cheerful. They wash really well, and they come in a range of colours. AND they’re only $10. I bought a few and wore them at bedtime and daytime. They’ve got a bit of extra length, which I love being on the tall side. Check them out here.

5. Motherhood Skinny Leg Maternity Pants

These are another great basic that I wore over and over and over again this pregnancy. They were easy to wear with the Old Navy singlets, or with flowy tops I already had in my wardrobe. Check them out here.

Here are some other places to try if you’re on the curvy side and expecting a bub:

Kaftans by Annalisa
Simply Be

Hot tip: Don’t just limit yourself to maternity wear for your pregnancy or just plus size stores. Definitely think about it with pants, because they can be really uncomfortable if they don’t have that stretch at the waist, but you can go a bit crazy with beautiful non-maternity maxi dresses from normal stores. Just look for dresses that drop from under the bust {to give your growing bump room to move}.

If you’re in Australia it always pays to drop into Kmart, Target, Best & Less and Big W to see if they have anything in their plus size or maternity sections. They often have good basics. If you shop smart you’ll only need a small handful of things to get you through the whole 9 months. x

  • Racheal

    good post! i was so frustrated having my bub and finding all the maternity clothes catered to thin women with petite bumps! hah, fat ladies have babies too!

  • Simone Valentine

    Thanks so much Chantelle! I really needed this and was googling all day yesterday and was actually going to message and see if you would post where you shopped for your maternity wear! Perfect timing, x

  • Cara McKee

    My best buy was breastfeeding vests from Mothercare. With a clip on the strap they’re fantastic for feeding in public (a top on top means you can’t see a thing), they do them in some plus sizes, and they do them in the tall range. I wore mine through pregnancy, breastfeeding, and now just whenever I need a vest (I live in Scotland)

  • Traci

    I have been loving Erin Louise flowey pants teamed with fitted singlets/tops. Her stuff ranges in size from 8 to 20 and it’s always great quality at very good prices.

  • Great tips Chantelle … will share with my readers!

  • I’m in love with that sparkle and sand place in your competition post! I’m going on holiday soon and I’m so getting a one shoulder black swimsuit from there!

  • Katie Rainbird

    I recently caved & admitted to myself that I would be happier if I had some proper stretchy waisted pants so I hit up ASOS, what a treasure trove of affordable stretchy stuff!
    And I AM way more comfortable in my special pregnancy pants than I was squeezing into regular leggings every day. I love my maternity jeans too & can also see myself wearing them post-birth! X

    • I wore my maternity jeans for 9 months post birth – they were THAT comfy.

  • Ohh where was this list 2 years ago? Bookmarking for baby #2!

  • Erin

    I found cute maternity clothes fairly easy to come across (thank you ASOS!), it’s non-daggy nursing wear that is impossible to find! Any hot tips for breastfeeding mums Chantelle? And congratulations!!! 😀

  • Bump, Baby & Beyond is a maternity wear store in Melbourne and we have jeans, pants, shorts and cargos in sizes up to 20 in some styles and 24 in others – it’s the tops and dresses we find hard to source at reasonable prices that don’t look like mumus 🙁

    We have lovely options up to XXL and a style in XXL, but the range is still limited once you get over a size 20 – so we have decided to design and manufacture our own – dreadfully excited! 🙂