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Top 5: Diaries for the new year

Fat Mum Slim /

I get a little too excited about stationery, particularly about diaries. Forget shoes or jewels, for me it’s diaries. I love the idea of being all organised and starting the year afresh. I may have already purchased my diary for the new year. Oh yes. Sad, aren’t I?

Here’s five that I was lusting after:


This is the fanciest of all the diaries, with it’s goatskin leather outer and gold gilded pages. It’s got maps, dates pre-stamped in gold, and the diaries can even be personalised with your initials. Fancy, I tells ya. $150 each via Papier D’Amour.


If you like simple, modern and clean design, then this diary is for you. It’s leather, with a much smaller price tag. It’s got to-do lists, room for addresses, places to put your favourite eateries and more. $44.95 from Kikki-K.


If you want an undated diary so you can get cracking with your planning straight away {instead of waiting for January 1st} this Delfonics Diary is for you. They’re really hard to find outside of Japan. $26.96 from Notemaker.


From my favourite magazine comes their lovely 2013 diary. It’s a cloth outer and beautiful inner {you have to see the ‘lists’ page – so sweet!}, it’s a sweet diary that looks very handmade with love. $26.95 from Frankie.


This was my pick, and hopefully it arrives next week. I had the Erin Condren diary last year and couldn’t resist again. It’s really well made with a monthly planner and week to a view. It’s bright and colourful, as well as customisable. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but worth it. $50 from Erin Condren.

I can’t get used to using my phone/laptop as a diary, and rather keep everything on paper. What about you? Do you have a diary? Which one of the above do you like best?

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  • Ln

    i ordered my Erin Condren diary a couple of weeks ago. snap!

  • helen

    I keep work appointments on my office computer, but for personal things I like to keep a diary. I like to stick washi tape on it too. 🙂
    I purchased from Kikki-K for 2012, and will probably do so again for 2013.

  • Psych Babbler

    Totally agree with you on having to use an actual paper diary as opposed to laptop/phone. I love diaries too. I used an organiser though…a Debden one that’s purple in colour and just buy the refills every year. Have just ordered the refills for 2013 at work and can’t wait to get it and start planning for the year ahead! I like 1 and 4 from the list that you have here.

  • I’ve been using a filofax for the past year and it has been working great. I love having a paper organizer and the flexibility of it has been amazing 🙂

    • Those babies are expensive though. I saw them for $180-odd. Is that right?

      • jayde~Little Paper Lane

        you can get different models…some at $80 ish!!

      • There are different models and if you see one a model you like you can see if they have it in store or they even have some through amazon

  • Maria

    My family buy me with womans weekly diary every year…week to a page. We put everything in that – bill payments, family commitments, reminders etc. I use my phone mainly for reminders of things after school or to take the blasted library books back.
    Might check out your choice…always open to new ideas! 😉

  • Clare

    I have a Star Wars Moleskine 2013 diary! I keep a daily record of my two boy’s comings and goings!

  • I am a stationery addict and am still a papoer diary girl! Bought my 2013 one about 3 weeks ago LOL (went with a Kikki K one this year, full of inspirational quotes and aqua blue! I used Moleskin ones for years and highly recommend them
    Deb @ home life simplified

  • PlainJaneBakes

    I ordered the Frankie one and can’t wait for it to arrive. I live in the United States so its still on its way. They’re all beautiful though!!!

  • Great pick Chantelle. I would have chosen the same one as you x

  • I’m OBSESSED with planners and found the Frankie one and had to have it. Still waiting on it since I’m in the United States… It’s still shipping. I loved it so much from what I saw I bought my mom one for Christmas. Shhhh, it’s a surprise.

  • flyingdrunkenmonkey

    I always love buying diaries but I am terrible at using them. I have a notebook that I use for all of my to-do lists as they normally go over more than one day and I use my phone for appointments. I’ve always wanted to be a diary girl but never end up using it properly. I also feel like I don’t do enough to fill it up properly?

    • I used to be the same – but now I’m making an effort and it feels so good to get it all out of my head and onto paper. x

  • GreenstarJewellery

    I ordered an Erin Condren diary a few weeks ago and it only took a week to arrive. I got one where you could upload an Instagram photo. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my diary!!!

  • I love my Milestone Press – the master plan. I really should have an electronic diary but I just can’t give it up!

  • I think you’ve sold me on the Erin Condren.. i love to scrapbook so i love the photo covers and stickers 🙂

  • I am the same as you – I’ve already bought mine {the Frankie one} but still love looking. I could have 5 Diaries and still keep wanting to buy. I like to have my appointments in my phone AS WELL as in a Diary, just in case I don’t take a whole bag with me.
    Yes, I am also a fellow Stationery lover!!

  • Reen

    Being a fellow stationary addict, and new fan of Frankie (thanks to your good self) I am a little bit in love with the Frankie diary. I didn’t buy a diary this year, thought I’d use the apps on my iPod touch instead, but BAAAAD mistake. I, like you, prefer to WRITE things down, I have that many notebooks for jotting things down and have felt a bit lost without a diary, but I think I want a smallish one so I can carry it in my bag. Oh the decisions!

    • Reen

      Oh dear, I’ve just had a look at the Erin Condren diaries…now I’m in love with them!

  • Oh no ~ I’ve just spent an hour drooling over the Erin Condren site and have now ordered my very first Life Planner! I made my own one from bits and pieces on the web for this year, but this looks divine. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!!!!!


    This feels like the support group I’ve always wished I had. I too am a stationary addict. I have enough journals to last me a lifetime and yet I still buy! I recently moved from England to Zimbabwe and had an entire box of journals shipped! I can’t do dates or any writing, so the pages have to be plain and crisp and the covers interesting!! That is all! Love your blog Chantelle!

  • Jasmine El-Rab

    I almost pee’d when I saw the title of this post! Thanks for the awesome links — I’ve been stressing over what to get for next year and I think you just made it worse (in a good way!) I’m looking into customising my diary as I always end up with bits and pieces I don’t use. Love your love of stationery — I look forward to many more stationery posts 😉

  • Lexi

    Chantelle you just convinced me to order my first Erin Condren diary. I saw them first many years ago but just hadn’t made that leap of faith to order, so thank you and hapy Friday to you!

    P.S Kicking myself I didn’t think to upload an Instagram pic like @GreenstarJewellery:disqus ! Oh well – 2014 I shan’t forget!

    • Lexi

      *happy* even – sticky ‘p’ key!

  • I get a Moleskine one every year, as does the husband. Well made and reliable.

  • Ooh I was just looking at number 4 today. Not sure if it has enough space for me though.

  • I use my iCal for reminders of EVERYTHING and have a big wall calendar that I do myself, one month on a A3 sheet. I barely used my A5 diary this week!

  • I used to be a paper diary person but now I use the gmail calendar, so whatever is on my phone is the same on my computer, gives me lots of reminders, but I do still love a good diary!!

  • I use iCal for my diary now but have substituted previous diary purchase with a lined journal for my daily to-do list … which I still need to write down!

  • Sonja

    I get as moleskin the last years. For 2013 Ibought one, where is one the hand the calender and on the other hand a lot of space for notes!
    I love it!

  • Lisa Aherne

    I bought Moleskine for the third year in a row. But now I have iPhone and iPad talking to each other I might tend to rely on them. However I like a largish paper diary in my kitchen paperwork corner so the rest of the house can look to see where I might be found on any given day. Being a stationery tragic, goodness knows what else I may find! Off to have a look at your recommendations. Oh, woe.

  • Jerrie Luginbill

    I must use paper! My cousin and I get our new (matching) planners in September/October and decorate them with stickers. We’ve been getting the same one (in differing colors) for years. Of course I have two, one to use everyday and one because I couldn’t NOT buy it. I have at least 15 unused blank journals and more pens/pencils than I’ll ever use. Addicts unite! 🙂

  • MultiBloggingMum

    I’m thinking that I am going to have a look at your recommendations.
    This year I found a great one ( its a Collinsdebden Home & Work Diary Planner Journal) at Office works and so want another one.
    I’m terribly addicted to stationary and pens too – three shoe box size storage boxes of pens & accessories!!
    I do try & use my iPhone as my diary but I am another that likes to be able to write things down too!!

  • I too love to keep a diary. I had the Kikki K one this year but having seen the Erin Condren one, with the personalised photo stickers – this is the one I will be using in 2013. Thanks

  • BlondieInk

    I’m wondering whether to embrace technology and use my iCalendar for everything.. though I do like handwriting things and these days don’t get much a chance to do so.

  • Kellie

    I tried to use a calendar on my iPhone (myLife Calendar), I lasted 4 months. It was the closest I’ve found to a paper diary with sticky notes etc, but I still miss using my coloured pens and reminder stickers in a real diary. I love the Erin one but this year I thought I’d try Inner-b. they are Aussie & look like it will suit my needs, if not, I’ll try Erin. 😀

  • I had an erin condren diary from october last year and never used it unfortunately. I like kikki-k diaries but I like white pages [fussy, right?] so this year I used my diary from mi goals and it was perfect. Loved it. But I am not too keen on the design this year, the layout + colours are what I look for as well as important dates for Australia.

    I have looked at the Frankie + Kikki-K diary you listed but not too sure. I can’t get used to using my iPhone, I need to write things down on paper to remember them!

  • Melissa Mitchell

    I just happen to be looking for a new diary for next year. Trying to find something with a lot of pretty. Off to have a look.

  • Kristina
  • Oh my, I’ve looked at them and found its so hard to make a decision! I love stationery and it’s so hard to make just one choice!

  • My fiance always gets on my case that I would rather have 4 or 5 notebooks, dayplanners and organziers than put everything on my iphone or laptop. I like to right things down! 😀

    • charmaine

      im the same then i forget where i wrote what:( I need something to have room for everything…to do lists, appoints, work rosters, school schedules, exercise ect:) Im kinda fussy though

  • charmaine

    i like the look of number 4. I have a big A4 fluro 2012 diary from cheap shop, i use it for to do lists, appointments ect. Its too big really and im looking for something with week to a page but lots of room. i also have a big family planner from the post office for everyday appointment and bill due dates ect on it. Im probably not looking to carry it with me around as im sure to forget to write something down in something. Im also learning to use the calendar in my phone:) But i am a stationery lover from waaayyy back. Love pens, stationery envelopes and pretty stuff:)
    Thanks for sharing

  • Kylie Purtell

    I had the Erin Condren diary this year too but found I didn’t use it as much being at home with the munchkin for most of the year but I’m thinking now I’m back at work I may need to invest in a new one.

  • I can’t believe I’d never heard of the Erin Condren diary. I just spent the last 5 hours designing one for myself and one for each of my kids’ Grandmas. They look amazing!

  • Katia

    THANKYOU FOR THIS POST!!! I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the paper is like in the Erin Conran diary? I am annoyingly picky, and it has to be thick paper that doesn’t bleed through. I would be so grateful for any diary-based input (I have bought 3 so far and returned them all…..)

    • Hey Katia. My Erin Condren diary from last year was definitely thicker in the pages than this one. But the pages on this one aren’t thin enough to bleed. So thicker than a normal printer paper. I hope that helps.

      • Katia

        Thanks so much, it really does. As a fellow stationary addict, it’s anxiety provoking not to be able to feel the gsm of the paper before purchasing….I know, first world problem much?! Thanks again 🙂